Antonio Zamperla S.p.A. is an Italian design and manufacturing company founded in 1966. It is best known for creating family rides, thrill rides and roller coasters worldwide. The company also makes smaller coin-operated rides commonly found inside shopping malls.

History Edit

Template:Copypaste The history of Antonio Zamperla S.p.A. is related to a century-long family tradition, which started with an equestrian circus at the beginning of the 20th century and arrived, through the establishment and management of one of the first street-cinemas in Italy, at the craftsmanship and production of amusement rides in the Sixties. Zamperla’s entrepreneurial adventure began in those years, when Mr. Antonio Zamperla, founder of Antonio Zamperla SpA, realized that popular adult attractions could be successfully reproduced for children, as is the case with the bumper cars for kids – since then renamed mini scooters and at the time an real novelty in the entertainment sector the first travelling go karts, the pungiballs, the miniavios, the convoys, the balloon races and other rides which are now real classics in the entertainment field.[1]

In 1976 Zamperla landed in the New World and settled down in Montreal before moving to New Jersey, where Alberto Zamperla, Antonio’s son and current President of the company, opened a sales office and spare parts warehouse that, with its approximately 20 employees, still represented a valuable trait- d’union between the design and production facility in Vicenza and the demanding American market.

In 1979 Zamperla evolved into a limited company and started, thanks to a 2,000 sq.m production unit and 50 employees, the quality and production research that has brought it to its current 9,600 sq.m, 150 direct employees and activities equal to an additional workforce of approx. 200 people. The growth of the company has continued ever since: it was incorporated into a joint stock company in 1988 and it was in those years that it took up the technical and production challenge launched by Walt Disney for their Paris amusement park, where Zamperla supplied seven attractions out of the initial twelve.[2]

Zamperla also builds roller coasters, like the powered Dragon Coaster, Mini Mouse, Zig Zag, and Volare. In 2006, Zamperla announced Motocoaster, a motorcycle-themed roller coaster. Rights to some of S.D.C.'s rides were handed to Zamperla (along with S&C and S&MC) after the company went bankrupt in 1993.[3]

The acquisition of the Euro Disney contract is still remembered with emotion and pride. It represents a milestone in the development of the Vicenza-based company which with a turnover today of approx. €50 million and an export quota of 95% stands out as a reference company in the amusement world. Additionally, it boasts a customer list featuring the most famous “names” of the amusement industry, from Disney and MCA Universal Studios to Warner Bros., Six Flags, Paramount and more.[2]

In 2005 the founder of the company, Mr. Antonio Zamperla, became the first Italian to be inducted into the IAAPA Hall of Fame by virtue his significant contribution to the entire industry, joining other pioneers such as Walt Disney, George Ferris and Walter Knott.[4]

Unlike companies such as Intamin, Vekoma, or Bolliger & Mabillard that concentrate on larger and faster roller coasters, Zamperla focuses on more family-friendly roller coasters that can be easily mass-produced, taken down, and transported to different locations. They are also a major manufacturer of flat rides with such names as: Balloon Race, Bumper cars, Disk'O, Ferris wheel, Water Flume Ride, Galleon/Swinging Ship, Sky Drop, Discovery, Windshear, Tornado, Energy Storm, Z-Force, Mixer, Rotoshake, Turbo Force, Power Surge, and Mini Jet.

Company Structure Edit

The company is organized in different departments, the Art Department[5] that works on the study and creation of different themings of the rides, the Technical Department[6] that designs the engineering of the attractions, the Production Department that handles their realization, the Sales Department,[7][8] the Customer Care and the Park Development Department that works on the design and creation of an amusement park. Antonio Zamperla S.p.A. recognize itself as "One Stop One Shop": it can offer its customers a complete set of attractions, from small children’s rides to the most extreme roller coasters.

Projects Edit

Coney Island Edit

In 2010 Antonio Zamperla S.p.A. was selected by CAI (Central Amusement International) to restore and renovate the Coney Island area, the company managed the amusement park in New York installing only Zamperla rides, representing a perfect test bed for new attractions before to launch them.[9]

Victorian Gardens Edit

In 2003 Zamperla made true the idea of the Trump Organization, turning seasonally a define area of Central Park in a traditional-style amusement park with rides like the "Family Swinger", "Samba Balloon", "Aeromax", "Convoy", "Rocking Tug", "Kite Flyer".[10]

Wunderland Kalkar Edit

Another famous Zamperla project is Kernwasser, north of Düsseldorf, an ex nuclear power station turned into an amusement park.[11]

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Ride locationsEdit

Ride name Park Model Opened
Aero 360 Kennywood Hawk 2000
Air Race Aquashow Air Race 2011
Air Race Drayton Manor Air Race 2014
Air Race Fantasilandia Air Race 8.4 2013
Air Race Gorky Park Air Race 2012
Air Race Luna Park, Coney Island Air Race 2010
Air Race Lagoon Amusement Park Air Race 2012
Pirate Ship Gulliver's Kingdom Galleon 1992
Gully's Magic Bikes Gulliver's Kingdom Magic Bikes 2013
Jumping Star Gulliver's Kingdom Jumping Star 2003
Flying Carpet Gulliver's Kingdom Ali Baba 1998
Jolly Buccaneer Drayton Manor Theme Park Regatta 1992
Diesel's Locomotion Mayhem Drayton Manor Theme Park Demolition Derby 2008
Jeremy's Flying Academy Drayton Manor Theme Park Aero Top Jet 2008
Crazy Bertie Bus Drayton Manor Theme Park Crazy Bus 2008
Harold's Helicopter Tours Drayton Manor Theme Park Samba Tower 2008
Rockin' Bulstrode & Sodor Docks Drayton Manor Theme Park Rockin' Tug 2008
Cranky's Drop Tower Drayton Manor Theme Park Sky Drop 2008
Lady's Carousel Drayton Manor Theme Park Merry Go Round 2008
Winston´s Whistle-Stop Tour Drayton Manor Theme Park Aerial Ride 2013
Air Raid Fun Spot America Air Race 2014
Air Safari Six Flags Great Adventure Aero Top Jet 2007
Aquila Tivoli Gardens Air Race 2013
Ark Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Galleon 1998
Avatar Airbender Pleasure Beach Blackpool Mega Disk'O 2011
Bikini Bottom Bus Tour Pleasure Beach Blackpool Crazy Bus 2011
Fairy World Taxi Spin Pleasure Beach Blackpool Aero Top Jet 2011
Wonder Pets! Big Circus Bounce Pleasure Beach Blackpool Jump Around 2011
The Backyardians' Pirate Treasure Pleasure Beach Blackpool Regatta 2011
Back at the Barnyard Hayride Nickelodeon Universe Powered roller coaster 1995
Balloon Race Idlewild and Soak Zone Samba Balloon 1991
Bash Street Bus Chessington World of Adventures Crazy Bus 2001
Big Red Boat Ride Dreamworld Rockin' Tug 2012
Big Rigs Waldameer Convoy Template:N/A
Black Widow Kennywood Giant Discovery 2012
Camden Princess Camden Park Rockin' Tug 2010
Cars Quatre Roues Rallye Walt Disney Studios Park Demolition Derby 2007
Charlie Brown's Wind Up Kings Island Kids Chair swing ride 1992
Chuck Wagon PowerPark Ferris Wheel 2005
Coney Island Top Drop[12] Luna Park, Melbourne Drop Tower 2010
Coney Tower[12] Luna Park, Coney Island Drop Tower 2010
Cosmic Chaos Kennywood Mega Disk'O 2007
Cosmic Coaster Valleyfair Junior roller coaster 2011
Crazy Bus Särkänniemi Crazy Bus Template:N/A
Sky Drop Adventure Island (amusement park) Sky Drop 2004
Crazy Surfer Movie Park Germany Disk'O Coaster 2007
Crazy Trolley Kennywood Crazy Bus 2001
Critter Chase Darien Lake Mini Jet 2010
Cocoa Cruiser Hersheypark Family gravity Coaster 2014
Congo Queen Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Rockin' Tug 2006
Convoy Hersheypark Convoy 1990
Convoy Grande Six Flags Over Georgia Convoy 1988[13]
Daffy's Deep Sea Diver Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Crazy Bus 1997
De Grote Golf (La Grande Vague) Plopsaland De Panne Disk'O Coaster 2013
Dino-Soarin' Universal Studios Singapore Aero Top Jet 2010
Dipsy Diver Darien Lake Crazy Bus 1996
Disk'O Casino Pier, Seaside Heights, NJ Disk'O Template:N/A
Disk'O Fantasilandia Mega Disk'O 2006
Disk'O Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Disk'O 2004[14]
Disko JungLeLand Mega Disk'O 2013
Disk'O Oaks Amusement Park Disk'O 2007[15]
Disk'O Parque de Diversiones Costa Rica Mega Disk'O 2008
Disk'O Flashback Boogie Ride Wild Waves Theme Park Disk'O 2008
Dizzy Disk Dollywood Disk'O 2005
Dodgems Waldameer Bumper cars Template:N/A
Dodge'ms Bumper Cars Wild Waves Theme Park Bumper cars 2002
Doo Wopper Morey's Piers Wild Mouse roller coaster 1999
Dora the Explorer Sea Planes Dreamworld Mini Jet 1983-2010
Dragon Canobie Lake Park Junior Coaster 1991
Dragon Express Adventure World Family roller coaster 2003
Dumbo the Flying Elephant Magic Kingdom Aero Top Jet 2012
Template:Sort Paultons Park Disk'O Coaster 2009-03
Eclipse Luna Park, Coney Island Midi Discovery 2010
Electro Spin Luna Park, Coney Island Disk'O 2010
Elephant Parade Kennywood Mini Jet 1987
Elmer's Weather Balloon Service Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Samba Balloon 1997
Elmo's Sea Subs Sea World Aero Top Jet 1999
Enchanted Teacups Six Flags Great Adventure Tea Cups - Four Platform Model 1996
Fiesta Express Cypress Gardens/Legoland Florida Wild Mouse roller coaster 2004[16]
Fiesta Express Wild Adventures Wild Mouse roller coaster 2003[17]
Fiesta Mexicana PowerPark Vertical Swing 2007
Fire & Water Power China Dinosaurs Park Backflash - Suspended Windshear 2010
Flik's Flyers Disney California Adventure Park Samba Balloon 2002
Flight Martin's Fantasy Island Vertical Swing 2008
Sky Jumper Six Flags America Drop Tower 2011
Flying Fiddler SeaWorld Orlando Jumpin' Star 2006
Flying Swings Waldameer Flying Carousel 2011
Frankie’s Mine Train Great Escape Steel roller coaster 2005
Frog Hopper Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Jump Around 2006
Galleon Kaeson Youth Park Galleon 2010
Giant Discovery China Dinosaurs Park Giant Discovery 2006
Giant Discovery Kaeson Youth Park Giant Discovery 2010
Giant Redback Aussie World Disk'O 2011
Giant Swing Trans Studio Bandung Midi Discovery 2011
Gingy's Glider Dreamworld Kite Flyer 2008
Goon-E Electric Daisy Carnival Disk'O 2010
Grand Exposition Coaster Silver Dollar City Steel roller coaster 2006
Great Chase Six Flags America Junior roller coaster 1999
Grover's Flight School Sea World Samba Tower 1999
Gyro Spin Lotte World Mega Disk'O 2013
Hammerhead Shark Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Hawk 1998
Hang Hai Liseberg Mega Disk'O 2009
Heave Ho Alton Towers Rockin' Tug 2008
High Voltage Särkänniemi Power Surge 2014
Hihiberan JungLeLand Air Race 2013
Holly Jolly Railway SeaWorld Orlando Rio Grande Holiday Seasons Only
Template:Sort Holiday World & Splashin' Safari Family roller coaster 1999
Inertia Airplane Car Kaeson Youth Park Flying roller coaster 2010[18]
Template:Sort Rainbow's End Disk'O Coaster 2009
Jack's Tea Party Jungle Jack's Landing Mini Tea Cup 2008
Jambo Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Joker 1998
Jazzy Jellies SeaWorld Orlando Samba Tower 2006
Template:Sort Six Flags Great America Rockin' Tug Template:N/A
JJ'S Express Give Kids the World Rio Grande Train 2002
Jolly Roger Six Flags Great Adventure Regatta - Park Model 1999
Jump Around Canobie Lake Park Jump Around 2009
Jump Around PowerPark Jump Around 2007
Jumpin' Joey Six Flags Great Adventure Jumpin' Star 1999
Jumpin' Star Rainbow's End Jumpin' Star 2004
Jumping Star PowerPark Jumpin' Star 2002
Kang-A-Bounce Wild Waves Theme Park Kang-A-Bounce 2007
Kicir Kicir Dunia Fantasi Power Surge 2002
Kite Eating Tree Cedar Point Jumpin' Star 2008
Kite Eating Tree Kings Island Jumpin' Star 2006
Klondike Gold Rusher Wild Waves Theme Park Wild Mouse roller coaster 2002[19]
Krazy Kars Six Flags Fiesta Texas Convoy 1992
Kobra Chessington World of Adventures Disk'O Coaster 2010
La Aventura De Azul (formerly Bloomington Express) Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America Rio Grande 1998 & 2008
Lilla Lots Liseberg Rockin' Tug 2006
Linus' Launcher Kings Island Kite Flyer 2006
Little Aviator Six Flags Over Georgia Mini Jet 2004
Longboat Invader Legoland Windsor Rockin' Tug 2008
Lucy's Tugboat Canada's Wonderland Rockin' Tug 2010
Macy's Pink Pig Macy's-Lenox Square Mall Rio Grande Train Seasonal
Manitou La Ronde Discovery 2003
Marketplace Express Downtown Disney Marketplace Rio Grande Train 2006
Marvin the Martian Rocket Ride Warner Bros. Movie World Crazy Bus 1997
Mega Disk'O Martin's Fantasy Island Mega Disk'O 2009
Mega Disk'O Kaeson Youth Park Mega Disk'O 2010
Template:Sort Waldameer Mega Disk'O 2009
Meteor Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom Hawk 2002
Mia's Riding Adventure Legoland Windsor Mega Disk'O 2015
Mine Train PowerPark Family roller coaster 2007[20]
Mini Dino's Canobie Lake Park Junior Jet Template:N/A
Mini Enterprise Waldameer Mini Enterprise Template:N/A
Mini Jets PowerPark Mini Jet 2003
Mini Tea Cup PowerPark Mini Tea Cup 2002
Monster Trucks Darien Lake Convoy 1996
ThunderboltLuna Park Custom Other 2014
Power Trip Coaster/Rockstar Coaster Twister Coaster 2011 2014
MotoCoaster Darien Lake Motorbike roller coaster 2008
Navigator Flamingo Land Mega Disk'O 2005
Nairobi's LookOut Balloons Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Samba Tower 2006
Negeri Raksasa Trans Studio Bandung Sky Drop 2011
Northern Lights Valleyfair Skater Coaster 2014[21]
Ocean Commotion SeaWorld Orlando Rockin' Tug 2006
Orbiter Kennywood Mini Enterprise 1982
Oscar's Sweep the Beach Sea World Convoy 1999-10
Over the Rainbow Canobie Lake Park Samba Balloon 2001
Pandamonium Dreamworld Air Race 2012
Paris Convoy Chuck E Cheese's Convoy Template:N/A
Pepe Le Pew's Rafts of Romance Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Mini Tea Cup 1997
Petir JungLeLand Discovery 2013
Pipe Scream Cedar Point Skater Coaster 2014[22]
Pony Express Knott's Berry Farm Motorbike roller coaster 2008
Pounce Bounce Kennywood Jumpin' Tower 16 2002
Power Surge Kaeson Youth Park Power Surge 2010
Power Surge Rainbow's End Power Surge 2004
Power Trip Coaster/Rockstar Coaster Fun Spot USA Twister Coaster 2011
Ragin' Cajun Six Flags Great America Spinning Wild Mouse roller coaster 2004
Ramba Zamba Adventure Island Disk'O 2004
Red Baron Hersheypark Mini Jet 1990
Red Rock Rally Lagoon Amusement Park Speedway 2013
Regency Square Express Regency Square Mall Extended Rio Grande Train 2005
Template:Sort Lake Compounce Mega Disk'O 2011
Revolution 360 Seabreeze Disk'O 2010
The Riddler Revenge Six Flags Over Texas Giant Discovery 2016
Rio Grande Train PowerPark Rio Grande Train 2003
Road Runner Express Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Junior roller coaster 1999
Road Runner Railway Six Flags Great Adventure Junior roller coaster 1999
Rockin' Tug Six Flags Over Georgia Rockin' Tug Template:N/A
Rockin' Tug Mahons Amusements New Zealand Rockin' Tug Template:N/A
Rockin' Tug Woodlands Adventure Park Rockin' Tug Template:N/A
Round the World Ferris Wheel Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Ferris Wheel 1998
S.S. Kenny Kennywood Rockin' Tug 2007
S.S. Walley Waldameer Rockin' Tug 2011
Sally's Sea Plane Kings Island Crazy Bus 1998
Safari Bus Wild Adventures Crazy Bus Template:N/A
Safari Jeep Tours Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Convoy 2006
Scream Machine Adlabs Imagica Giant Discovery 2013
Shockwave Dreamworld Disk'O Coaster 2011
Skater Canobie Lake Park Skater 2005
Sky Zooma Six Flags Great Adventure Samba Balloon 1999
Snoopy's GR8 SK8 Carowinds Disk'O Coaster 2010
Soarin' Eagle
Flying Coaster
Luna Park, Coney Island
Elitch Gardens
Flying roller coaster Template:Sort[23][24]
Sparkler Holiday World & Splashin' Safari Vertical Swing 2012
SpinSpider Tusenfryd Giant Discovery 2009
Steeplechase Luna Park, Coney Island Motorbike roller coaster 2011[25]
Stratosfear Rainbow's End Discovery Revolution 2014
Super Flight Playland Park Flying roller coaster 2004[26]
Superman: Tower of Power Six Flags Over Georgia Kiddie Drop Tower 2016
Surf Dog Kings Island Skater Coaster 2006[27]
Surf's Up Luna Park, Coney Island Surf's Up 2010
Svend Svingarm BonBon-Land Giant Discovery 2010
Sweet Swing Hersheypark Happy swing 2014
Swing Thing Hersheypark Kids Chair swing ride 1985
Swishy Fishies SeaWorld Orlando Mini Tea Cup 2006
Sylvester's Pounce and Bounce Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Jumpin' Star 1997
Tango Six Flags Great Adventure Rockin' Tug 2006
Tava's Elephant Parade Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Mini Jet 2006
Taz's Hollywood Cars Warner Bros. Movie World Bumper cars 1997
Taz's Typhoon Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Lolly Swing 1997
Tea Cups Hersheypark Midi Tea Cup 2014
Tea Party Idlewild and Soak Zone
Geauga Lake
Mini Tea Cup 2009
The Rattler Camden Park Midi Discovery 2012
Thrilla Gorilla Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Regatta 1998
Tiki Twirl California's Great America Disk'O Coaster 2006
Time Warp Canada's Wonderland Flying roller coaster 2004[28]
Timberaxe Wild Waves Theme Park Hawk 2002
Tiny Tracks Hersheypark Train ride 1995
Tipsey Tea Cups Lagoon Amusement Park Midi Tea Cup 2013
Tornado Dunia Fantasi Backflash - Suspended Windshear 2007
Trombi Särkänniemi Flying roller coaster 2005
Tweety and Sylvester Cages Warner Bros. Movie World Mini Jet 1997
Tweety's Tree House Great Escape Jumpin' Star 2005
Twisty Tubs Darien Lake Mini Tea Cup 1996
Tyrsky Särkänniemi Disk'O Coaster 2009
Up, Up & Away Six Flags Fiesta Texas Samba Tower 2009
Up, Up & Away Six Flags Great America Samba Tower 2007
Vertigo Trans Studio Bandung Power Surge 2011
Vertigo La Ronde Hawk 2003
Wave Blaster Canobie Lake Park Jump Around 2010
Wave Swinger Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Flying Carousel 1998
Weather Balloons Darien Lake Samba Balloon 1996
Wendy's Tea Party Waldameer Mini Tea Cup 2010
Windshear Chime-Long Paradise Backflash - Suspended Windshear 2006
Woodstock Express Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom Junior roller coaster 2000
Yosemite Sam's Flight School Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Mini Jet 1997
Yosemite Sam's Railroad Warner Bros. Movie World Rio Grande Train 1997
Z-Force Kaeson Youth Park, North Korea Z-Force 2011
ZoomJets Six Flags Fiesta Texas Aero Top Jet 2007
ZoomJets Six Flags Great America Aero Top Jet 2007
ZoomJets Six Flags New England Aero Top Jet 2009
ZoomJets Great Escape Aero Top Jet 2007
Template:N/A Rungna People's Pleasure Ground Air Race 2012
Template:N/A Rungna People's Pleasure Ground Energy Storm 2012
Template:N/A Rungna People's Pleasure Ground Zodiac 2012
Template:N/A Rungna People's Pleasure Ground Vertical Swing 2012
Template:N/A Rungna People's Pleasure Ground Hawk 2012
Template:N/A Rungna People's Pleasure Ground Twist & Bounce 2012
Template:N/A Rungna People's Pleasure Ground Bumper Car 2012
Template:N/A Rungna People's Pleasure Ground Backflash - Suspended Windshear 2012
Template:N/A Rungna People's Pleasure Ground Sky Drop 2012
Kwansong Tancha Rungna People's Pleasure Ground Twister Coaster 2012
Template:N/A Rungna People's Pleasure Ground Sombrero 2012
Template:N/A Rungna People's Pleasure Ground Magic Bikes 2012
Template:N/A Rungna People's Pleasure Ground People Express 2012
El Paso Express Lion Country Safari El Paso Train 1967
Rio Grande Train South Florida Fair Rio Grande 2009
Power Trip Coaster Fun Spot USA Twister Coaster 2011
Crazy Mouse South Florida Fair Twister Coaster 2012
Boulderville Express Enchanted Kingdom Circus Train  ????
Strong Express Train Strong Museum of Play Rio Grande Train  ????
Primeval Whirl Disney's Animal Kingdom Twister Coaster 2002
Wanna-Go-Round Wannado City 12 Horse Carousel 2004
Wannado City Express/Western Connection Wannado City Rio Grande Train 2004
 ??? Wannado City Swinging Boat 2004
Planes Wannado City Aero Top Jet Mini 2004
Macy's Pink Pig/Pink Pig Train Macy's Lenox Square Mall Rio Grande Christmas 2005
Windstorm Old Town Kissimmee Windstorm 1997
Crazy Daizy Tea Cups South Florida Fair Crazy Daizy Tea Cups 2001
Christmas Train Staten Island Mall Rio Grande 2003 (Holidays Only)
Crazy Submarine South Florida Fair Crazy Bus 2013
Holly Jolly Railway/Seven Seas Railway SeaWorld Orlando Rio Grande 2011-2013
Power Trip Coaster/Rockstar Coaster Fun Spot USA Twister Coaster 2011
Thunderbolt Luna Park Custom Other 2014
Crazy Mouse South Florida Fair Twister Coaster 2011
Bulwagi Ride Lion Country Safari Peter & Paul 1967
Windstorm Old Town Kissimmee Windstorm 1997
Jazzy Jellies SeaWorld Orlando Samba Tower 2006
Snoopy's Junction Dorney Park Looney Tooter 2011
Extrene Supernova Great Escape Midi Discovery 2014
Cyclos Kentucky Kingdom Midi Discovery Revolution 2015
Elmos Dolphin Dive SeaWorld of Texas Jumpin Star 2010
Big Birds Spinning Reef SeaWorld of Texas Sun and Moon Ride 2010
Abby Cadabbys Rockin Wave SeaWorld of Texas Rockin Tug 2010
Gully's Magic Bikes Gulliver's Kingdom Magic Bikes 2010
Kite Flyer Pleasurewood Hills Kite Flyer 2000


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