Welcome everyone to this thread where I will talk about my new project, Walt Disney World Canada Resort. In the future Disney will announce this new project. This new resort will be an upcoming Disney theme parks resort on a farmland just about 10 or 15 mins away from 401 Highway & Canada's Wonderland Theme park by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. This project would be huge and would be the first & ever Disney resort when it completes in Canada. The resort will have the advantage of size like the Walt Disney World Resort, like Disneyland Paris Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort or Hong Kong Disneyland Resort of it only 14,000 acres of land.

The resort covers 14,000 acres and encompasses six theme parks, several resort hotels, two water parks, a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex, camping & cottages resorts, and other entertainment venues. In addition to several additional recreational and entertainment venues.

WDW Lagoon Edit

WDW Lagoon is a man-made lake at the Walt Disney World Resort in Canada. Located at the theme parks of Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Adventure & Disney's Kingdom of Stories, the Seven Seas Lagoon serves as natural buffer between the 3 parks, Disney Springs, Hotels & Resorts, The Boardwalk and its parking lot and connects with the adjacent Lake. The lake reaches a depth of 20 feet. The lagoon is used mainly for recreational boating, as well as by the resort's three ferryboats that transports guests between the 3 parks and the Transportation and Ticket Centre & others. WDW Lagoon is used for boating activities & Swimming was originally allowed. But only for beaches & lakes only. The lagoon is also the site of the Electrical Water Pageant & an fountain & light show at The Boardwalk & Disney Springs & an fireworks at the lagoon.

Seven resorts border the WDW Lagoon, with each having beaches. These hotels are the only hotels on Walt Disney World property that are directly serviced by the Walt Disney World Monorail System, allowing full monorail access from these hotels to the 3 parks, Disney Springs & The Boardwalk and the Transportation and Ticket Centre.

  • Magic Kingdom Hotel
  • Walt Disney's Grand Palace
  • Disney's Fantasia Resort
  • Disney's Hollywood Hotel
  • Disney's Kingdom of Stories Resort
  • Disney's Beachside Resort
  • Disney's Art of Animation Resort
  • Disney Junior Resort

Mickey Mouse Lake Edit

Mickey Mouse Lake is a natural lake about one mile across and with a depth of 30 feet, in the north end of the Walt Disney World Canada property, in the Disney-controlled city of WDW Lake and immediately to the east of the Magic Kingdom. Mickey Mouse Lake is bordered by four resorts, Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Disney's Polynesian Resort, and Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, . All four resorts have a marina which offers boat rentals to guests. Transportation boats run regularly between all the resorts as well. & Located at the theme parks of Disney's Canadian Adventure & Disney's Project Living Universe. On the southwest side of the lake, the remnants of Disney's River Country, Disney's first water park, can be found. In the far north corner of the lake is a dry dock service area where the transportation boats are stored at night. To the east of the dry dock there are several recreational boat docks which are used by the residents of the city of Canada. & this lake is shape like Mickey Mouse.

It is Mickey Mouse shape. The lake connects with the Disney-made WDW Lagoon via a water bridge on the west side.

  • Disney's Wilderness Lodge
  • Disney's Polynesian Resort
  • Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground
  • Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow Hotel
  • Disney's Grand Canadian Hotel & Spa
  • Disney's Canadian Cottage Resort
  • Mickey Mouse Resort

Size of the Resort Edit

Resort size acres: 14,000 acres of land.

Magic Kingdom - 160 acres (this may include parking lots)

Disney's Hollywood Adventure - 250 acres (this may include parking lots)

Disney's Project Living Universe - 120 acres (this including parking lots)

Disney's Kingdom of Stories - 370 acres (this may include parking lots)

Disney's Canadian Adventure - 320 acres (this may include parking lots)

Walt Disney's Dreamworld - 350 acres (this including parking lots)

Disney Springs - 200 acres (this may include parking lots)

The Boardwalk - 110 acres  (this may include parking lots)

Disney's River Country - 80 acres (this may include parking lots)

Disney's Aquatica Kingdom - 50 acres

Attractions and features Edit

Six Theme Parks Edit

  • Magic Kingdom - The first theme park built at the resort. Tokyo Disneyland is based on its sister parks in Urayasu, Chinba, Japan, Marne-la-Vallée, France, Anaheim, California, and Bay Lake, Florida.
  • Disney's Hollywood Adventure - The second theme park built at the resort & it celebrating show business, movies, and behind-the-scenes.
  • Disney's Project Living Universe - The Third theme park based on Never-Build theme park of Westcot, an sister theme park of Epcot.
  • Disney's Kingdom of Stories - The fourth theme park themed based on nautical exploration, adventure, and different lands & stories.
  • Disney's Canadian Adventure - The fifth theme park based on the Provinces and Territories of Canada with Mountains, Rivers & Streams, Towers, Cities & Buildings, Nature, Plants, Food, Animals & Wildlife & the Landscapes of Canada.
  • Walt Disney's Dreamworld - The sixth theme park based on Walt Disney's History & Life & Dreams he makes as long there was imagination left in the world.

Two Water Parks Edit

  • Disney's River Country
  • Disney's Aquatica Kingdom

Transportation Centers Edit

Motion Center( Monorail, metro, bus, ferryboats)

Other Attractions Edit

  • Disney Springs, an entertainment district containing a variety of restaurants, entertainment venues, and shops.

Walt Disney World Canada Resort (Theme Parks & Other) Edit

Phase 1: Edit

Magic Kingdom

  • World Bazaar: A mix of Main Street USA and Mickey Avenue.
  • Mickey's Magical Garden: The Hub of Magic Kingdom looks like Gardens of Imagination at Shanghai Disneyland.
  • Fantasyland: Fantasyland with a whole new universe.
  • Adventureland: An land of the Jungles & Rainforests.
  • Froniterland: An old west themed land of mountains buildings & western style.
  • Tomorrowland: Tomorrowland with a whole new Galaxy.

Hotels -

  • Magic Kingdom Hotel – Deluxe Resort. 700 Rooms (Takes inspiration from Walt Disney's Parks) - Deluxe Resort. The same hotel resort as in DLP. Entrance into Disney's Magical Water Park included.
  • Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground - Deluxe Resort. 800 campsites 409 cabins.
  • Disney's Fantasia Hotel - (Takes inspiration form Fantasia & Fantasia 2000) Moderate Resort. 1,000 rooms.
  • Disney’s Americana Resort (Takes inspiration from New York City, Chicago, Florida, California and Sans Francisco) - Moderate Resort. 700 Rooms

Recreation – 

  • Disney Springs - Will be the same size as Disney Springs in WDW in Florida.
  • The Apprentice Pool - Themed to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. there will be an indoor water park There will be a magic broom, bucket, and book water play area. Along with this the pool will be shaped into a quarter note. There will be water slides that goes through the Sorcerer’s Hat at the Fantasia Hotel.
  • Firebird Spa & Sauna – Themed to the Firebird from Fantasia 2000 at the Fantasia Hotel.
  • Disney's Magical Water Park - An indoor water park will open and become a perk of the people staying at The Magic Kingdom Hotel. This water park is accessible from Magic Kingdom Hotel and its own themed parking structures.

Phase 2: Edit

Disney’s Hollywood Adventure

  • Production Central : The Entrance of the studio
  • Hollywood Boulevard : DHS & WDP Clone
  • G-Force Records : Music of Rock or Soul or Pop
  • The Land of Oz :
  • Animation Courtyard : Disney/Pixar Animated films
  • Pixar Place : Pixar Films
  • Lucasland : Star Wars & Indiana Jones
  • Pandora - The World of Avatar : Avatar
  • Muppet Studios : The Muppets & Sesame Street
  • Backlot : An Working Studio

Hotels -

  • Disney's Hollywood Hotel (Inspired by the golden age of Hollywood) Entry into Disney's Hollywood Adventure Park available through Hollywood Boulevard – Deluxe Resort. 1000 Rooms.
  • Disney's Art of Animation - The same concept of AOA in WDW. Value Resort. 900 rooms
  • Disney Junior Resort - (Inspired by the television shows of Disney Junior). Value Resort. 800 rooms

Recreation – 

  • Hollywood Gardens - Will be an garden at Disney's Hollywood Hotel maybe even bigger
  • Disney Junior Beach - An indoor water park will open and become a perk of the people staying at The Disney Junior Resort. This water park is accessible from Disney Junior Resort and its own themed parking structures.
  • Celebrity Pool – In a shape of a star.
  • Film Reel Arcade – Themed to classic Hollywood Movies.

Phase 3:  Edit

Disney's Project Living Universe

  • Future World -
  • World Showcase -

Phase 4:  Edit

Disney's Kingdom of Stories

  • Adventure Harbour - Main Entrance of the park
  • Seven Seas Lagoon - Pirates, The Little Mermaid & Atlantis
  • Adventure Island -
  • Mythos -
  • Dark Kingdom - Villains
  • Fairy Tale Forest - Forest of the seasons
  • Medieval Court -
  • Beastly Kingdom -
  • The Land of OZ - The World of OZ
  • Arabian Coast -
  • Marvel Superhero City - Marvel
  • Mysterious Island -
  • Canadian Waterfront - Canadian Harbour
  • Discoveryland -

Hotels -

  • Disney's Kingdom of Stories Resort - (Takes Inspired the same name of the theme park) Deluxe Resort. 700 Rooms
  • Disney's Polynesian Village Resort - (Similar to the one in Florida but little longer.) Deluxe Resort. 800 Rooms.
  • Disney’s Beachside Resort – Deluxe Resort. 360 Suites and 40 Rooms at Beachside Tower (10 Rooms per Floor)

Recreational Areas –

  • Coral Pool – Themed to the wonders of a Coral Reef. There will be touches from Finding Nemo/Dory and The Little Mermaid.
  • Palms Spa & Sauna – Themed to a Tropical Jungle.
  • The Boardwalk - an 110 acre outdoor midway, shopping, dining, and entertainment complex next to Disney Springs, hotels & resorts & the theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Canada. This fair is a mix of shopping areas, live entertainment, agricultural displays, and a large carnival midway with rides, games and food. The complex includes three distinct areas: World's Fair, Downtown & Walt Disney's Country Fair. The Boardwalk is in the WDW Lagoon.
  • An Fountain & Laser show - this show is at Disney Lake of The Boardwalk & next door to Disney Springs & the theme parks. This nighttime show is similar to an Darien Lake nighttime show called Ignite the Night & much bigger & unlike the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas. This show will had music, fireworks, lights, crystal clear sound & video image water screens.
  • Tropical Arcade – Themed to a Tropical Jungle with elements of POTC.
  • Ahoy Gym - Themed to pirates in general with a sense of a beachy theme as well. Next to the Beachside Resort.
  • The Boardwalk – There will be a Midway that would hold great rides, games & attractions and will cost $10.50 to go inside like CNE Midway. There will be stalls as well that sells Disney Merch and Hotel Exclusive Merch as well. Hotel Guests will be aloud to get in line to meet Ariel and Sebastian. The Boardwalk accessible by Disney’s Beachside Resort, Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, Disney's Kingdom of Stories Resort and Disney Springs.

Phase 5: Edit

Disney's Canadian Adventure

  • Main Street Canada - the entrance of Canadian Adventure with an canadian version of Main Street U.S.A.
  • Central Canada - Ontario & Quebec.
  • Western Canada - British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba.
  • Atlantic Canada - New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia & Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Northern Canada - Yukon, Northwest Territories & Nunavut.

Hotels -

  • Disney's Grand Canadian Hotel & Spa - Deluxe Resort. 800 Rooms
  • Disney's Canadian Cottage Resort - Moderate Room. 30 campsites & 50 cabins or cottages.

Phase 6: Edit

Walt Disney's Dreamworld

  • Marceline U.S.A. - the entrance of Walt Disney's Dreamworld with an similar version of Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland in California & Hong Kong Disneyland in Hong Kong, China.
  • Disneyland - Inside Sleeping Beauty Castle the same castle as in California & Hong Kong but over 80 feet (25 m) leads you to Disneyland with some classic Disneyland attractions from the old days.
  • Walt Disney Studios -
  • Walt Disney's Futureland -
  • Walt Disney's Childhood Farm -

Hotels -

  • Walt Disney's Grand Palace (Takes inspiration from Walt Disney ) – Deluxe Resort. 600 Rooms. Entrance into Atlantis Water Park included.
  • Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow Hotel - (Inspired by the original EPCOT Project) Entry into Disney's Project Living Universe – Deluxe Resort. 1,000 Rooms.

Recreation –

Magic Kingdom Edit

Like most other Disney Resorts around the world, Walt Disney World Canada Resort will feature a flagship park called Magic Kingdom. The park will be built in a style similar to Disney's other Magic Kingdom-style parks. It will contain numerous themed lands. One of the aims of this project is to combine Disney stories and their characters with attractions that are specifically designed for the guests. An interactive castle called Cinderella Castle will be constructed at the center of the park that will offer performances. It will be the largest of all Disney castles. Other large-scale venues will also be created. This park will be the Magic Kingdom Park of the Resort. It will include 6 themed areas being World Bazaar, Adventureland, Frontierland, Mickey's Magcial Garden, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. Each area will have attractions, restaurants, shops, detailed décor and entertainment. The park will be located near the farmlands of Tornoto. Near the entrance are a port for bus stations, an underground metro station and a monorail station. A large square with flower beds and a statue of various Disney characters around the castle of Magic Kingdom Park can be found in front of the ticket kiosks and entrances of the park. Also four fountains will be around this square. Past the ticket kiosks you will be in front of the Walt Disney Train Station. When you pass under one of the two tunnels of the station you will reach a new world. The port of entry to this world is.

World Bazaar Edit

In the tunnels are posters of various attractions of the park. Magic Kingdom Park Railroad is one of 5 stations of the Walt Disney Steam Train, which transports people around the park. Celebrate classic Americana combined with classic Disney magic as you beard a magical timeless train for a full circle tour of the Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom. During the trip guests will be able to see different things like attractions and audio animatronic scenes. World Bazaar will be a mix of Main Street U.S.A. & Mickey Avenue. On the sides of the street will be trees which brings an option of shade and also more realism to the area. It will be an area dedicated to Walt Disney and his visions. On the entry plaza is Walt Disney's Golden Carousel, a beautifully adorned carousel with two levels. A jolly tune plays while guests spin around a Disney decorated attraction. The vehicles will be horses and even some Disney characters like the Fantasia creatures. Mickey and his friends meet guests at the plaza. Also on the streets are live music bands. Get in the swing as lively ensembles welcome you to World Bazaar with a high-spirited mix of music.

Attractions Edit

Walt Disney's Golden Carousel - Take a relaxing carousel ride.

City Hall - A Victorian-style structure home to the park's Guest Relations.

Main Street Firehouse, The home-base location of Toronto Fire Station 346 from the CNE.

The Town Square Theater - Meet Magician Mickey Mouse.

Main Street Mad Hotel - This will be a walkthrough madhouse attraction inside a mad hotel with spinning floors, turning walls, laughing portraits and moving stairs.

Main Street Cinema - This will be a small place to sit down and watch some old Disney shorts. They will also sell cinema snacks like popcorn, peanuts and soda.

Walt Disney Steam Train - Trip around the park of the Magic Kingdom.

Walt Disney World Canada Preview Centre - where people can discover what's new and coming to the ever expanding resort.

Main Street Vehicles - (a 3 ft (914 mm) gauge tramway with horse-drawn streetcars is part of this attraction) - Took a ride around Main Streets of World Bazaar including horse carriages & omnibuses. Main Street Vehicles naturally head up and down Main Street and throughout the day and late at night, but only before and after the daily entertainment has occurred,

Liberty Arcade - a covered walkway spanning the length of the street, lit by both gas and electric, constructed with ornate ironwork displaying the statue's crowned head. Liberty Arcade presents the story of one of America's greatest landmarks: the Statue of Liberty through historic photographs, artworks and display cases.

Discovery Arcade - on the other hand, celebrates a time of great ideas and great inventions. The boom of the turn-of-the-century gave those of the time a feeling that anything "can, and will" be achieved by man. Discovery Arcade pays homage to these great minds, from their ingenious yet humble patents to their wildest dreams of futuristic cities. As you stroll along the warm, gas-lit arcade of wooden features and striking green ironwork, large, startling posters depict cities 100 years into the future, whilst in contrast, display cases house inventions and ideas from the most local, small-town turn-of-the-century visionaries.

The Canadian Story: The History of Canada - The world's largest audio-animatronic show. See all of Canada in a history audio animatronic show.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Tony's Town Square Restaurant - This is where Lady and the Tramp had their romantic dinner. Guests can enjoy Italian and American dishes and listen to music from the classic Disney movie.

Plaza Inn -  Immerse yourself into the turn of the century buffet!

Casey's Corner - Owned by Casey, the famous baseball player! Casey hosts speciality hot dogs which will BAT you away!

Main Street Market House (sponsored by Starbucks) - Which features a specialty breakfast, a small selection for lunch and pastries and desserts throughout the day, as well as Starbucks coffee.

Tim Hortons - Tim Hortons offers breakfast or lunch combos along with an assortment of pastries and everyday Tim Hortons items.

Main Street's Funnel Cake Store - Our “famous” funnel cakes! A day in the Park is not complete until you have tried one of these delectable desserts. Have yours topped with either fresh strawberries or ice cream. Alongside our Signature Strawberry Funnel Cake, why not try one of our six other Gourmet Funnel Cakes - Cookies and Cream, Cotton Candy, Fire Roasted Apple, 4 Berry, and Banana Split.

Dairy Queen - Try a cool treat on a hot summer day. Stay classic with an ice cream cone or sundae. Break tradition with a Blizzard, a creamy smooth soft serve blended with your favourite candy, cookie or fruit.

Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Frozen Lollipops Cart -

Main Street Waffle Company - Speciality waffles made by Madame La'Faun, the famous waffle expertee who opened her first restaurant here at the Main Street.

Daisy's Soda Shop - The famous Gibson Girl mascot awaits you here. Drink Soda and eat Sundaes while you wait for your "loved" ones...

Walt's - An American Restaurant - Table service. A Tribute to Walt Disney himself, this full course restaurant has Walt Disney relics and memorabilia.

Crystal Palace - An elegant, but casual location for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that also serves as a character dining location.

Shops Edit

The Emporium - Housing over 3 showbuildings, The Emporium is everything Disney. Obtain your Magic Kingdom goods here! The Emporium will also have a lot of window displays which will be similar to the Disneyland 60th window displays. The window displays will represent Aladdin, Frozen, The Muppets, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Lion King, Peter Pan, Toy Story and Beauty and the Beast.

Crystal Arcade - Arcade Game Center - This arcade includes various games for the whole family.

Greenhouse Flower Shop - Which extends into an outdoor area located in the center of West Center Street selling beautiful flowers and plants.

Disney Clothiers, Ltd. - Which features clothes for everyone, for any occasion. Walt Disney World based it's seem to be the most popular, while the Disney Princess section is also popular.

Main Street's Pin Store - Here you can find different pins of the resort's locations, Disney characters and more.

The Chapeau - selling hats and all sorts of headgear.

Music Land Shop - This is were you can find some great musical souvenirs.

Main Street Toy Shop (sponsored by Toys R Us) - This shop will be based on the store of Toys R Us, Toys. Dolls, cuddly friends and other toys will be sold here.

The Confectionary - The biggest Snack Shop in Main Street! Endulge yourself with speciality sweets.

Main Street Magic Shop - This magic shop features the biggest collection of magic goods, & Guests can watch cast members perform magic tricks and can even buy objects to perform their own.

New England Clock Shop - This shop features Watches & treats.

Crystal Palace Jewelry Shop - This shop is very similar to the Uptown Jewelers and the Crystal Arts shops.

True North Gifts - This shop is an Canadian shop features ROOTS branded merchandise and ride merchandise!.

Harmony Barber Shop - The famous Harmony Barbers style you up while singing in this 19th century barber shop.

Shows Edit

Magic Kingdom Band- The Magic Kingdom Band will perform here too in front of the Walt Disney Statue, a completely new designed statue representing Walt's passion for family, friends and fantasy.

Paint The Night- Nighttime Parade. Spectacular lighting and amazing floats create a spectacle of light and magic. Nighttime shows from 8pm.

Festival of Fantasy Parade- Daytime Parade. See your favorite Disney characters celebrate Fantasyland, with bright colorful floats, amazing music, and a jaw dropping six ft. tall fire breathing steampunk dragon float. Daytime show at 3pm

Mickey's Magical Garden Edit

The hub itself will be divided into 4 different gardens. a garden where guests can relax on the grass or benches. This garden will be have different statues of Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Ariel, Woody & Buzz, Winnie the Pooh, Simba and Bambi. & the centre of the hub is a bronze statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, hand-in-hand, look down towards World Bazaar. The statue is surrounded by beautiful gardens, decorated with flowerbeds, fountains, miniature trees and little statues of some of your favorite Disney characters. These gardens are an ideal place to watch the parades or the fireworks. Right beyond the statue is the beautiful, elegant Cinderella Castle, which stretches high into the sky, creating the perfect image to end of World Bazaar. 

Garden of Friends Edit

Attractions Edit

Garden Meet 'n' Greets - Here daily randomized meet and greets are held.

Fairy Tale Gardens - This will be a garden similar to Hong Kong Disneyland's Fairy Tale Forest. This magical garden will have beautifully crafted miniature topiaries and buildings themed to favorite Disney Fairy Tales. Guests will be able to discover magical music boxes, castles, towers, wishing wells(with Snow White's voice heard from the well), cottages and caves along a winding path through colourful meadows, an ancient forest and more.

Garden of Tales Edit

Attractions Edit

The Stories of Disney - Here guests can join the Royal Storytellers and listen to them telling stories like Aladdin, Frozen and Beauty and the Beast by puppetry and live acting(including guest participation). This will be done near a rock, which is carved with mystic symbols and surrounded by willow trees.

Garden of Peace Edit

a garden where guests can relax on the grass or benches.

Garden of Symphonies Edit

Attractions Edit

Fantasia Gardens - Here they can find an interactive playground with slides and fantasy elements such as enchanted mirrors, water fountains and magical flowers.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Flowers and Trees Pastries - Among slow streams and beautiful flora with the beautiful Treats & Ice Cream.

Shows Edit

Symphony of Music - here guests can enjoy fountains, flowers in a display of music, light and wonder. Listen to some of Disney's greatest songs.

Cinderella Castle Garden Edit

Attractions Edit

The Dragon's Lair - Come in the caves of an underground mountain cave & meet a dragon underneath Cinderella Castle.

Shows Edit

Disney's Pageant of Fantasy - It will be in front of the castle towards the Hub and the small body of water. The show will be a great celebration of Fantasyland. Mickey and his friends will celebrate the children's dreams and all the magical stories and characters of Fantasyland. During the show guests will enjoy dance, singing and special effects while travelling into stories like Pinocchio, Tangled, Peter Pan and Brave. Then villains will visit the party uninvited and will try to steal the fantasy to create an overwhelming nightmare. There will be a great battle between good and evil. Guests will be asked to interact with the characters to save Fantasyland. Can you help Mickey and his friends to defeat the evil forces that threaten Fantasyland? The show will use the fountains for the Sorcerer's Apprentice part, smoke, fireworks, audio animatronic puppets and audio animatronic character costumes. Dancers dressed as pirates, pub thugs, Parisians, furniture and so much more. Daytime shows from 3pm.

Paint The Night- Nighttime Parade. Spectacular lighting and amazing floats create a spectacle of light and magic. Nighttime shows from 8pm.

Festival of Fantasy Parade- Daytime Parade. See your favorite Disney characters celebrate Fantasyland, with bright colorful floats, amazing music, and a jaw dropping six ft. tall fire breathing steampunk dragon float. Daytime show at 3pm

Once Upon a Time - Castle Projection and fireworks spectacular. When Mrs Potts tell Chip some of her favorite stories, Cinderella Castle comes to life as a storybook! Nighttime shows at 10pm, 12am.

Adventureland Edit

The south west area of the park will be reserved for Adventureland. Over a wooden bridge with tribal decorations you will find this exotic island like atmosphere. Palm trees, animals and the sounds of beating drums immerse you into the story of Adventureland. Adventureland will have a connected backstory. S.E.A. explorer Betty Venture found this island. It was home to a new culture which had African, South American, Asian and Polynesian influences. Also she found many different new animal species. After she announced her discovery, many people, especially explorers, moved to the island she would later name Adventureland, after the many different adventures on the island itself. She built up a small fishers town called Adventure Springs with her mansion on top of a hill which had a view over the village. She called it Paradise Tops. 

Discovery Island Edit

Attractions Edit

The Legend of Castle Tops - Take a journey through the cursed castle of Elisa Von Schukklestein and escape the wrath of Horus, an egyptian deity. the ride is similar to The Curse of Darkastle at Busch Gardens. FP    Height Requirement: 117cm

The Camp Adventure Exploratory Center - which is similar to Jurassic Park Discovery Center at Islands Of Adventure. This attraction will feature various facts, models and information about the valley's flora and fauna placed in stations of which some are interactive.

The Tree of Life, the icon of an land of Adventureland. This centerpiece is one of the most exquisite and elaborate pieces of art that Disney has ever created. It is a piece of art that both captures the beautiful simplicity of nature and the kingdom of wildlife. The tree quite literally features an animal kingdom, featuring 325 animals carved into the wooden tree trunk, even carved into the roots and branched which extend from the tree. It could and will take hours to spot ever detail of the tree, the more the one looks, the more it seems as though the tree is continuing to grow and branch off with new details.

The Temple of the Serpentine King - This ancient temple was a place of worship dedicated to the reptilious Serpentine King of the rainforest. Legends speak of a gigantic Anaconda snake living inside the temple and deciding on the people's fortune or misfortune. After many years, the CZE finally found the temple, which was the first time to see the temple through human eyes after thousands of years. After the CZE started their investigation however, mysterious things started to happen around the site and thats where the Guests come in useful. They will be asked to enter the temple and discover its secrets and find out the truth behind the many legends. The temple will be themed similarly to the Indiana Jones attractions found at Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. This thrilling attraction will be a combination of Universal's Revenge of the Mummy and Phantasialand's(found in Germany) Black Mamba attraction, but offering a completely new experience with audio animatronic, physical and projected effects.

The Tree of Life Garden - a small garden area, surrounded by tall trees and plants. The garden leads into a small enclosed section of Discovery Island, where guests can get a closer look at the front side of the Tree of Life. The garden also offer glimpses of some of the animal inhabitants, such as flamingos, lemurs and kangaroos.

Earth - The queue for the 3D attraction leads to Adventureland, narrowly proceeding through tunnel passageways aligned with roots dangling from the Tree of Life. The queue leads guests through dense, lush forests, proceeding to the heart of the Tree of Life, the very base of the tree. The show takes place in the very trunk of the Tree of Life. The show takes guests through various animal habitats, from the North Pole to the deep sea to the forests and savannahs, revealing how plants and animals respond to the power of the sun and the changing seasons. The show is, of course, largely inspired by the Disneynature film of the same name.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Explorer's Club - Eat exotic and tropic food in the meeting grounds of S.E.A. Members. See various treasures and might come to life...

Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost- The old deserted house of Eliza Von Schucklestein has become the sanctuary of Colonel Hathi. Now his jungle friends proudly serve you Pizza.

The Lava Lounge - this will be a bar similar to Trader Sam's Grog Grotto. Inside guests can try out different drinks and small appetizers and plates like the ones at Trader Sam's and Rainforest Cafe's Lava Lounge. Inside the shack you will find one of the walls is made of volcano rock with glowing and smoking lava coming from out. There will be different cups guests can buy with their special drinks.

Adventureland Camp Canteen - A small quick service with American food options.

Shops Edit

SEA Explorer's Mercantile - In this shop filled with memorabilia, buy goods and treasures collected from various SEA members.

Castle Elisa Von Schukklestein Vault - Exit of Legend of Castle Tops. SEA Members gathered her collections after Elisa's dissapearance. Now, re-experience the fear of Castle Tops at home or your workplace.

Adventureland Bazaar - This shop will give a winding-narrow-streets-overflowing-with-exotic-goods feel akin to the short-lived, but awesome, bazaar that opened with Disneyland Paris.

Shows Edit

Lord Mystic's Magical Collections - See Henry Mystic's treasures come alive in this spectacular show!

Adventureland Swingers - They perform every hour at the veranda, bellowing away at the chords of 20's and 30's jazz standards. Being from the jungle, these jazz musicians wear Dixieland-style clothing covered in vines and moss, one going so far as to have a giant spider plastered onto his back, another joined by a shoulder-perched parrot. Occasionally, some of the Disney jungle characters will join the band, dancing around and encouraging guests to join in.

Polynesian Edit

Attractions Edit

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle - a technically innovative new indoor 4-D roller coaster takes you high into the jungle canopy as you escape killer monkeys and a stampede of Elephants with the help of Tarzan. similar to Harry Potter ride at USF.

Liki Tikis - An Kids water play area feature, an adventurer's go-to getaway on a hot day.

The Lost Temple - Here, Betty found the cursed ring. The Lost Temple will host an attraction similar to Raging Spirits and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. There will be more advanced scenes however where the Gods send the guests on a thrilling ride where they have to hold their hats. The experience starts already in the queue, which is very interactive. Guests have to pass through several rooms and hallways filled with boobytraps and hidden treasures, for example steps which activate knifes coming from the walls or a diamond calling out lost souls. Fire, projections, mist, audio animatronics, falling rocks and the coaster itself will be an amazing combination for thrillseekers. FP

Air Safari - A ride similar to Pteranodon Flyers at Universal Orlando. It shows a birds eye view of AdventureIand.

Jungle Jeeps - To showcase the wildlife of the island. This ride will be like jungle cruise on wheels, but not travelling around the world but only the island. This doesn't mean however that there won't be the same animals, because there will be familiar animals like tigers, elephants, monkeys, snakes etc., but they will be in the Adventureland setting and not at Asian temples or African savannahs or whatever. During the ride guests will also experience a collapsing bridge and other dangers like an angry rhino attack. All creatures will be audio animatronic except for the tour guide who will provide information about Adventureland and its' wildlife. FP

The Lost River - This will be a river raft ride going into the jungles and the caves of the mountains in the lost valley. During the ride you will see creatures that you have never seen before. But during the ride rocks and other things will block our expedition. We will find out that a creature known as Narab Kana is trying to get us out of the area. Narab Kana will be a mix of a crocodile, gorilla, rhino, lion and snake. Inside the caves you will truly encounter this monster. The ride will start at the Adventureland Company Raft Dock. Guests will be able to soak the riders of The Lost River. Inside the caves we will also see various drawings of creatures that the natives have found in the valley. FP

River Raft Boathouse - Where rafts give guests a small cruise over the river and end up at the island.

Swiss Family Treehouse - See the various rooms of Swiss Family Robinson.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Aloha Isle - Dole Whips. The Tiki Gods treat grounds for tired humans and visitors of the Enchanted TIki Room with singing birds & the restaurant.

Sunshine Tree Terrace - Which boasts several snacks, soft drinks and ice cream floats. The mascot for this snack stand is the Little Orange Bird, who you can occasionally see wandering about, meeting up with new friends.

El Pirata y El Perico (The Pirate and the Parrot) - a quick service Spanish-inspired restaurant themed to a shady pirate tavern. The tavern, resembling an old seaside inn of sorts reminds us of an age of seabound exploration and travel, when uncharted bodies of water meant mythical creatures were waiting for unsuspecting prey to travel into their midst... Inside the tavern, one can hear and see the shadows of pirates plotting mutinies and treasure raids behind closed doors.

Polynesian Terrace Restaurant - a restaurant featuring live music and entertainment with a South Seas theme. Like other venues, the shows vary. Currently there is an amusing lunchtime show which runs for about one hour called “Lilo’s Luau and Fun.” Several Disney characters have a luau with Lilo, wearing Hawaiian shirts and muumuus. Excellent hula dancers and musicians bring the party to life. Watch out for Stitch barging into the scene!

Blue Lagoon Restaurant - Here, you can dine on cuisine straight from the Caribbean, Cuba, Spain and New Orleans. But the main reason this restaurant is popular is the immersive setting. You may recognize this restaurant as Blue Bayou. But rather than immerse guests in a New Orleans setting, like California and Tokyo, this restaurant takes a page from Disneyland Paris and has the setting be "located" on a Caribbean beach in an outdoor restaurant at nighttime. The dining area overlooks the jungle river the boats ride along as they start their journey. Guests dine under paper lanterns and a thick canopy of live oaks dripping with Spanish moss. There are wonderful details all around you that immerse you--crickets chirp, frogs croak and fireflies wink.

Shops Edit

Tesoros Misteriosos (Mysterious Treasures) - a pirate-themed superstore built within the remains of the fortress. Dripping ceilings and ill-gotten goods adorn the walls, a compliment to the hook hands, eye patches, telescopes, stuffed parrots, and pirate hats up for sale.

The Pirate's League - where kids and adults can be made over to look like an official buccaneer.

Tiki Traders Hut - Where you can buy your own singing birds or Polynesian artifacts.

Deep Jungle Shop - which looks like a jeep with different souvenirs available.

Safari Explorers Co. Imports - Jungle themed goods. Safari Explorers amazing imported Jungle goods include the "Safari Amulet" ($6.99), an interactive amulet that triggers mystic occurances in Adventureland.

Shows Edit

Sebastian's Carribean Cavalcade - Musical featuring Sebastian. Shown at the Jungle Stage.

Sonidos del Paraíso (Sounds of Paradise) - a steel-drum band, who provide us with the tropical sounds that only the Caribbean can provide.

The Bootstrappers - a band of ragtag musical pirates that sing wild sea chanteys and drinking songs for the enjoyment of all would-be pirates.

Lilo's Luau & Fun - A live show hosted by Lilo from Lilo and Stitch and featuring a host of other Disney characters. Advance reservations must be made, as the show is hosted at the Polynesian Terrace restaurant.

Frontierland Edit

Next is the land of the wild frontier, Frontierland. This land will be in between Adventureland and Fantasyland. From the enchanted park hub you will find a gravel path which brings you to a large wooden gate. Around the wooden gate are pine trees which welcome you to this land. An American flag waves with pride in the wind. Past the fort you will find the town of Thunder Mesa, a quite big town which grew from the gold rush. The town lies next to a river, the mountains and pinewoods. The town had a desperate time when there was no more gold to find in the river. The river surrounds an island on which the so known Thunderhawk Hills are. Rising above all, the Big Thunder Mountain attracted the inhabitants of Thunder Mesa to the island. Natives warned them not to set a foot on the island as it is known to be the home of the legendary Thunderhawk and her family. Ignorant miners ignored the warning and went to take a look inside the mountains. Inside Big Thunder they found a nest which belonged to the Thunderhawk. In the nest were five golden eggs. The miners took the eggs without doubts. The Thunderhawk was of course angered by this and the miners never returned because of this. The tunnles to the island are still open, but no one ever dared to set foot on the island. 

Attractions Edit

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - The Wildest ride in the Wilderness through caverns and explosive tunnels! The mayor of Thunder Mesa has reopened the mines and is now looking for brave miners who dare to enter the mines to travel to Thunderhawk Hills. The greedy mayor only wants to have the golden eggs of the Thunderhawk for himself however. Guests will act like the new miners and board a mine train, which travels under the river to Thunderhawk Hills. Ghost miners will manipulate the tracks and bring you to Big Thunder where you will encounter the Thunderhawk and her babies. Will you be able to escape the thunderhawk's wrath in a runaway mine train? This thrilling rollercoaster will be similar to the Tokyo Disneyland, Magic Kingdom Florida & Disneyland Paris ride, but not in theming. The island will be quite deserted except for a few trees, animals and natives. Guests will encounter the Thunderhawk three times. It will be 2 giant audio animatronic which will be accompanied by projections. The ride will use fire, water, light and smoking effects.  FP  Height Requirement: 102cm

Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes - which can only be accessed from Tom Sawyer Island. Aboard the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes, guests with a host Cast Member, can set off from Tom Sawyer Island and canoe their way down the Rivers of America, taking in the sights of Tumbleweed, a secret mine cavern on the outskirts of Big Thunder Mountain, the settlement of an Indian campground and an even closer look at a dark cemetery nearby a foreboding manor.

Mystery Lodge - a special effects extravaganza, updated and remastered for the 21st century.

The Haunted Mansion - Visit the home of 999 ghosts. FP

Geyser Mountain - an water play area. the attraction is similar to Geyser Gulch at Hong Kong Disneyland & Casey Jr Splash & Soak Station at Magic Kingdom in Florida.

Tom Sawyer Island and Rafts - Take a raft to Tom Sawyer Island, home of adventure and exploration.

Wild Adventures on Tom Sawyer Island - This will be an interactive game similar to the A Pirate's Adventure game in Adventureland. This game will take place on the island, you will discover Treehouses, mills, forts, caves and many other locations.

Mark Twain Riverboat - Huge boat through the Rivers of Canada.

Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island - The wooden rafts escort guests to the island, located in the middle of the Rivers of Canada and all of Frontierland. Originally, I was looking for a replacement for the island,

Tall Tales of the West - This will be a show with a cast of audio animatronics. They will celebrate the old west by storytelling and singing. Stories like Pecos Bill, Tom Sawyer, Davy Crockett, Lewis and Clark and Paul Bunyan will pass by. Guests will also be able to sing along with songs like Home on the Range, Billy the Kid, Blood on the Saddle and so on. The show will also be a dedication to the old Frontierland TV show parts.

Frontierland Shooting Exposition - Test your accuracy!

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Pecos Bill Cafe - Pizza and pasta. Relive the legend of Pecos Bill and his tall tales in this old timey saloon.

Hungry Bear Restaurant- Curry rice and cutlet. The Country Bears created their own restaurant for hungry bears and miners from Big Thunder. Feel the nature in this cabin-like restaurant.

Zorro's Mexican Outpost - Mexican food. The Legendary hero Zorro has become a legend in Frontierland. And his legend continues to this day. A Tribute to the hero.

The Golden Horseshoe Saloon - Inside will be a table service restaurant based on a western saloon with a great Revue playing during your dinner. The show and restaurant will be a dedication to Walt Disney and the original show at Disneyland.

Aunt Polly's Dockside Inn, - an outdoor eatery under a beautiful wood-carved gazebo, overlooking the Rivers of Canada.

Cowboy Cookout - Quick service restaurant on the right. Enter this restaurant where live country music will be waiting for you, while you can enjoy delicious grilled food.  

Shops Edit

Prairie Outpost and Supply -Frontier goods. Miners showcase their special accessories making here. Now you can make your own one of a kind accesorie with your name sculpted on it!

Big Thunder Mine Distribution Tent - Treasure and gold items. The Gold Rush is here! Buy Nuggets(gold) and western goods right from Big Thunder Mountain.

Eureka Mining Supplies - Which will bring you closer to the river. Here you will find some rocks which lead to the Thunder Mesa Mining Company.

Pioneer Outpost - where guests can buy Frontierland souvenirs.

Frontier Mercantile - Frontier goods. The renouned blacksmith in Fronterland opened this mercantile as a means to sell his precious frontier mercantile.

Westward Ho Trading Company - Western goods.' Here, you can use your "Frontier Currency" to trade goods and gain even more! "Westward Ho" is the chant in which when miners find nuggets.

Big Thunder Mountain Co. - Big Thunder Mountain goods. Fresh from Big Thunder, buy candies, nuggets and other treasures.

Shows Edit

The Golden Horseshoe " Mickey and Company " Dine and see the amazing show!

Dance Circle - an outdoor entertainment arena where authentic Kwakiutl dancers in the appropriate garbs perform dances that have been passed down for centuries among their people

The Frontier Amphitheater - An 7,000 seating Amphitheater.

  • The Legends of Fronterland - a nighttime firework & projection show at the Rivers of Canada like Mystic Falls Laser Light Show in Sam's Town, Las Vegas.

Fantasyland Edit

The hub of the park itself will have a Fantasyland like feel. The hub will basically be an Enchanted Forest or Garden in the form of a park. There will be many interactive elements for guests to explore. The park's icon, Cinderella Castle will be a Fantasy castle like no other. It will be surrounded by trees and stands on a purple/blue-ish rock/hill. This castle will represent Cinderella and all other Disney storybook characters like Pinocchio, Snow White, Rapunzel and Peter Pan. In front of the castle will be a pond which will go from the entrance of Frontierland to the entrance of Discoveryland. Two bridges meet each other in front of the castle, leaving a nice pond in front of the castle( similar to Tokyo Disneyland & Magic Kingdom Florida). In the water will be fountains for the nighttime show, but you won't see them during the day. The castle stage will also be similar to Shanghai Disneyland's castle stage. Inside the castle will be two attractions and one restaurant. When you enter Fantasyland you will end up with 4 themed lands from Fantasyland.

Castle Courtyard Edit

Attractions Edit

Pinocchio's Daring Journey - Embark on an adventure with Pinocchio.

Cinderella Castle's Mystery Tour - a dark ride attraction located inside & under Cinderella Castle. Similar & the same attraction of to Cinderella Castle's Mystery Tour at Tokyo Disneyland but in an dark ride. Taking place inside Cinderella Castle, guests are supposed to take a tour of the Castle featuring the Gallery, Ball Room, Dining Room, Guest Room and the Tower, with a Cast Member serving as their tour guide.

Beast's Enchanted Castle Tour - This will be a walkthrough where we are guided through Prince Adam's enchanted castle. Guests will follow Cogsworth, Lumiere and Mrs. Potts through rooms like the West Wing, the dining room with an amazing audio animatronic scene on Be Our Guest, the ballroom and even the library. The ride will be hosted by a cast member and the ride will include special effects and advanced audio animatronics.

'Fantasy Gardens - Based around the area in Hong Kong Disneyland, here is a place where you can visit with Mickey and friends at 5 fancifully themed gazebos, nestled among a peaceful garden. Stroll along a meandering pathway—past colorful flowers, lacy trees and wondrous topiaries—to a picturesque gathering of unique gazebos. At each magical destination, you’re invited to shake hands, share hugs, receive autographs and pose for photos with some of your favorite Disney characters.'

Frozen Ever After - a boat ride which will be similar to Epcot's version. However this version will be nothing like the overlay and will be larger.

Voyage to the Crystal Grotto - Take a boat ride to Disney Classics & inside the cave into Crystal Grotto.

Mad Tea Party - Spin on tea cups. This one will be similar to the Disneyland Paris one. The ride will be surrounded by Wonderland gardens. Guests will spin in tea cups around the March Hare's table. On the table are audio animatronics of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare.

Princess Fairytale Hall - This is where guests to this kingdom can meet up with Disney royalty. There are two rooms in this hall: one featuring Cinderella and Aurora, the other featuring Rapunzel and Tiana.

Cinderella's Fairy Tale Hall - a walk-through attraction located inside Cinderella Castle. Cinderella, wanting to share her magical princess story, decided to open up the castle even during her absence and exhibit various artworks that show scenes from her story. At the lobby and corridor, guests will find eight murals showing how Cinderella changed from beloved daughter, to servant girl, and then to Princess. They will also see a diorama of Cinderella magically transformed into wearing a beautiful ball gown, and other artworks made from various materials such as paper, wood and glass. In the Grand Hall guests will find a magnificent chandelier, the renowned glass slipper, a throne, and special paintings that reveal a magical message when photographed using a flash. The same walk-through attraction as in Tokyo Disneyland.

The Old Mill - This will be a small ferris wheel spinner looking over the lagoon. The queue will be partly outside and partly inside the mill itself, which will be themed to the movements, atmosphere and characters of the Old Mill short.

Cinderella's Golden Carousel - Take a relaxing carousel ride.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Pinocchio's Village Haus -Pizza. This Alpen style cabin tells the story of Pinocchio.

Cinderella’s Royal Table - a sit-down restaurant. Held in a hall decorated with with royal shields, flags, massive stained glass windows, and huge medieval chandeliers. The restaurant provides stunning views of Fantasyland, in addition to character appearances--notably Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel and Belle--throughout the course of each meal. In addition, the Fairy Godmother, as well as Jaq, Gus, Suzy and Perla often meet guests nearby the castle every day.

Queen of Heart's Banquet Hall - inside her castle. Two cards guard the entrance to the restaurant. Around the restaurant is a small labyrinth where guests can walk around. The restaurant will serve various Wonderland meals as the Eat me menu. There will also be various Wonderland characters meeting you while you dine. The restaurant will be similar to the Tokyo version of it.

La Boulangerie - Where guests can enjoy French pastries and bread goods.

Gaston's Tavern - The manliest of manly places, which serves up satisfying snacks as mixed vegetable cups, hummus with chips, pork shank and more.

Be Our Guest Restaurant - This is an expansive and elegant 550-seat dining destination located at the foot of Beast’s Castle. Whether you are enjoying a quick-service breakfast or lunch, or the stately elegance of a table-service dinner, you can dine in one of three rooms: the Ballroom, the Gallery and even the West Wing.

Shops Edit

Rapunzel's Market - Tangled goods. Rapunzel's paintings of the light ceremony illuminate this shop. You might even find Pascal hidden in the garden next to the shop!

Frozen Boutique - selling Frozen items.

Anna's Kingdom Chocolaterie - selling all things chocolate.

Pleasure Island Confectionary - Pinocchio goods. Some of the snacks from Pleasure Island has made it to this shop. Don't worry, this wont turn you into a donkey. This carnival like shop features whimsical toys.

Sir Mickey's - Discover the courage of the Brave Little Tailor as you climb the giant beanstalk by Cinderella Castle and uncover a treasure trove of magical merchandise, like hats, apparel and some of the finest accessories Fantasyland has to offer.

Wonderland Shoppe - where Alice in Wonderland souvenirs can be found.

Bonjour! Village Gifts - This shop will sell Beauty and the Beast and Fantasyland items.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique - Where little girls will meet their very own fairy grandmother and be transformed into beautiful princesses.

Fairy Tale Treasures - Where you can buy Disney and Fantasyland items.

Shows Edit

Fantasyland Amphitheater - An 7,000 Amphitheater that hosts Fantasmic!

  • Fantasmic!

Fantasyland Concert Hall - an 2,600 seating theater

  • Frozen: Live at the Fantasyland Concert Hall
  • Mickey and the Enchanted Music Box - This show which will be similar to Mickey and the Wondrous Book and Mickey and the Magical Map. This time mickey will find a magical music box, which starts playing on its' own. The music of the music box transports Mickey to different worlds of Disney such as ancient Greece, New Orleans and under the sea. The music used in the show will be original Disney songs with sometimes a little twist. There will also be combinations of songs like Let it Go/ Reflection and Part of Your World and See the Light/ Once Upon A Dream and Beauty and the Beast. The songs will be partly changed to be more in the style of the movie, for example Lion King songs with African instruments and dancers or Princess and the Frog songs in old New Orleans jazz style.

The Hundred Acre Wood Edit

Attractions Edit

Pooh's Hunny Hunt  - Help Pooh find his hunny.  FP

Tigger's Bouncy Place - Bounce with tigger.

Owl's Treehouse - Explore Owl's treehouse.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Rabbit's All-Natural Farm - Organic food. Rabbit's farm is open for all guests. See outside the window, you may sometimes see friends from the 100 acre wood appear and stop by!

The Hunny Place - Food using honey. Snacks. Pooh's dreams have come true! This Honey Tree shaped snack cart sells all the honey you need for your day.

Shops Edit

Pooh Corner- Winnie the Pooh goods. Inside a British house, buy all the Pooh you need.

London Edit

Attractions Edit

Mary Poppins' Amazing Adventure - Embark on Carousels and explore the world of Mary Poppins, the magical nanny.  FP 

Peter Pan's Flight  - Fly high over neverland and London!  FP

Mr.Toad's Wild Ride - Take a wild ride through London and into hell.

Alice in Wonderland - Embark on over-sized caterpillars in an Wild Mouse coaster track into Alice's Wonderland. FP

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Jolly Holiday Bakery- Bread and scones. This jolly bakery pays tribute to Mary Poppins. See all the beautiful glasses which retell the story of Mary Poppins.

Tick Tock's Fish and Chips - This will be a restaurant themed to a wooden British boathouse. Inside are all kinds of artifacts and images related to Peter Pan as the name comes from the crocodile.

Wendy and Burt's Teahouse - British tea and snacks. This authentic teahouse overlooks the London area. Endulge yourself with "Travers Scone"($3.99) for a mini snack with authentic tea.

Shops Edit

Travers British Antiquities - British items, Mary Poppins items. After having a wonderful journey with Mary Poppins, why don't you purchase souveniors dedicated to Walt Disney's classic? This shop is also a tribute to PL Travers, the author of Mary Poppins.

Souveniors from Neverland - Peter Pan goods. Inside the Darling's Household is the gift shop from Neverland! John and Michael bring you some of their favorite Lost Boys souveniors while Wendy showcases her pirate souveniors.

Toad Hall - Mr.Toad's Wild Ride goods.' After your Wild Ride, step into Toad Hall for a still-wild souvenior shop.

Storybook Circus Edit

Attractions Edit

Dumbo the Flying Elephant - Soar over Storybook circus on the amazing Dumbo!

Casey Jr. Splash 'n' Soak Station - a complete water playground, themed around the classic train from the film.

The Barnstormer featuring the Great Goofini - where you take flight above Storybook Circus with Goofy and his homemade stunt airplanes for a thrilling junior roller coaster ride.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Storybook Treats - Circus confectionary'. Humphrey the Bear and other circus pals bring you Circus food!

Shops Edit

Big Top Gifts - Dumbo souveniors. The citizens of Hattonville has gathered the biggest stars of the circus! With amazing circus gifts, see Timothy Mouse and Dumbo fly above guests.

Shows Edit

Storybook Circus Giggle Gang - Circus acts done by the funniest, wackiest circus clowns.

Tomorrowland Edit

Tomorrowland will be the last themed area of the Magic Kingdom Park. The area can be found on the east side of the park. Tomorrowland celebrates the world of the future. Here is where guests can find a futuristic civilization which lives in harmony with extraterrestrial creatures. Also new technology will be celebrated here. Tomorrowland will tell the story of the future. The humans found a great resource deep inside a mysterious temple. This resource, which they later called Luna Stone, had great energy in it. People found a way to build up a civilization with energy coming from this resource, which was a glowing stone like element. They even used it to travel into space more efficiently. Here they found new planets on which extraterrestrial life was found. The humans decided to leave Earth and build up a better World. Years passed by and generations began to forget about Earth. Then we pass into the story of Wall-E who returns the humans to Earth. The humans again started to build up a civilization in harmony with outerspace inhabitants. This Tomorrowland will be similar to Florida, Tokyo, Shanghai Disneyland Tomorrowland. The humans and aliens discovered Luna Stone again and used it for transportation, investigation, entertainment and education.

Cosmopolis Edit

Attractions Edit

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover - This attraction is themed as an urban mass transit system of the future, the ride takes passengers on a tour around the second floor of many attractions in Tomorrowland.

Sugar Rush Speedway - where using a queue and technology similar to Test Track, guests can design their very own cart and then test them out against friends. This attraction is similar to Test Track at Epcot & Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Tomorrowland Terrace - Italian food. Daily shows by Plectu, the intergalactic superstar! Tomorrowland Terrace is a space diner that looks like a crashed spaceship. See various commercials while you eat!

Utopia Port - which is like an American roadside dinner similar to V8 and Johny Rockett's, but themed to a futuristic space port where Tomorrowland inhabitants park and refill their space engines.

Shops Edit

Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies - an sweet candy shop.

SpacePort Edit

Attractions Edit

Space Mountain - Speed through the voids of Space.   FP   Height Requirement;: 117cm

Astro Orbiter -  Board the rocket on a flight above Tomorrowland.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Space Station X-1 - Table service food aboard a spaceship. 360 Wrap around screens engulf you inside this orbiting spaceship. This interactive restaurant features various foods and sights.

Shops Edit

Steller Sweets - Sweets from the galaxy.

Space Mountain Store - This will be a shop selling great Space Mountain & Tomorrowland items.

Robot Parts Storage - which will be a shop where you can buy Wall-E and other robotic souvenirs.

The Mineral Depot - Space Age goods. Exit of The Great Space Age. Get some good'ol 'Minerals and souveniors from the town of Minearl.

Space Booth  - Space Mountain onride photos.

ImageWorks- JII goods.

Seasonal Events Edit

Halloween Overlays Edit

Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare -Jack Skellington and his people from Halloween Town has decked the halls of the Haunted Mansion!

Big Thunder Mountain: Ghostrider - Every 100 years, the spirit of the native american tribe that used to live in Big Thunder awakes from it's home, unleashes it's wrath causing floods and supernatural events. Using Projection Mapping & Effects, guests are transported into Ancient Terror, a curse that strikes Big Thunder.

Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy - Escape from the menacing Ghost Galaxy, a being that feeds on the Universe.

Mickey's Halloween Bash Parade - See your favorite characters in spooky costumes, with fun surprises lurking around every corner of the streets.

Christmas Overlays Edit

Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare - The delightful screams continue until Christmas!

Jingle Cruise - Take on a jungle cruise with holiday jokes and sights.

it's a small world: Very Merry Holidays - Christmas Version..

A Christmas Fantasy Parade - A remake of the holiday parade at Disneyland Park with more fan favorite characters celebrating the Christmas season.

Disney's Hollywood Adventure Edit

Disney's Hollywood Adventure is a 250-acre theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario, & is the second of six theme parks built at the Walt Disney World Resort in Canada. is right next door to the Magic Kingdom Park.

Production CentralEdit

Production Central serves as the park’s main entrance and is home to most shops and services of the park, some soundstages in this area. Guests enter through the main entrance gate, which resembles the Pan-Pacific Auditorium. The only thing from the outside world visitors to Production Central will see is the top of the Earful Tower, the icon of Disney's Hollywood Adventure. It's basically a giant water tower topped with the iconic mouse ears.

Attractions Edit

Disney's Film Festival - a 4D look at three popular short films that were shown before Disney-Pixar films.  The three films currently being shown are Get A Horse, For The Birds, and La Luna.

Industrial Light and Magic: Open House - Explore how movie magic is made in this giant interactive walk-through where guests experience motion simulators, weather simulators and get to experience first hand the nitty gritty of movie making. Guests can even have the chance to insert themselves into their favorite movie scenes with the magic of film editing and visual effects.

CineMagic - a breathtaking show at the legendary Grauman's Egyptian Theatre. This amazing show chronicles the evolution of film from black-and-white silent features of Georges Méliès to today’s most well-loved. This innovative presentation literally surrounds guests in the sights and sounds of film. The show is one of the most popular at the Paris park, and would make a welcome addition here.

Walt Disney's: One Man Dream - Come and explores the life and legacy of Walt Disney through photos, models, artifacts, and a short biographical film.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Meg's Drive-In - Table service. Rock around the clock at this ‘50s drive-in featuring golden oldies on the jukebox and delicious Burgers and Fries, Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken Fingers, Onion Rings, Root Beer Floats and Frosty Milk Shakes.

Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater Restaurant - Table service. Rock around the clock at this ‘50s drive-in featuring golden oldies on the jukebox and delicious Burgers and Fries, Chicken Sandwiches, Chicken Fingers, Onion Rings, Root Beer Floats and Frosty Milk Shakes.

50's Prime Time Cafe - Table service. Where guests are transported back to their parents' homes, in the dawn of the television age, where every room in this cafe features the new technology. The televisions feature early black and white television show promos and advertisements from the early days of television. The waitresses and waiters act as idealized images of "Mom" and "Dad", telling guests to eat their vegetables and to keep their elbows off of the table. These characters are a huge part of the show and help tell the story of the restaurant.

Shops Edit

Walt Disney Studios Store - disney items

Shows Edit

Pantages Hollywood Theater - a 2,000-seat indoor theatre fully equipped to host major Broadway musicals & films. This theater also includes incorporates physical effects including motion seats which raise up and drop down during the show. Water sprayers are attached to the back of each seat, to spray the face of the rider sitting behind it. Water sprayers on the ceiling spray riders seated on the front row. Multiple lighting effects are used, such as projected images on the walls. Air blasters on the front of every seat blow air against riders neck and head. smoke effects explode out the stage & into the guests. Leg tickler are also used to simulate plant vine's or rats crawling across the theater. Stationary seats, which do not move during the show or an film, are marked and available for those who want to watch the film without the motion or vibration. Every other effect is available for the stationary seat. They put The Wizard of OZ shown for the first half of the day, and the Little Shop of Horrors shown for the second half of the day then The Lion King start on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. The stage was subsequently used for the annual Halloween event, with The Rocky Horror Picture Show: A Tribute.The set consists of a stage surrounded by a triptych of adjoined silver screens. Each of these three screens measured 23 by 50 feet (7.0 by 15.2 m). A total of six Iwerks projectors were used to run the 3D or 2D, 70mm film. The blending of live action and film, the trio of projection screens.

  • The Wizard of Oz - a production within an 2,000 seat theatre that would combine live performers and 3D film into a show unlike anything before. This show is similar to T2/3D at Universal Studios Florida.
  • The Lion King - an 4-D movie with SFX & 3D Film. a stage performance retelling the story of the film using life size puppets. This show is similar to T2/3D at Universal Studios Florida & The Legend of The Lion King at the Magic Kingdom. The Lion King playing on Fridays, Saturday & Sundays only.
  • Little Shop of Horrors - a horror comedy rock musical based on the musical & the film in 1986.

Disney Broadcasting Station - We've seen how live television works at the ABC Production Stage, but how would you like to see television stars up close and in person? Well, if you want to do that, just head over to the DBS (Disney Broadcasting Station) for a showing of Disney Junior: Live on Stage!

  • Disney Junior: Live on Stage - Come join in the fun with characters from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia the First, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffins & Henry Hugglemonster. The show also utilizes plenty if in-theater effects, such as bubbles and heavily utilizes the performance of puppeteering. The show will remain virtually unchanged from what is currently there. The exterior has been heavily changed to better look like a television recording studio, much like the exterior for the show at Disney California Adventure.


The good old Hollywood is back! Unlike DHS at WDW, all the buildings here are more detailed and old-timey. Here, guests can visit Hollywoodland into Hollywood Boulevard, or visit the Chinese Theater for the Great Movie Ride and view Cinemagic! This area is indoor like the one in WDSP. The statue, including him as Sorcerer Mickey & the magical mops at an indoor hub area of the Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

Hollywood Boulevard Edit

Hollywood Boulevard, inspired by the street in Los Angeles, serves as the park's main entrance and operates in the same vein as Main Street, U.S.A. being lined with themed streetscape facades and venues selling Disney merchandise and park services. Live street entertainment and seasonal parades travel down the indoor main street throughout the day & night. At the far end of Hollywood Boulevard stands a replica of the Chinese Theater which houses the Great Movie Ride, a dark ride paying homage to several classic films. Near the to that is The Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant, a themed replica of the original Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood, California.

Attractions Edit

Red Car Trolley - Tram trolleys transporting guests from Hollywood Boulevard to the far of Sunset Boulevard.

Hollywood Gardens - This is a tranquil and gorgeous garden nestled alongside the left side of the Chinese Theatre and into the Hollywoodland Hills, which serve as the street’s backdrop. Under the hill’s uneven letters reading HOLLYWOODLAND are the garden’s walking paths, bridges, streams, pagodas, and waterfalls that serve as a break from the hustle and bustle of Tinseltown.

Hollywoodland Vehicles -these attractions that includes old vehicles.

The Great Movie Ride - See Hollywood's best movie scenes come to life. A revamped version of DHS' classic with new scenes such as "Avatar", "Ghostbusters", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "The Dark Knight", and much more! FP

Mann's Chinese Theatre - A 1,500-seat indoor 4-D Theater that is fully equipped to host plays an 4-D movie called Disney's Get a Horse 4-D inside the TCL Chinese Theater next to The Great Movie Ride. Although the animation is 3D, the ride is a 4-D film, which incorporates physical effects including motion seats which tilt forward, backward, vibrate, and raise up and drop down during the show. Water sprayers are attached to the back of each seat, to spray the face of the rider sitting behind it. Water sprayers on the ceiling spray riders seated on the front row. Multiple lighting effects are used. Air blasters on the front of every seat blow air against riders neck and head. Leg ticklers are also used to simulate across the theater. Fans are at the back of each seat, to blow the face of the rider sitting behind it. Stationary seats, which do not move during the film, are marked and available for those who want to watch the film without the motion or vibration. Every other effect is available for the stationary seat.

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Plaza - a small courtyard made to recognize the efforts of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, highlighting several television stars, including Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Andy Griffith and Bob Newhart, amongst several others. This plaza incorporates the role of always recognizing the legacy of which has passed before us.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

The Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant - Hollywood's most elegant dinings. Table service. What else would you expect to find at Hollywood’s famed hat-shaped landmark. a lavish restaurant modeled after the truly iconic location, located in the park just up the corner from the Hollywood streets. The restaurant is famously known for its' Cobb Salad, which was apparently Sid Grauman's favorite snack after he had underwent some dental work. The restaurant features wonderful meals, while completely re-inventing the iconic restaurant, which even includes the classic Bamboo Room, modeled after the VIP Space.

Hollywood & Vine - a buffet style restaurant that is literally located on the corners of Hollywood & Vine. The interior of the restaurant is a quintessential Hollywood-scape, featuring neon lights and California depictions of the city-scape. The buffet is open regularly for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with Disney characters popping in for breakfast and lunch.

Shops Edit

Keystone's Clothiers- Clothing shop.

The Darkroom - a shop which features camera and video items.

The El Captain Shop - Hollywood goods.

Schwab's Pharmacy - Treats & Candy.

Legends of Hollywood - The location features generic Disney's Hollywood Adventure merchandise, as well as a selection of Disney jewelry and watches, including limited edition pieces.

Hollywood Emporium - Hollywood Studios goods.

Oscar's Classic Car Souvenirs - Classic car themed memorabilia. Another small time shop, mostly to take up space, sells some nice(but expensive) addons for your car. It not only sells auto-oriented memorabilia, keychains and model cars, it is also the place to get postage stamps, a locker to use, and stroller and wheelchairs for rent is right next door.

Crossroads of the World - Disney items, a clone of the California icon, with Mickey Mouse atop a spinning globe. This hut of sorts, sells souvenirs, film, sunglasses, post cards, rainwear, sundries and pins.

Keystone Clothiers - This is the place for adults to get their clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Celebrity 5 & 10 - which features a wide variety of Disney's Hollywood Adventure merchandise, as well as general Walt Disney World merchandise.

Shows Edit

Hollywood Dreams - a new nighttime show outside the soundstage of Hollywood using the previous Sorcery in the Sky music but expanded with new film scores such as Pirates, Titanic, E.T., Jurassic Park & more.

The Magic of Hollywood - a new projection mapping show that plays indoor all day & night from 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm & 9:00 pm.

Red Car News Boys - In this the boys are delivering newspapers...while also putting on one heck of a show.

Lights! Camera! Dreams! - Taking place in the forecourt indoor soundstage of Mann's Chinese Theatre in the indoor hollywood Boulevard, 'Lights, Camera, Dreams' features everyone's favorite Mouse and Disney characters. This dream inspired show touches on Movie Magic as well as dreams of exciting adventures. The Disney characters join in helping Donald realize his dreams. Minnie, Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty are among the talented performers. A villain that is rarely seen outside of the parades is part of this production. Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent is intent on turning dreams into nightmares. As with every great Disney tale, good conquers evil and the result is a fun, character filled finale. This show is similar to Dream Along with Mickey & Fantasmic.

Citizens of Hollywood - this show appear on both Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, and interact with guests, often making them part of their improvised skits.

Sunset Boulevard Edit

Sunset Boulevard takes guests back to a different side of Hollywood, as well as the different sides of the entertainment industry. Just off of Hollywood and Vine, guests will find the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, a reminiscent take on a classic 1940s Hollywood street. The street is very similar to Hollywood Boulevard, as it is filled with shops and eateries, stretching into the eastern most part of the park. Sunset Boulevard is definitely a place filled with excitement, charm, thrills, all while keeping the classic Golden Age of Hollywood intact.

Attractions Edit

Red Car Trolley - Tram trolleys transporting guests from Hollywood Boulevard to the end of Sunset Boulevard.

War of the Worlds - This ride will take you back in time to 1938, to that fateful day when Orson Welles read that infamous news bulletin being beamed to American households everywhere about an alien invasion currently underway. Is it real? Could there truly be lights in the sky over Los Angeles?  To a riveting musical score interspersed by Welles’s narration of an intergalactic attack, you’ll blast into the light and through the stars aboard the ride formerly known as Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Who knows? Maybe you'll encounter a UFO or two. This sensational attraction will leave you wondering if we’re alone in the universe.

Tracy's Crimestoppers - the never-built EMV shooting gallery mash up would find a home in this mini-land. Guests would travel in old fashioned EMV cars through the city with "machine guns". They would aim to shoot at black and white striped targets throughout. Gangster cars would shoot back, resulting in the release of air cannons actually on the EMVs.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Sunset Ranch Market - The quick-service eatery offers chicken, salads and burgers and other types of quintessential quick-service foods. There is a large indoor seating area located throughout Sunset Ranch Market.

Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe - Starbucks

Carthay Grill & Bar - where we can watch old Disney classics such as Steamboat Willie and Oswald's Trolley Trouble. You can even watch these cartoons while getting a bite to eat at the bar and grill in the Carthay Circle Theater.

Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream hosted by Dreyer’s - Ice Cream shop

Shops Edit

Elias and Company Department Store - disney items

Fairfax Market - an outdoor grocery stand selling fresh fruits, snacks, and refreshments, represented as an authentic open-air grocery stand of a bygone era.

Oswald's Gas & Oil - candy & toys

Big Top Toys - toys, board games & plushies

Carthay Circle Shop - Snow White items

Mortimer’s Market - treats & fruit

Shows Edit

Citizens of Hollywood - this show appear on both Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, and interact with guests, often making them part of their improvised skits.

Hollywood Bowl Amphitheater - A 7000-seat Amphitheatre that is fully equipped to host plays, concerts, musicals and performances, home to an nighttime show of World of Color. World of Color is a nighttime show, the show has nearly 1,200 fountains and includes lights, water, fire, fog, and lasers, with high-definition projections on mist screens. The show is inspired by Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color anthology television series, as evidenced by the use of its eponymous theme song written by the Sherman Brothers.

  • World of Color - The show transpires at the lagoon of Hollywood Bowl, while the audience watches the performance at the viewing area. Other nearby Hollywood Bowl become part of the performance as they undergo various forms of lighting and projections throughout the show. The effects utilized in World of Color (water fountains, fireworks, mist screens, fire, live performers, lasers, lighting, and fog) are choreographed to work in synchronicity with the featured music and image projections.
  • Fountains of Hollywood - unlike Fountain of Nations at Epcot this attraction an elaborate fountain show that performs to movie themes all day & night.

Hyperion Avenue Edit

Attractions Edit

Walt Disney Productions: Experience the Magic - Disney Animation walkthrough experience hosted by an animated Walt Disney inside the original Disney studio on Hyperion Avenue.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Creator's Workshop - a table service restaurant based on a cartoonist's house. There will be various sketches of different Disney characters all around the restaurant. 

Shops Edit

Walt's Workshop Store - Disney items.

Land of OZ Edit

Our next land will be The Land of OZ, here guest can explore the world of OZ from the books to the movies of OZ to a whole theme land.

Attractions Edit

Journey to Emerald City - A dark trackless/thrill ride following the adventures of OZ The Great and Powerful.

The Gale Farmhouse - Walk-Through Attraction of Dorothy Gale’s home. take the tour, and you’d probably wind up being caught up in a terrible twister and after you’re flown through the air, and see the infamous Wicked Witch transformation out the window, you’d finally land safely on the ground once more.  Walking out the way you came in except, you’re in Munchkinland! The very place where Dorothy’s house dropped her ages ago.

Wicked Witch's Broomstick Rollercoaster - an kiddie roller coaster to fly around OZ.

Blackwater Rapids - a dark and foreboding river rafting ride through the Haunted Forest.

Escape from the Haunted Forest - A flume ride escaping the haunted castle of the Wicked witch of the West.

Glinda's Bubbles - A spinner ride where we enter bubbles and spin around by Glinda's magic.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Emerald City Diner - a table service in the Emerald City Castle.

Shops Edit

Poppy Field Flower Store - an flower shop that sells flowers

Wicked Witch's Castle Shop - sell Oz items.

Lucasland Edit

Lucasland is themed area based on Indiana Jones & Star Wars.

Star Wars Spaceport Edit

Attractions Edit

Millennium Falcon - an E-ticket attraction. In this ride you will actually be at the famed ship’s helm, firing laser cannons and banking left and right to avoid enemy fire. Not to read too into the voice-over, but there was a lot of emphasis on the fact that guests will actually pilot the ride, completely controlling the vehicle themselves. This mix between a motion simulator and a first-person shooter is something Disney has never had in its parks, especially one that’s fully operated by a patron. Add the fact that the Millennium Falcon is the fastest ship in the galaxy and, well, this one is sure to be a game-changer.

Speeder Bike Challenge - A fast paced launched roller coaster through the forests of Endor.

Star Tours - Copy of Star Tours 2 from DL, TDL, DHS & DLP.

The Yoda Experience - Yoda humbly greets guests to instruct them in the ways of the Force. An interactive Yoda is manipulated by an unseen cast member, in enchanting Turtle Talk with Crush style. Yoda selects children to Force Lift rocks and even an X-Wing. After the show, hearty guests may brave a sub-attraction within Dark Side Cave, where live cast members portray history's most evil Sith in a haunted maze format.

Star Wars: Escape the First Order - a trackless dark ride in the spirit of Pooh's Hunny Hunt on a far grander scale. Boarding our battle-bound vehicle for the Resistance, we journey off into the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine where the First Order launches a full-on siege. In this epic attraction, we encounter the likes of General Hux, Captain Phasma, and Kylo Ren, all the while assisting the likes of Finn, Rey, General Leia, Poe Dameron, and BB-8. This immersive dark ride takes us not just through the deserts of Tatooine but also through the bowels of a First Order base and a run-in with the almighty Sarlaqq Pit. Along the way, we narrowly avoid getting crushed by a falling Walker, evade getting blown up on more than one occasion, and even fall into the belly of the aforementioned Sarlaqq Pit. This is a must-see for any park guest, period.

Ship Flyers - an dumbo type ride.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Mos Eisley Cantina. - a quick-service restaurant. The restaurant's fare will remain counter service, but will also include a bar serving strange intergalactic beverages, such as blue milk. As guests enjoy their meal, they encounter various alien creatures walking around the restaurant. The main attraction, however, are performances by the Cantina Band. These Audio Animatronic figures would be akin to Sunny Eclipse at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café at the Magic Kingdom.

Smiga's Bantha Shack - a fast food joint of the "galaxy far, far away" variety selling bantha burgers, blue milk, bantha jerky, and much more.

Shops Edit

Tatooine Traders - which is a complete shop devoted to Star Wars, which even includes a Build Your Own Lightsaber section.

Shows Edit

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple - In this interactive show, young Padawans are invited onstage by a Jedi Master and his pupil whom have both been searching for this presumably lost temple until now.

Indiana Jones Land Edit

Attractions Edit

Indiana Jones Adventure: The Fate of Atlantis - housed in an Atlantean temple, this thrilling EMV adventure would take guests to the crumbling city of Atlantis. Guests are trying to recover the Idol of Neptune, a strong historical artifact, before it sinks into the see with the turbulent city. Meanwhile, citizens of the city run amuck, and by the end, some have already become mermaids cursed by the Idol. Similar to Indiana Jones at Disneyland in California.

Temple of Doom - a new interactive maze, themed to Indiana Jones, in a very similar style themed to the Pirates Lair over at Disneyland. The maze and interactive temple features take an inspiration from the second film in the franchise.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar - Table service: Quench your thirst for action at this 1940s airplane hangar turned dive bar—ex-home of Indiana Jones' sidekick and pilot.


Indiana Jones Truck - which features Indiana Jones merchandise. Indiana Jones and Marion often meet guests nearby the truck.

Animation CourtyardEdit

Animation Courtyard is inspired by Disney and Pixar animated characters.

Animation Studio Edit

Attractions Edit

Mickey's Philharmagic - Mickey's PhilharMagic is a 12-minute long show featuring 3D effects, scents, and water, as well as a number of characters from Disney movies. It is shown on the largest purpose-built 3D screen ever made, at 150 feet wide. FP

Wreck-It Ralph: Arcade Rescue - an 4D Motion Simulator ride with Infitec 3D Screen. This attraction will be similar to Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem at Universal Studios but Disney verison of it. In this story King Candy/Turbo's ghost has kidnapped Vanellope von Schweetz, and Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Sergeant Calhoun with the help of Disney Parks Guests must travel to Game Central Station, Fix-It Felix, Jr. game, Hero's Duty, Sugar Rush, chase the ghost of King Candy/Turbo and rescue Vanellope. There are seats similar to Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem (formerly Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast). For Small Childrens, Expectant mothers, people with motion sickness, heart problems, back or neck problems will be seating in a Special Non-Motion Seats.

The Magic of Disney Animation - The Magic of Disney Animation takes place in one main theatre,"where a Disney animator shows guests how the characters are chosen and designed". Similar to the attractions & building in Florida, California & Paris, the animator shows these classic Disney creations with Mickey Mouse who makes the presentation fun and engaging for audiences of all ages.

  •  Drawn to Animation - A 3D film starring Olaf. Learn the behind the scenes of Disney animation.
  •  Character Meet & Greets - See various disney characters.
  •  Art of Animation Gallery - this is where guests can see some of the original artwork and the creative process from Disney and Pixar animated films, featuring scenery from the films as well as concept art of the characters.
  •  Animation Academy - this attraction allows for a unique experience where guests can sit in on a class hosted by a Disney animator and can learn through step-by-step instructions by the animator how to draw a character sketch of their favorite Disney characters.
  •  Ursula's Grotto, - the eerie but humble abode of Ursula the Sea Witch. Rather than stealing our voice for her own benefit, Ursula allows us to do a bit of voiceover work, re-recording our own voices over classic scenes from Disney animation.
  •  Animation Archives - a large circular room of the building, tucked away, almost as if it is hidden. Completely surrounding the rooms are several scrims, in which projected images from Disney films are seen, very similar to the Animation attraction over at Disney California Adventure. Throughout the room, musical scores and songs from several Disney movies are heard, as the projected images on the scrims correspond to the music, showcasing the actual film animation, concept art, character art, animated backgrounds and sketches. The films date back from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Peter Pan, all the way up to current films like Tangled and Big Hero 6. However, inside of the room, there are plenty of other secrets left to be discovered.
  •  Sorcerer's Workshop - Sorcerer’s Workshop features the Magic Mirror Realm which features interactive animation exhibits and allows guests to create simple animated drawings. Guests can figure out what "personality most resembles" them in the Beast’s Library.
  • Disney Through the Decades - This is a meet & greet to end all meet & greets. This innovative character area features different rooms, each themed to a different decade. As you go through the rooms, there are a bunch of different set pieces, each one themed to a different animated movie from that era (and the characters you'll find inside). It's sorta like Pete's Silly Sideshow, where each character has their own distinct background. There will be five rooms: 20's/30's/40's, 50's/60's, 70's, 80's/90's and 2000's/2010's. I'd prefer to purely stick to the roster below, so we don't have to update things everytime a new film comes out..
Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Animator's Palette - Table service: The restaurant which has become acclaimed to fame aboard the Disney Cruise Line, which is now finding its' home within the park. The attractions' location is actually going to be taking up the space of a Cast Member break restaurant called Take Five, which will be routed elsewhere along Sunset Boulevard. In this restaurant, guests arrive to a black and white dining room, adorned with paintings of Disney characters, all adorned in black and white, even their wait staff is in black and white attire, but as their dinner continues, color begins to envelop the room, creating a beautifully decadent dining experience.

Shops Edit

Off the Page - is a gallery selling limited edition artwork and rare collectibles

Shows Edit

Animation Courtyard Theater - The theater will be given a new look, modeled after the exterior of the Walt Disney Theatre on the Disney Cruise Line ships, complete with the iconic portrait of Walt decorating the side of the building.

  • Mickey and the Magician

Disney Junior Studios Edit

Attractions Edit
Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Disney Junior Diner - Table Service

Shops Edit

Disney Junior Prop Shop - Disney Junior Items.

Shows Edit

Disney Junior Dance Party - with your favorite Disney Junior pals, then drop by the hub area during evening & you'll be able to take part in a dance party with the characters.

Timeless River Edit

Attractions Edit

Steamboat Willie - an interactive boat area that always rocks back and forth, and includes gags such as the cow tooth xylophone & this where you can step aboard the real Steamboat Willie and its two decks of excitement, while a soft-floored water playground just outside the ship is full of crates and slides to climb.

Frolicking Fish - based on the Silly Symphony short of the same name. You’ll climb aboard a fish captured in the tentacles of a buck-toothed octopus and soar ‘round and around on a Dumbo-style family ride. Just watch out – mischievous gray seahorses have been known to pop out of the water for a squirt when least expected!

Classic Carousel - this carousel allows you to go for a ride aboard any number of black-and-white cows, fish, horses, and trees in Disney’s earliest style.

Plane Crazy - an wild mouse coaster themed to the classic Mickey short, with gags all around.

Timeless Cinema - this is where authentic Disney shorts from the 1920s on play all day and night. But the land’s real gem stands behind a black-and-white recreation of Disneyland’s original Main Street Train Station.

Mickey & Oswald’s Grand Adventure - Using the “SCOOP” technology behind The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, this incredible 3-D motion simulator dark ride takes riders along with Mickey and Oswald as they attempt to save Minnie and Ortensia from the dastardly Pete and bring color to Timeless River once and for all! Using the most sophisticated of dark ride technology, you’ll race through the valley, endure a comic tornado courtesy of Pete, “fall” for a few cactus gags, and even dive from three hundred feet in a simulated cartoon freefall as the classic duo race to save the day!

Silly Symphony Swings - a soaring Chair-o-Plane swing set, is fun for all ages.

Classic Carousel - this attraction allows you to go for a ride aboard any number of black-and-white cows, fish, horses, and trees in Disney’s earliest style.

Barnyard Hoedown - an musical extravaganza starring animatronics, black and white Disney characters singing classics that are meant to inspire guests to dance.

Restaurants & Refreshment Edit

Mickey's Hot Dogs - a Karnival Kid inspired hot dog stand.

Shops Edit

Minnie's Gypsy Enchantments -  a Karnival Kid inspired merchandise cart.

Mickey's Movieland Edit

Attractions Edit

Mickey's House and Meet Mickey - Meet Mickey Mouse in the Movie Barn!

Minnie's House - Explore Minnie's house.

Donald's Boat - Explore Donald Duck's boat, the S.S. Daisy.

Goofy's Paint and Play House - Help Goofy paint his new house using the Toon Tone Splat Master!

Chip and Dale's Treehouse - Climb up their treehouse.

Gadget's Go Coaster - Speed through Toon Lake on Gadget's home-made coaster!

Toon Town Trolley Mayhem - Embark on a crazy tour through Toon Town and dangerous Toon Alley!  FP   Height Requirement; 90cm

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Huey Dewie Louie's Good Time Cafe-  Pizza'. This cafe became a sensation in Toon Town after the famous Mickey Pizza launched it's fame to the citizens of Toon Town. Bon Appetit!

Duckberg Embassy -  Fast food. Hosted by Scrooge McDuck, the Duckberg Embassy brings food right from Duckberg to Toon Town. See the various mischief by the Beegle Boys and Launchpad McQuack as he blasts his aviation skills above guests.

Shops Edit

Pixar Place Edit

Pixar Place is an themed land based on Pixar films like Toy Story, Cars & Monsters Inc.

Emeryville Edit

Emeryville, acts as the "Main Street" to Pixar Place, a miniature stretch of land leading into the various worlds ahead.

Attractions Edit

The Pixar Story - a museum of sorts that features exhibits about Pixar's history, how their films are made, and even an area featuring at The Lasseter Theater as you watch how Pixar was made & see some sneak peeks of their newest films.

WALL-E: Voyage From Earth to Space to Axiom FP - Glide through the galaxy with WALL-E and EVE. This is similar to Star Tours.

Inside Out: Emotion Command - Join Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust and Fear on the great 4-D adventure. This attraction & the vehicle is similar to The Great Movie Ride.

Up Adventure Trail - this new playground inspired by the iconic locale in the film. The playground offers a fantastic and fun maze of interactive elements, effects, slides, water effects, tunnels and passageways for guests to explore, amongst many other features inspired from the film. This attraction is similar to the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure.

Ratatouille: Kitchen Calamity - Meander around the rooftops of France and Gusteaus to help Remy create  the perfect dish. FP

Restaurants & Refreshements Edit

Cereal Bar - where you can get a big bowlful of your favorite type of morning-time treats.

Lasseter and Unkrich's Diner - Table service

Gusteau’s - this is the restaurant where guests fine dining awaits. 

Bistrot Chef Remy - Counter service French food.

Shops Edit

John and Lee's Palace of Arts - Pixar arts & items

Chez Marianne Souveniors of Paris - Exit of Ratatouille. Ratatouille themed gifts.


Luxo Jr. - the experience giving the area a real Pixar feel with an Audio-Animatronic Luxo Jr.

Pixar Theater - A 2,500-seat indoor Broadway-style theatre that is fully equipped to host plays, musicals, movie nights and performances, home to Toy Story: The Musical.

  • Toy Story: The Musical

Pixar Backlot Edit

Attractions Edit

The Incredible Adventure FP - Help Metroville from the evil Underminer!

Omnidroid Spin! - Spin out of control on a broken, but kind Omnidroid.

Luxo Jr's Bouncers - an Zamperla - Jump Around attraction.

The Good Dinosaur: Arlo's Gigantic Expedition - an indoor steel roller coaster. Similar to dark rides, the roller coaster utilizes special effects in a controlled-lighting environment and also employs motion-based 4-D projection of both animation and live-action sequences to enhance the experience.

It's Tough to be a Bug! - Learn about Bugs and how "its tough to be a bug" in the Ant Hill Theater.

Crush's Coaster FP -Speed through the EAC in this "awesome" roller coaster!

Turtle Talk with Crush - Talk with your favorite turtle, Crush from Finding Nemo.

Radiator Springs Racers FP - Race through Beautiful Ornament Valley in this amazing adventure!

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Coral Reef -Seafood

Gill and Company -Pizza

Flo's V8 Cafe - Table service

Cozy Cone Motel - Counter service bites.

Radiator Springs Drive-In - Drive-In movie theater restaurant. Table service.

Shops Edit

Peach's Beachhouse- Finding Nemo goods

PIXAR Backlot Express - Counter service food.

Monstropolis Edit

Attractions Edit

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Club - The attraction will be an comedy show, where host Mike Wazowski and other Monstropolis monsters use their comedic skills to fill up laugh canisters, using the power of laughter to energize the city.

MU Scare Simulator - Test out your skills in scaring with a bunch of minigames!

Monsters Inc. Ride & Go Seek - The entire attraction is housed within the Monsters Inc. Headquarters found from within the film. The story behind the ride is that the human child, Boo, and lots of monsters, including Sulley and Mike, are playing a special game of hide-and-go-seek, using flashlights, and you're invited to join them. But there's one big problem--Randall has come back from the bayou swamps where we last saw them, and he's out for vengeance. He makes off with Boo, and it's up to you, Mike and Sulley to get her back. As you travel through the Monsters, Inc. offices and the streets of Monstropolis, use your flashlight to "find" the funny, hidden monsters...and hopefully save Boo!

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Harryhausen's Sushi Restaurant. - this place best as the place where Mike and Celia went on their anniversary dinner--and also where Boo caused a bit of pandemonium. It may be difficult to get a reservation here, but the food is great.

Shops Edit

Monstropolis Merchants - This store features every kind of monster merchandise imaginable. Small and large plush versions of everyone's favorite monster characters may be found here as well as videos, CDs, DVDs, books, apparel,

Monsters, Inc. Company Store - Exit of Monsters Inc Ride and Go Seek.

Toy Story Playland Edit

Attractions Edit

Green Army Men Parachute Drops - Soar and Fall aboad a Green Parachute.

Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin - Go aboard Slinky as he spins and spins in his doghouse!

Alien Swirling Saucers - an attraction similar to Mater's Junkyard Jamboree in Disney California Adventure, themed around the Claw and Little Green Aliens.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Woody's Hey Howdy Take Away! - Table Counter

Pizza Planet - is a restaurant with a arcade, appearing to be directly out of the movie, with complete custom made games themed to Pizza Planet and Toy Story, complete with that iconic claw game. Under a delicate tower across from Pizza Planet.

Shops Edit

Andy's Toy Box - Toy Story Items

Toyville Trolley Park Edit

Attractions Edit

Bullseye’s Carnival Cavalcade - which contains vintage midway games for the whole family, complete with one-of-a-kind plush prizes.

The Flying Hamm - Its The Amazing Flying Hamm in its glory! Fly over Toyville Trolley Park! similar to Dumbo.

Toybox Playhouse - Presenting Mr.Potatoheads Playtime Revue daily.

Toy Story Midway Mania! - The open mouth of Woody (modeled after Luna Park) and pass down an enchanting alley of popcorn-light arches and step right into the fun of Toy Story Midway Mania!, a spinning, smashing, popping, dart-throwing adventure that sends you right inside Andy’s newest board game.

Sid's Screamatorium - Take a tour inside Sid's house in this haunted house ride!

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Bullseye's Midway Munchies - quick service

Shops Edit

Slinky's Gift Trolley - featuring lots of fun items featuring the characters from Toy Story.

Pandora - The World of Avatar Edit

The area is indoor area and it will be based upon the fictional exoplanetary moon, Pandora from James Cameron's Avatar film series, and will include Pandora's floating mountains, alien wildlife, and bioluminescent plants. Pandora – The World of Avatar is expected to span 15 acres and feature multiple attractions, entertainment, audio-animatronics, 3-D holograms as well as retail, food and beverage outlets.

Attractions Edit

Avatar: Flight of Passage, a flying E-ticket simulator attraction, where guests will learn to fly with a mountain Banshee.

Na'vi River Journey - a boat ride attraction showcasing the native fauna and flora of Pandora, that will include Audio-animatronics and small drops.

Flight of the Na'vi - an clone ride of Flight of the Hippogriff at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit
Shops Edit

G-Force Records Edit

G-Force Records is an rock n roll themed area with the stars of yesterday & the stars of today of the park.

Attractions Edit

Imagine FP - Join on an journey into John Lennon's Life with some songs from John Lennon.

Rock 'n Roller Coaster FP - A thrilling indoor Moto Coaster ride with music & effects from the 60's to the 21st century. an similar ride of TRON Powercycle Run at Shanghai Disneyland.

Philharmonic Suite River - A boat ride through Disney's best music scenes.

Music Riders FP - An outdoor coaster. You get to choose the onboard music! Select your tune from over 50 songs. From pop to even classic, let the songs flow through your veins as your speed across G-Force Records!

The King of Pop FP - An Indoor Scrambler attraction with Lights, & some Michael Jackson songs.

The Beach Boys Coaster FP - A classic boardwalk-themed kiddie roller coaster.

The Runaway Sole Train FP - A indoor/outdoor Mine Train roller coaster.

Yellow Submarine - an Crazy Bus attraction for the little ones.

Crocodile Rock's Lagoon - an large interactive play structure for kids with Splash Pads, Little pools, Hydro Blasters and Water Wheels.

Pinball Wizard Arcade - An Arcade based on Elton John's song Pinball Wizard in an huge indoor arcade.

Nights in White Satin: The Trip FP An Suspended dark ride based on The Moody Blues' "Nights in White Satin". The ride incorporated sights, sounds, smells and tactile effects, onboard ride vehicle audio, a purpose-made movie written to the spoken word section of the song, and a re-orchestrated version of the iconic song by Justin Hayward. similar to the same layout ride of E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios Florida.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

The Cavern - Table service.

Killer Queen - Quick service

Shops Edit

G-Force Record Shop - an shop. Exit of Rock 'n Roller Coaster.

Pink Floyd Store - Pink Floyd items

MacArthur Park - an store & an Bakery. Based on the song Macarthur Park by Jimmy Webb.

Shows Edit

G-Force Theater - an 2000 seating theater that features We Will Rock You.

  • We Will Rock You - is a musical based on the songs of Queen with a book by Ben Elton. The musical tells the story of a group of Bohemians who struggle to restore the free exchange of thought, fashion, and live music in a distant future where everyone dresses, thinks and acts the same. Musical instruments and composers are forbidden, and rock music is all but unknown.

Jim Henson StudiosEdit

Muppet Studios Edit

Attractions Edit

The Great Muppet Movie Ride FP -

The Jim Henson Exhibition - This gallery exhibition will teach guests about Jim Henson's life with puppets, movies and even some things about the future of Jim Henson.

Muppet*Vision 3-D FP - This show would remain with the same film but touched up some. Also, new special in theater effects would be added to enhance the experience.

The Rainbow Connection Gardens - a small garden area, inspired by The Muppets. Expect to see beautiful flowerbeds, trees, a small stream and even a giant rainbow made out of flowers. These gardens are actually a common place for guests to meet up with the Muppets themselves--Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Dr. Teeth, Rowlf, Scooter, Sam the Eagle, Sweetums, the Swedish Chef, Animal, Dr. Honeydew, Beaker and Walter.​

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's Muppet WaterWorks - an outdoor water playground, which strethes through the unused, large outdoor queue of Muppet*Vision 3-D. The area is a great place to relax, while also offering a water feature into the Studios, which is the only park that lacks some sort of water interactivity.

The Jim Henson Theater FP - 2,000 seating theatre.

  • Sesame Street: Can't Stop Singing
Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

The Great Gonzo’s Pizza Pandemonium Parlor - a great Italian restaurant, specializing in pizza dishes. The aroma just flows throughout the area. While it is a great eatery, it also makes for a great entertaining experience. Guests sit within the restaurant and from within the kitchen, a photo realistic screen, guests can see the Swedish Chef, as well as Rizzo and his rat friends preparing their food. Throughout the experience, chaos breaks loose. Fire erupts from the kitchen, a pair of rats scurry across the shelves in the restaurant, a "living character" Camilla, Gonzo's chicken lover, is brought out as dinner, as Gonzo attempts to save her by climbing through the rafters above the restaurant. Platters of "food" come to life and start to talk with the audience. Pictures of the Muppets on the wall come to life and strike up conversations with nearby diners. Quite an experience.

Lew Zealand’s Flying Fish Store - quick service

The Swedish Chef's Video Cooking School Restaurant - Throughout the restaurant, television monitors are positioned, giving guests a glimpse into the kitchen where the Swedish Chef is preparing their meals, although things are not necessarily going as planned.

Muppet Labs Taste-Test Station - this snack stand is run by Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant, Beaker, and they’ve asked you if you’d be so kind as to test of some of the treats they’ve whipped up (mainly drinks, churros, and pretzels).

Shops Edit

The Rainbow Connection - an Muppet themed store

Sesame Street Edit

Attractions Edit

Sesame Street Meet & Greet FP - meet sesame street characters in the building of 123 Sesame Street.

Sesame Street: 4-D Movie Magic FP - a four-dimensional show/attraction. Join your friends from Sesame Street and enter a 4D world where you dive into the sea and soar through the clouds!

Super Grover Dash FP - this coaster is similar to Slinky Dog Coaster at DHS.

Shops Edit

Hooper's Store - sesame street items, treats & drinks


The Backlot is themed after actual movie backlots with an industrial theme and is very plain. This lot showcases the high thrills of movies and is targeted toward older children and adults with thrilling attractions. The Backlot also features soundtracks from blockbuster films. also Streets of North America. It is themed after street sets resembling both Toronto and New York City. Storefronts and shop windows are uniquely detailed, including nods to Disney related television and films. Instead, the area became a part of the park's former Streets of America area, that encompassed several attractions, including an urban street amalgamation of New York City and Toronto. The area's namesake street facades were formerly the park's working backlot set, which was originally a component of the park's inaugural Studio Backlot Tour.

Streets of North America Edit

Attractions Edit

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Ride - This attraction is not the same as in Universal Parks & Resorts but little similar and this ride is from The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 & Spiderman: Homecoming. This attraction inside the old Pennsylvania Station in New York City in the year 1910 & 1963 and is similar to the one in Universal Studios Florida & Japan. The ride will again use physical effects, water, smoke, audio animatronics and 4-D screens.

Iron Man Experience - is a 3-D motion simulator attraction that based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Man, becoming the first Disney attraction to be based on a Marvel property. Set at the fictional Stark Expo, the attraction will feature Tony Stark recruiting guests to fend off extraterrestrial beings that are attacking Toronto.

Hightower Hotel - it features an original storyline taking place at Hotel Hightower, utilizing the Society of Explorers and Adventurers storyline that already exists within the park. similar to Tokyo DisneySea's version of the attraction.

Festival In The Park - a carnival game and try to win great prizes!

Central Park Plaza - this area allows us to take in the sights and sounds of nature in a Central Park-type setting. Although Central Park Plaza with its snack vendors, park benches, and luscious fountains is more of a place for relaxation.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano - A casual Italian buffet restaurant that's proud of their Italy.

Starkville Shawarma & Burgers - this diner has been practically destroyed and partially caved-in due to the events in neighboring Stark Tower II. Notably, a Dr. Doom-shaped crater has been scarred into one wall, while hammer-shaped holes have been shattered into dysfunctional vending machines. Nonetheless, the shawarma and burgers served here are fantastic and one-of-a-kind in terms of Starkville dining.

Ant Man - This will be a trackless dark ride similar to Ratatouille Adventure where guests will be shrunken to the size of Ant Man and help him get through the city. The ride will again use physical effects, audio animatronics and screens.

The Hall of Heroes - a restaurant where guest can enjoy American, Asian and Italian dishes. Guests can watch posters, statues, artifacts and comic books all based on Disney and Marvel's greatest superheroes in a similar way to Planet Hollywood.

Tip Top Club - an exclusive club, much in the style of Club 33 in Disneyland's New Orleans Square. Admittance into the club is strictly for very selected people. Club members will board a separate elevator in the tower, leading up to the rich club, where they can indulge and be catered to wonderful delicacies, beverages and an excellent view of the theme park.

Oliver's Market - an out-door quick service snack location, offering fruits and drinks, amongst other snacks. The location is also a reference to the classic Disney movie Oliver & Company.

Shops Edit

It's a Wonderful Shop - Christmas items & toys.

Mushnik's Flower Shop - Little Shop of Horrors items.

Macy's - clothes, candy & toys

Tower Hotel Gifts - which showcases The Hightower Hotel merchandise. Just outside of the shop, on the left and right, guests will find stone stairways, leading to the upper tier balcony of the Hightower Hotel.

The Daily Bugle - a cleverly-disguised bookstore and full-functioning newsstand themed to the livelihood of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man.

The SuperheroCity Comic Store - a large shop selling Marvel superhero comic books.

Shows Edit

Newsies Street Strike - this show will take guests back to the Newsboys Strike of 1899. This is an all-new take on a live stage show for Disney's Hollywood Adventure. Why? Because there is no stage to perform on. All the action takes place on the streets.

The Avengers Stunt Show Spectacular - this show would be similar to Lights, Motors, Action. The cars would remain along with new helicopters. Avengers would come out to fight Loki's evil army. Some new effects would be added such as a "flying" Iron Man and a lightning firing Thor hammer.

Walt Disney Theatre - 1,500 seating theatre that features The Golden Mickeys. The theater has been given a makeover to look very similar to the Broadway Music Theatre at Tokyo DisneySea's American Waterfront. The Walt Disney Theatre is equipped to present hour-long, Broadway-style tellings of Disney’s finest. In fact, the theater plays host to a rotating series of shows, and every two weeks, a different show takes the stage. Plus, two posters will line the entrance doors, advertising the theater's current tenant. Most of these shows come from the Disney Cruise Line and some of the parks around the world. Here's the full rotation of shows that will play at the Walt Disney Theatre.

  • The Golden Mickeys - The premise of this show is that guests are attending an awards show highlighting achievements by various Disney animated films in several different categories, such as romance, villains, heroes, comedy, etc. 

The Backstage Studio TourEdit

Attractions Edit

Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic - this tram attraction takes guests on a tour past movie sets and props. Highlights of the ride include stops at Catastrophe Canyon & Reign of Fire sets then to an 360 3-D ride like King Kong: 360 3-D at Universal Studios Hollywood. This ride is adapted from The Studio Backlot Tour located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. before unloading to start the walking part of the tour with the Water Effects Tank Demonstration. This was followed by a trek through shooting soundstages for various television shows, a Special Effects demonstration involving blue-screens and a giant bee prop from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and a Sound Editing studio. The Tour concluded at the Soundstage Theater, where previews for upcoming films would be shown.

Armageddon - is a walkthrough attraction based on the 1998 Touchstone film, Armageddon. The attraction strives to demonstrate set effects and guests experience special effects present in the movie.

Backstage Pass - this attraction was a walk-though attraction and his designed to demonstrate special effects in movie and television production. The movies featured in the walking tour changed periodically, and when Disney was using the attraction to promote its movies.

Superstar Studios - an interactive live show that recreates the production of some of TV's greatest shows, using park guests as part of the cast.

Walt Disney Television Studio - See how television is made in Television Production Tour.

Sound Effects Soundstage - where guests could learn hands-on about how to create sound effects, experiment with voiceovers and more & showing the importance of sound in cinema through a film and an interactive stage show & exhibit.

Motion Picture Magic: Hosted by Steven Spielberg & Mickey Mouse - a special effects attraction similar to Twister: Ride it Out at Universal Studios Florida, Backdraft at Universal Studios Japan & Lights Camera Action at Universal Studios Singapore.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Soundstage Restaurant - a counter service.

Backlot Express - a quick-service restaurant. Designed to look like a movie-studio prop shop, the portions are large and prices moderate.

The Writer's Stop - tucked away in the corner of the descending ramp. The Writers' Stop is a wonderful place to get a nice cup of coffee and read a great book. A small seating area is features in the restaurant, amongst the many shelves of books and even an old 50s television, playing classic Disney cartoons.

Shops Edit

Stage 1 Company Store - props & hollywood items

Disney's Project Living Universe Edit

We are already at our Third theme park! The next theme park is Disney's Project Living Universe which stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow which truly describes what this wondrous place is all about. Epcot combines entertainment and education in one never-ending world's fair. There are two sections, Future World and World Showcase. Disney's Project Living Universe is about culture, innovation, discovery, exploration, togetherness and time. Every post will cover one pavilion. This project will the same project as in the never build project of WestCot. The first area we are going to talk about will be:

Future World Edit

Past the entrance you will find the entrance plaza. Here, the Leave a Legacy stone epitaphs have covered the entrance for a long time. Now I would replace them by a fountain which has symbols based on the future world pavilions and a globe which represents World Showcase. The Leave A Legacy pictures will be placed on new statues that represent think, creativity and create. Also beautiful trees and flower beds will be added to create a nice introduction of the park.

The Living Sea Edit

The Living Seas pavilion has been completely restored to its original state. While the Nemo overlay has been removed, there are plans to utilize the Finding Nemo franchise elsewhere in the resort, it just will not make its' home at EPCOT Center. Upon entering the building, we enter a small holding area, before entering a small theater, where guests view a short movie about the formation of the oceans entitled The Sea, followed by an elevator ride to the ocean floor aboard a "Hydrolator" (in reality, the floor merely shook and effects in the walls simulated downward motion). Guests then board a "Seacab" and travel through a tunnel and into the aquarium tank. Through large windows on both sides and smaller windows above, we can see the creatures living in the tank. Then the vehicles enter a large circular shaped room and move around three quarters of it. There are various displays at the Sea Base like a wave tank, an ocean resource lab and a swimming tube tank, in which a live scuba diver sometimes appear. Scuba divers are also often seen in the aquarium tanks feeding the fish.

Attractions Edit

Sea Base Alpha - features an interactive fish wall aquarium, where guests can touch the fish aquarium in order to feed the fish.

DiveQuest - an amazing experience where guests suit up in scuba gear and take a closer look at the deep, underwater sea life. A separate experience also allows guests to be able to swim with dolphins.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Coral Reef Restaurant - where guests can dine amongst the beautiful scenery of an underwater setting. It is like dinner under the sea.

Shops Edit

Wonders of Weather Edit

Energy, Space, Land, Seas, and now Weather. This theme fits Disney's Project Living Universe pefectly. The building will be similar to its' symbol, a sun rising behind the clouds. Inside are the Halls of Weather. Many new experiences for Disney's Project Living Universe guests will be present. Inside are 3 attractions, 2 food services,1 shop and many different exhibits.

Attractions Edit

The Jet Stream - This will be a dark ride. Here guests board a vehicle themed to a cloud, which seats 6 people. In the ride you will fly along the winds of change. Guests will experience extreme heat, huge rainfall, strong winds and other weather conditions. The dark ride will be held by an overhead track, similar to Peter Pan's Flight.

Weathercatchers - Join the weathercatchers, a group of weather specialists who catch and control several weather conditions. In the ride it is explained that we are needed to help the weathercatchers to catch four different weather conditions being a rainbow, a thunderstorm, a tornado and a blizzard. Board a special vehicle created by the weathercatchers. This vehicle will be a new type of EMV vehicle which seats 16 people. We are then released into nature where guests will encounter the different weather conditions. The ride will use several special effects as wind, water, fire, temperature, smoke and more.

A Cloudy Adventure - This will be an IMAX theater movie where we follow Cloudy, a rain cloud. Guests will follow him from the moment he's created up to the moment where he looses his rain and returns to the waters on Earth. In the ride you will learn about the water cycle and about the precipitation system. Also the importance for humans and the enivornment will be an important aspect of the movie. The theater seats will move and react to some things happening during the show.

Weatherport - This will be an exhibit hall themed to different aspects and kinds of weather. The central focus of the Weatherport is the 40-feet tall Tornado Tower. This tower reaches to the ceiling and is made of glass. Guests can see a tornado is created if they interact on screens so that they can "create" a tornado inside the tower. Other exhibits here are the Hurricane Alley experience where guests can experience different levels of hurricanes by strength, the meteorologist studio where you can become the meteorologist and act in front of a green screen, The Storm Struck exhibit where guests can see the improvements on houses that work against harsh weather conditions( This new Storm Struck exhibit will be more similar to Twister! from Universal Studios Florida).

Storm Struck exhibit - which has been moved here from Innoventions. The 3-D exhibit showcases two houses and how they can withstand the powers of an intense hurricane, if one had prepared more accordingly than the other. The attraction offers guests to distinguish the right choices on how to prepare for a hurricane.

The Weatherlabs - where you can combine basic weather conditions to create others, for example creating a rainbow by adding sunshine to rainfall, and many other individual exhibits at interactive kiosks that teach you more about different weather types.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Winds of Change - a quick service, Here you can enjoy American and European meals.

The Apollo Terrace - an table service, Here guests can enjoy Mediterannean, American and Middle-Eastern dishes. The restaurant looks like a Greek Temple dedicated to the sun and the god of the sun, Apollo. There will be a big mural dedicated to this god.

Shops Edit

Weatherworks - Here you can buy items based on Disney's Project Living Universe and especially the Wonders of Weather pavilion. There will be some items based on Disney Pixar's Partly Cloudy.

The Land Edit

Between the Wonders of Weather and the Imagination pavilions lies this treasure of Disney's Project Living Universe, The Land. Here you can find various experiences based on the beauty of Earth, climates and about agriculture. It would be great to have a new sponsor for the pavilion like Adecoagro, Adler Seeds or AgricSa. This pavilion is dedicated to human interaction with nature itself. It teaches guests about how we can keep the balance between benefit and destroyal in nature. Future technology in better preserving the land is also explored in the pavilion along with a focus on the celebration of the land itself. The pavilion's interior will receive a new futuristic green city design with earth tone colors and exotic plant life. The ceiling will have a sky mural with the sky in the four seasons. From overhead, 6 air balloons fly up in the sky. 

Attractions Edit

Living With The Land - This attraction teaches guests about many different procedures in agriculture. Also we will explore different climates, from deserts to American farmhouses. In the dark ride there will be new scenes that follow agricultural systems from the past, the present and even from the future. The audio animatronics will become full motion. The use of live guides will be re-introduced to the ride, since it gives a more interactive experience to the guests.

The Living Garden - The garden features beautiful plants and trees, as well as wonderful water beds and fountains. Guests take a walk up a ramp leading into the indoor atrium, as a complete balcony surrounding the rim of the building looks down onto the lower floor of the pavilion.

Seasons - This audio animatronic show will be hosted by King Winter, Lord Autumn, Lady Spring and Queen Summer. In the show you will experience the powers of seasonal change. There will be movie parts and physical effects like "snow" and summer heat in the attraction. The characters will teach us how people control the land eventhough seasons make it very hard and that the seasonal changes are very much needed for an ideal situation.

Soarin' over the Horizon - The scenes will be more circular and will have HD quality. Also the effects will be majorly improved, with the addition of smoke effects and temperature.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

The Garden Grill - a circular rotating restaurant which offers great meals.

Terra Verde Food Market - This will be a food court with various different options to choose from being the Barbecue Grill Shop, the Bakery( Croissants, bread buns), Salad Garden( Soup and salads), Lunch shop( offers lunch dishes and sandwiches), Fruit store and Breakfast corner( offers pastries and english breakfast).

Shops Edit

The Green Thumb Emporium - this store will be expanded so that it can sell more and new merchandise.

Soarin' Tour Desk - Here you can sign up for the Behind the Seeds Tour or purchase Mickey's Mini Gardens, tiny plants produced through tissue culture in nutrient gel and packaged in sterile tubes.

Imagination! Edit

The next pavilion we are going to talk about is the Imagination Pavilion which really needs a lot of help. Yes I'm bringing back the Dreamfinder and Figment, but their roles in the pavilion will be completely different compared to the original version. The Imagination Institute theme will be removed completely. The pavilion will look like it was build just yesterday. There will be a new color scheme which re-introduces the blue, orange and purple adorned on the building. Outside the jumping fountains will be updated with new lights inside the water andnew sounds coming from the fountains as water flies in the air. The backwards waterfall will also be updated with new effects to make it look more like a waterfall. The garden will be improved with new plants, flower beds and trees. The Dreamfinder and his little friend Figment often meet guests in the gardens.

Attractions Edit

Journey into Imagination - An interactive queue with small games based on using your imagination. The attraction however will be nothing like it was before. This ride will be a new trackless ride with next gen technology. Every ride will have 5 vehicles as one group during the attraction. Throughout the ride One Little Spark will play in different styles.

Dreamfinder's Workshop - Here guests can walk under the rainbow corridor( with new light effects), Image warp, Figment's Philharmonic( interactive game where you can activate virtual instruments to play songs as One Little Spark, When You Wish Upon A Star, Grim Grinning Ghosts and It's A Small World), stepping tones, Illussion hall( a gallery with games and pictures of various optical illussions) and Compose your own imaginary friend( you can even print it out or send it to an adress of choice).

Flight of the Dreamcatchers - This will be an all new spinner flat ride. This ride would create new family and kinetic experiences in the area. The vehicles will be similar to the Dream mobile, but smaller. Also they will all be different from each other. The ride's backstory is that the Dreamfinder and Figment have created Dreamcatcher vehicles and your help to catch some dreams. Guests can levitate the vehicle, activate lasers and lights, loose some bubbles and make sound by various buttons inside the vehicles. A figment audio animatronic in an air balloon will be in the center encouraging guests to catch dreams and telling jokes during the attraction. At night beautiful LED lights light up the spinner and the rest of the pavilion. With these new elements and additions I hope to create a new popular area for our new generation of Epcot Center!

ImageWorks - where you can let your imagination run wild through several different exhibits, including the beloved Rainbow Corridor.

Magic Garden - They are greeted by an array of colorful, "jumping" fountains. The outside of the pavilion even features a recreation of the glass pyramids, as fountain jets shoot upwards towards it, almost creating a rising waterfall. A Figment topiary spins around and around. This garden is a nice place to meet up with Dreamfinder and Figment themselves.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Food for Thought - a new table service restaurant with a twist. This restaurant is guaranteed to mesmerize guests, and makes full use of the MyMagic+ system.

Shops Edit

Sparks of Inspiration - selling Figment and Dreamfinder merchandise, as well as Nikon cameras.

Universe of Energy Edit

Attractions Edit

Universe of Energy - This solar energy working attraction takes you through the story.

Energy Exchange Labs - guests can explore various exhibits and displays.

Wonders of Life Edit

The Wonders of Life pavilion was a Future World pavilion discussing themes as health, the human body and life. The pavilion's exterior will be re-newed. The double-helix DNA structure will hold the pavilion's logo with pride and will look new. The dome's colours will be re-painted. Also the pavilion will be more visible compared to what it is now. Inside, guest find themselves inside the giantic dome. In the middle of the dome is a new moving heart representing the center of our bodies and the center of the pavilion. Underneath the heart is a new movie theatre about the different systems in our body and our life processes.

Attractions Edit

Inside Out Brainstorm - In the attraction will be five audio animatronics based on the five emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. In the attraction you will be helping the emotions to give Riley another happy day. With interactive elements similar to Stitch live! guests will be able to decide who gets the controls in different situations. The ride will thus have a randomized system with different situations and different reactions. During the attraction, the emotions will teach guests about memories, the islands and emotions.

Big Hero 6: Baymax's Health System - a new game based on the nervous system and one where you investigate blood.

Immune Fighters - The ride's story will be completely new. In the ride you will visit the same old M.E.T. lab, but now you will become a immune fighter to enter an artificial white blood cell and saving or helping a patient. You will be shrunk to the size of the artificial white blood cell and then enter a patient's body.The ride's movements will be less extreme and more manageable than with body wars. The ride will also have a randomized system where you get different missions. One time you have to close a wound, while the other you will have to help doctors to stop a tumor. At the end of the ride, the lab will thank the guests for helping them to test the new Immune Fighter vehicles.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Healthy Harvest - Here guests can eat healthy meats from every side of the eatwell plate.

Shops Edit

The Wonders of Life Health Station - this will be a shop for Wonders of Life and Inside Out items.

Shows Edit

Eatwell Revue - This will be a musical audio animatronic show similar to Kitchen Kabaret. It will feature foods from all the sides of the eatwell plate. They will teach you about the right balance of eating and drinking to stay healthy in a humorous and musical way.

Wonders of Space Edit

The next pavilion we are going to talk about Space & The Galaxy.

Attractions Edit

SUPERNOVA! - This would be a 3-D OMNIMAX show in a big auditorium aboard the station that is "used for lectures". The show would "go on a virtual voyage though the universe, experiencing both its beauty and its severity. It concludes with a close-up look at a supernova."

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Constellations - an Table Service

Stargazer's - a table service restaurant looking out into the space atrium and the fellow passengers of the station careening around.

Shops Edit

X-2 Rocket - which features space-themed and Future World merchandise.

Lunar Storage - shop selling space exclusive merchandise, such as freeze dried ice cream, or "former soil of Mars.

World of Motion Edit

Attractions Edit

Test Track - after the recent refurb, this ride would remain this same. However, the effects would stay on a constantly working basis. Additionally, a showbuilding would be built around the outdoor track that goes backstage. Effects in the building would include an epic, futuristic soundtrack, streaks and flashes if the light creating the illusion of greater speed, and would illustrate man's desire to "find new roads".

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Motion Meals - this restaurant would take up the building that once housed the Odyssey restaurant.

Shops Edit

Spaceship Earth Edit

Past the entrance, guests will behold Spaceship Earth at the center of the park, the 8-foot tall sphere and icon of Disney's Project Living Universe. Inside is Spaceship Earth, a time- machine themed attraction.

Attractions Edit

Spaceship Earth - Spaceship Earth will be narrated by Morgan Freeman and presented by Siemens. This sixteen-minute journey through time and space will now change its' theme to how far we can communicate and time instead of how we communicate which will be discussed in another pavilion. The ride's audio animatronics will be improved and the scenes will be more immersive. Also the audio of the scenes will be more clear and there is less focus on the narration.

Earth Station - An small games and displays based on communication.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Earth's Refresments - An small quick service.

Shops Edit

Camera Center

Gateway Gifts

Central Plaza and Innoventions Edit

Past Spaceship Earth, guests will arrive at the Central Plaza. In the center of the plaza is the Fountain of Nations. The stage in front of the fountain, the Pin Central Kiosk and the purple canopy will be removed from the area so that old water jets and the view of the fountain can be improved. New flower beds, trees and bushes will be added. Also grass beds will be added for small picknick areas. Small ponds and canals with rocky waterfalls will be added to give it a greener feel. New paths to Future World East and West will be created for a faster way to travel to the World Showcase. The Innoventions buildings will receive a new paint sheme of blue, purple and white. Innoventions is known as the Main Street U.S.A of Disney's Project Living Universe. Inside are many displays and even some attractions based on the pavilions of Epcot. The inside of the buildings will be more similar to a futuristic technology convention of companies like Siemens, Raytheon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Space X etc. Spaceship Earth will be at the center of Future World.

Attractions Edit

Spaceship Earth - the staple attraction for all of Disney's Project Living Universe and the entire park's icon. It can be seen from miles away. The Spaceship Earth sphere is just short of two-hundred feet and is one of the most impressive feats of architecture throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. Spaceship Earth, which is presented by Siemens, takes you through the historical and cultural progression of the world, showing how the world has evolved through both technology and communication.

Walt Disney's Epcot Center Gallery - Here guests can learn about the original ideas of Epcot, the past of Epcot and even explore about the future of Epcot. You can see concept art, models and even see a show hosted by Walt Disney who represents his ideas about Progress City.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Food Track Cafe - Here guests will be led to their table, where they will find I-pads which are build inside their table. Here guests can order their meals and drinks. In this restaurant however, no cast member will come to bring your food, but food will come to your table by tracks that are all around the restaurant. It looks like a small rollercoaster for the food and drinks.

Fountainview Espresso and Bakery, hosted by Starbucks - Here, you can dine on classic pastries, sandwiches and even try a bit of Starbucks coffee.

Club Cool - where you can sample Cokes from all over the world. But a bit of advice—avoid the Beverly!

Shops Edit

Centorium - This will be the largest shop of Disney's Project Living Universe. The store is so large that there are two levels in both buildings. The first floors feature Disney's Project Living Universe and Disney merchandise

Camera Center - which features specialty camera and picture products.

The Art of Disney - featuring many Disney paintings, sketches, sculptures and collectibles.

World Showcase Edit

Continuing on from the central point of Future World, from Stargate Plaza, guests continue forward until they arrive at World Showcase. World Showcase is centered by the World Showcase Lagoon, which is surrounded by 15 different countries. Transportation are the World Showcase Buses, a series of double-decker buses that take guests around the World Showcase. Ever wonder why the walkways in World Showcase are so wide? Well, that's because the buses used to travel along the walkways.

Mexico Edit

Rising around the bend, curbing the corner of World Showcase lagoon, guests can see a rising Aztec, multi-tiered temple, surrounded by dense forests. The temple rises high into the sky, dominating over the rest of the Mexico pavilion, the ambassador for Central America.

Attractions Edit

El Rio del Tiempo (The River of Time) - a slow boat ride down the rivers of Mexico, where the guests are taken through the city rivers of Mexico, to experience the life and cultures of its' citizens. Along the journey, guests will experience the occupations, recreation and family life of Mexico, before the boat ride comes to an end in Mexico City, as fireworks shoot off around the guests.

Aztec Botanical Gardens. The new addition is a beautiful garden, which has seemingly grown around the ruins of a dilapidated Aztec temple. The garden is filled with flowers and plants and is utilized as a relaxing, off-the-beaten path area.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Cantina de San Angel Inn Restaurant - serving excellent Mexican cuisine. The location features both an indoor sit-down restaurant, as well as a quick-service location.

San Angel Inn - a restaurant which serves fantastic Mexican food by candle-light. The restaurant is located right on the waters outside of a Mexican temple, surrounded by lush foliage. The entire restaurant is quite romantic and simulates being outside, in a nighttime courtyard.

Shops Edit

Plaza de Los Amigos - The Plaza is filled with all sorts of merchandise, from over-sized sombreros, Mexican wines and liquors, ceramic and glass sculptures, blankets and decorations.

The La Familia Fashions - features clothes specifically crafted from Mexico.

Shows Edit

Norway Edit

Norway, ambassador of Scandinavia, was the second pavilion to be added to World Showcase and this country remains to keep its' original sentiment. Guests walk along the quaint village of a Norweigan town, taking in the quaint cottage-like buildings and architecture. At the entrance of Norway is the great Stave Church Gallery, a small, hidden room, offering quiet solitude to take in a museum of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden.

Attractions Edit

Stave Church Gallery - a small, hidden room, offering quiet solitude to take in a museum of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden.

Viking Ship - The ship upon the vikings had sailed, The ship, while immobile, offers guests a great view of World Showcase, while including several interactive elements, on which guests can discover.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe - a small bakery, which serves baked specialties from Norway, including fruit pastries, desserts and even ham and apple sandwiches.

Akershus Banquet Hall - a complete sit-down dining experience, where guests are welcomed into a beautiful Norweigan hall, where the delicious food and customs of Norway are shared with the guests.

Shops Edit

Puffin's Roost - a complete gift shop for everything Norway-related. The gift shop features Norweigan clothes, custom-made in Norway, including heavy winter clothes, to the Maelstrom attraction's merchandise, to fine wines, perfumes and colognes, leading to a room of princess dolls and merchandise.

Shows Edit

China Edit

Guests arrive at the many beautifully-adorned and decorated temples of China, ambassador of Central Asia. The Chinese architecture depicts the beautiful scenery of a Chinese city. The entrance to the China pavilion is highlighted by a tall Chinese red arch, leading the way into a small Chinese water garden, filled with waterfalls and lily pads. Mulan, Shang and Mushu often meet guests in this garden. Straight ahead of the entrance arch of China, leading down a narrow path over the water garden, steps lead up to a grand palace of China. 

Attractions Edit

Reflections of China - In this experience, guests are welcomed inside of the grand temple. The lobby of the temple is adorned with Chinese artifacts, beautiful sculpting, banners and images depicting the origins of China. Guests are then brought into a round, Circle-Vision theater, where guests are then enveloped in the history, the art, the cultures and the life of what the country of China is. The grand Circle-Vision experience offers a wonderful portrayal of the country of China, teaching the guests more about the country through the colorful portrayal.

House of Whispering Willows - The small room is tucked away in the corner of the Chinese temple and serves as the exhibit for Central Asia, representing China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The room is filled with Chinese Willow trees.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Lotus Blossom Cafe - a small cafe area, serving delicious Chinese cuisine.

The Nine Dragons Restaurant - which offers an extensive selection of Chinese dishes in a beautiful, relaxing setting.

Shops Edit

Yong Feng Shangdian - The store is an extensive shopping plaza, running through the facades of several different China buildings.

The China Shop - The shop features everything from expensive Chinese jewelry and sculptures, to Chinese garments, lanterns and incenses and stuffed animals.

Shows Edit

Russia Edit

The Russia pavilion makes for a perfect location to fit a new country into the skyline of World Showcase and Russia would be a perfect fit, the architecture, the food, the weather, the culture.

Attractions Edit

The Bells of Change - located within the cathedral, offering a beautiful, artistic and historical depiction of the country of Russia. The tour of the castle takes guests from room to room of the castle, each room having completely ornate, beautiful designs, as each room inspires more knowledge and history of Russia. Many room actual depict and are recreated from the actual Cathedral is Russia.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

The Trinity Church - The restaurant consists of three large rooms in the upper portions of the cathedral, offering guests a birds eye view of the Russian pavilion below, as they enjoy their three course meal. The rooms are as beautifully decorated as ever.

Pirozhki Bakery - Pirozhki Bakery offers pies, turnovers, as well as many other pastries, as well as some hot entrees as well, such as soups and meat dishes. The quaint village entrance of Russia is lined with streetlamps and ivy-crawled buildings.

Shops Edit

St. Petershburg Shop - St. Petersburg gift store showcases Russian-based merchandise.

Shows Edit

Germany Edit

The pavilion of Germany consists mainly of many different attractions, shops, with some restaurants tucked in here and there.

Attractions Edit

Rhine River Cruise - a cruise down Germany's most famous rivers– the Rhine, the Tauber, the Ruhr and the Isar. Detailed miniatures of famous landmarks will also be seen, including one of the Cologne Cathedral.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Karamell-Küche - a wonderful bakery, offering all sorts of treats. The bakery specializes in caramel sweets, from everything to caramel and vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cookies with caramel frosting, brownies, cupcakes and wonderful other snacks.

Biergarten - This restaurant inside the clocktower structure. Sommerfest has great German dishes, where guests can dine while being entertained by a quartet of yodelers. The location also features a quick-service location, consisting of mainly hot dogs and pretzels.

Weinkeller - a location that features a variety of different German wines and alcohols, where guests can purchase and even partake in their own wine tasting.

Shops Edit

Das Kaufhaus - which specifically sells crystal and glass figures, artwork and other types of merchandise.

Die Weihnachts Ecke - a store completely devoted to Christmas items, featuring many different ornaments and Christmas merchandise.

Der Teddybar - which sells Disney Princess and teddy bear merchandise.

Volkskunst - which offering many different Germany-based merchandise, from clothes, to yodeling attire, to sports equipment and working clocks.

Shows Edit

Italy Edit

Guests arrive in the quaint city square of a city reminiscent of Venice in Italy, serving as ambassador to the Mediterranean. It looks quite majestic and beautiful. In the forefront of the pavilion, there are two landings jutting out onto the Lagoon, the two, connected by a pair of twin bridges. The landings display a set of fountains. In-between the bridge landings and tunnelways, several canal boats can be seen on a nearby dock, making it seem as though the landings really are floating over the canals of Venice.

Attractions Edit

Masquerade Celebration Carrousel - a double level carousel sitting right at the edge of the water.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Il Bel Cristallo - offering Murano crystal, Capodimonte florals and figures, glassware, decorative items. Wares include fine leather goods, delicate Armani porcelain figurines, scarves, ties, fragrances, and jewelry.

Tutto Italia restaurant - which offers some of the best pasta, salad and italian dishes.

Gelataria - a bakery that offers a wide assortment of gelato as well as numerous pastries, such as biscotti, cannoli, and zeppole.

Shops Edit

Enoteca Castallo - an Italian shop, which specializes in clothes, perfurmes and ceramic art pieces

La Bottega Italiana - one being a wine location, offering a variety of wines to the guests and the other a chocolte store, offering some of the finest chocolate sweets and candies from Italy.

Shows Edit

America Edit

When entering into America, guests feel as though they are entering into the colonial era of American history. The buildings are adorned in brick layering, with white finishings. Oak trees planted about create a serene vista for the American pavilion.

Attractions Edit

The Mayflower Ship - The ship upon the pilgrims had sailed, upon reaching America. The ship, while immobile, offers guests a great view of World Showcase, while including several interactive elements, on which guests can discover.

The American Adventure - the world's largest audio-animatronic show. Guests proceed into a beautiful, colonial domed lobby, where the Voices of Liberty, America's own singing group, often sings a number of old American classics. Paintings around the room showcase the many different eras of American civilization.

The Voyage -

National Treasures Exhibit - which features actual artifacts from previous historical figures, such as Martin Luther King, Will Rodgers and Mark Twain.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Fife & Drum Tavern - featuring food items, such as turkey legs, funnel cakes and fried ice cream.

Liberty Inn - a quick-service colonial restaurant. I would completely reinvent this restaurant into more of a food court-style eatery with divided into different sections each highlighting a different part of the country. There would be a New England section offering various seafood dishes, a Louisiana section featuring jambalaya and gumbo, a Southern Barbecue section with ribs, grilled chicken, a pulled pork, and a Hawaiian section offering dishes with a tropical flare.

Shops Edit

Heritage House Gifts - which features American-based merchandise, such as t-shirts from many different city, hats and colonial props and some of America's favorite candy treats.

Shows Edit

America Gardens Theater - an amphitheater-style theater, which is host to several events and the Candlelight Processional during the Holiday season. Most of the time, the theater is specifically used solely for special event purposes.

Japan Edit

Guests find themselves in a beautiful city, designed to recreate the wonderful and beautiful setting of Japan, ambassador to the Pacific Islands.

Attractions Edit

Bullet Train Pass - guests would feel as though they were entering into the car of a train only the windows would be replaced with high-definition screens that would display beautiful images of the Japanese countryside. Guests would travel past some of Japan’s amazing natural wonders, some of its most enduring landmarks, and into several of its best-known cities. The compartment itself would lurch and shake to simulate the feel of movement, but the experience would not have the same thrill level of other simulator attractions, such as Star Tours.

Bijutsu-Kan Gallery - serving as the exhibit for the Pacific Islands region, representing Japan, Australia, Fiji, Kiribati, North Korea, South Korea, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Taiwan.

Mount Fuji - One can argue that Disney already has enough mountain-themed rollercoasters, but each one has its own unique theming, details, and identity. I am envisioning this coaster to be along the lines of the Matterhorn at Disneyland or Big Thunder Mountain at Magic Kingdom in terms of both the ride experience and thrill level. Guests would travel both inside and outside the mountain from its base to the snowy summit, passing through caves, past waterfalls, and even narrowly escaping an avalanche.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Teppan-Edo - a fantastic sit-down restaurant, where guests sit around a stove top, as a chef prepares Japanese dishes right before them. It is both an entertaining and delicious experience.

Yakitori House - quick-service restaurant. The restaurant is truly inspired to appear just as it would in Japan. It seems as though it is something out of an anime movie, which is essentially what the entire pavilion feels like. The restaurant also features a small outdoor sitting area on the other side of the restaurant.

Shops Edit

Mitsukoshi - a complete Japanese store, one of the biggest in Disney's Project Living Universe. These store features everything from kimonos, Japanese t-shirts, headdresses, jeweley, selections of bowls, bonsai plants, paper fans, lanterns and a great deal of Japanese wines, candies and other sweets.

Shows Edit

Australia Edit

When guests feel as though they are entering into Australia there back to the place where the Sydney Opera House or to the Sydney Fair.

Attractions Edit
Restaurants & Refreshments Edit
Shops Edit
Shows Edit

Brazil Edit

South America has yet to be represented here at World Showcase. So in that sense, South America is finally represented here in World Showcase with a new pavilion centered around Brazil.

Attractions Edit
Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Brazilian Steakhouse - The entrance is into the church like building although most of the dining room is in a separate building. In the main dining room, there is an open kitchen area with the large grills.

Shops Edit
Shows Edit

France Edit

The buildings here recollect the era of a beautiful French city-scape. A canal-like passage through France is much like France's Seine. Upon entering into the country, guests will come across a small alcove of trees.

Attractions Edit

Impressions de France - which is showcased in the Palais du Cinema, a theater in which the guests can witness a break-taking eighteen minute film sequence about the beauty, landscape, foods and cultures of France. The film features beautiful estates, vineyards in harvest time, beautiful harbors, the French Alps and a view of the Eiffel Tower. The entire experience is enhanced by a wonderfully composed score of French classical music, as well as a 200 degree screen that wipes across the entire front and sides of the theater.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Les Chefs de France - which features some of the finest French cuisine. The restaurant establishes itself in a beautiful setting.

Monsieur Paul - a few carts sell delicious home-made French crepes, as well as some other delicious treats.

Boulangerie Patisserie - a wonderful bakery in the pavilion, located amongst the other themed buildings in the Paris city. The bakery features delectable treats, some of them include turnovers, parfaits, sandwiches and pot pies, amongst other things.

Shops Edit

Souvenirs de France - which features everything from Eiffel Tower statues and shirts to CDs and gifts themed to the artwork of several French artists.

Shows Edit

United Kingdom Edit

The United Kingdom, ambassador to the British Isles, takes guests to the beautiful city-scape of a London square and then to the edge of a canal on a rural countryside, all within the realm of a contained bustling city street. The streets are framed by London buildings, which perfectly capture the elegance and charm of England. The buildings receive their architectural styles from English Tudor, Georgian and English Victorian style characteristics.

Attractions Edit

Niamh Sharkey: The Dreams of Hugglewug - like One Man Dream This gallery will teach guests about Sharkey life, the theme parks, the movies and even some things about the future of Niamh Sharkey. the host of the attraction is Henry Hugglemonster voice by Lara Jill Miller & Niamh Sharkey as herself.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Rose and Crown Pub - which is a fantastic restaurant that serves wonderful England-inspired dishes. The restaurant also operates at a basic pub, which serves some great alcoholic drinks.

Shops Edit

The Toy Soldier - which features a nice selection of British toys, as rather as an extensive gift selection from Winnie the Pooh and the gang from the Hundred Acre Wood.

The Queen's Table - which offers a wonderful display of perfumes, soaps and other fragrances.

Yorkshire Country Fish Shop - this store serves a limited list of items from the Rose and Crown.

Crown and Crest - The exterior of the shop is beautiful, almost like something out of the days of King Arthur. The store is adorned with bright banners, a fireplace and gallant crossed swords, depicting a fanciful scene in the store. Here, guests can purchase mugs, limited chess sets, and stamp sets.

Sportsman Shoppe - This store features clothing wear and accessories that are centered around British local events, from Wimbledon tennis attire, to golfing accessories and Rugby shirts.

Shows Edit

British Invasion - plays daily, belting out the tunes of The Beatles, Elton John, Pink Floyd & more for over the years.

Egypt Edit

We arrive in the sand-swept ruins of the great deserts of Egypt, ambassador to the Middle East. This new pavilion will take the former place of the Millennium Village building that was only ever utilized during the Food and Wine Festival. This new pavilion will make up its' new home in Epcot and will be centered by a grand pyramid, which dominates over the rest of the pavilion. Sand floors are sketched into the pavement of the pavilion. A wooden bridge suspends over the land, as a part of the World Showcase Lagoon runs throughout the Egyptian sands, simulating a serene Nile River, as tall strings of grass appear from the waterbeds of the river.

Attractions Edit

The Great Pyramid of Anubis - The pyramid is host to this new E-Ticket attraction, which takes guests through the pyramid to gather the knowledge of the facts and myths of the worlds of Egypt and more-so, what lies beneath the the deepest chambers of this sacred pyramid. While the attraction is somewhat of a mild thrill ride, probably comparable to either Dinosaur, this is a little scary attraction, there are no Zombies or demons chasing after the guests but with souls of ghosts will chasing the guests a little, much opposed to Universal's Revenge of the Mummy attraction, rather this adventure offers guests a once in a life-time journey to explore the secrets of a pyramid, lost to the world for hundreds of years.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Cairo Cafe - an quick-service restaurant which offers a splendid selection of Egyptian-style foods. Egyptian cuisine is know for its kababs, meat and vegetables that are grilled on skewers.

Ancient Bakery - a bakery featuring a large selection of breads, which form the backbone of Egyptian cuisine, as well as numerous Egyptian pastries. The bakery would offer a variety of different sandwiches and guests would have the opportunity to select which type of bread on which they would like to have their sandwich.

King Tut's - a sit-down restaurant inside one of the lavish treasure chambers of the pyramid.

Shops Edit

Cairo Jewelers - featuring a great supply of Wonderfully Jewelery and fragrance items.

Ancient Artifacts - which sells all different sorts of material and merchandise from Egypt, including clothing, wooden sculptures, ancient tablets and incenses.

Egyptian Marketplace - which is a bustling metropolis of activity. The Marketplace features several stores and restaurants. The concept for this marketplace would be that walk through an area designed to look like a market and select different types of meat, vegetables, spices, and sauces they want on their kababs.

Shows Edit

Canada Edit

We have reached the final country in all of World Showcase, which connects back to the entry point to Future World. This country celebrates the United States' neighbor to the north, as well as serving as ambassador to the Arctic--which mostly consists of just Canada. The country features a rocky landscape, leading past a set of totem poles.

Attractions Edit

The Canadian River Rapids Adventure - guests on a thrilling journey through the rapids of the Canadian Rockies, encountering native plants and wildlife, such as audio-animatronic mooses, black bears, beavers, and bobcats, in addition to waterfalls, whirlpools, and geysers.

Big Grizzly Jeep Trek - Passing through active hot springs, rock slides, and encounters with the animal inhabitants of the park, the jeeps eventually make it back safely to the lodge.

O-Canada - an eighteen minute motion picture presentation. The complete 360 degree Circle-Vision theater portrays the Canadian country's splendor, from prairies and plains, shorelines and rivers and untouched snowfields. The film takes guests along a journey through many of Canada's cities, such as Montreal, Toronto and Quebec, before ending the presentation with a trip by Niagara Falls.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Le Cellier Steakhouse - The restaurant features great entrees, a relaxing atmosphere and a great selection of desserts. However, because this restaurant is one of the most popular in all of the resort, landing a specific reservation here cane be somewhat tedious.

Tim Hortons -

Shops Edit

Northwest Mercantile - features Canadian apparel, as well as plush toys, lanterns, maple syrup and other Canadian-themed collectibles.

La Boutique des Provinces - a large recreation of the Canadian hotel, and features items crafted by Canadian artists.

Shows Edit

Disney's Kingdoms of Stories Edit

We are already at our fourth theme park! The next theme park is Disney's Kingdoms of Stories is a 370-acre theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario, & is the fourth of six theme parks built at Walt Disney World Canada Resort in Toronto.

This theme park will be a theme park similar to Tokyo DisneySea and a Disney version of Universal's Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, PortAventura & Alton Towers in the UK. The park will be quite far away from Walt Disney World. The park will have 14 themed areas. They will be Adventure Harbour, Canadian Waterfront, Fairy Tale Forest, Mythos, Medieval Court, Beastly Kingdom, Dark Kingdom, Marvel Superhero City, Adventure Island, The Land of OZ, Discoveryland, Seven Seas Lagoon, Arabian Coast, and last but not least Mysterious Island & an 50 acre water park called Disney's Aquatica Kingdom next door to the Theme Park. Near the entrance is another square. Next to this square are bus stations, an underground metro station and a monorail station. The entrance will look like a large stone gate from unknown origins. The first area will be

Adventure HarbourEdit

Start and prepare for your journeys in Kingdom of Stories here in Adventure Harbour. This will be the heart of this realm of magic where you can start to experience the unique atmosphere. Collect memories by exploring magical shops, dine at delicious food serving restaurants and meet fun-loving characters as they take you to visit the lands from afar. The excitement builds as you realize the many adventurous paths to choose from and which of the worlds to explore first. The area will be build up similarly to Mediterranean Harbor at Tokyo DisneySea. The buildings will be build in a new style as if a whole new culture exists here. The town will be a seaside town near the central body of water of the park. Every themed area is connected to this body of water and this is also where the nighttime show called World of Color! will play. Also this is where Guests will then find themselves on a large square next to the central body of water of the park. Ships are lined against the side of the bay. In the centre of the square will be a large tower which has all kinds of moving and glowing parts. Adventure Harbour is where explorers come to refresh and prepare themselves for the great adventures ahead in the world of stories.

Attractions Edit

Explorer Canoes - which give guests a tour of the area.

The Writer's Palace - an interactive walkthrough where guests can learn literary magic( writing their own stories etc.) It will be a great experience for the whole family.

Storm Mountain - a shoot-the-chutes E-ticket into mist-shrouded hills, and ever upwards into the storm clouds themselves. A tranquil beginning carries guests past flying fish, water dragons, winged horses, and similar wonderments. A whirlpool drop – no more extreme than “Pirates of the Caribbean” – bears them to the gods’ dominion. Amazing effects simulate lightning, monsoons and tornadoes. A lift ferries boats to the sky deities, formed of the elements, who banish guests down a climactic waterfall from the mountain’s peak. The ride is similar to Storm Coaster at SeaWorld Gold Coast & Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld in Florida & San Diego.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Luna Bay Bakery - a quick service selling bread goods.

Four Directions Grille - a table service themed to travelling.

Adventure Bayside Terrace - a quick service selling great fish dishes.

Stella Maris - table service, based on a magical ship.

The Writer's Workshop - a beautiful table service inside the Palace. Guests can observe some of the Writer's magical features.

Shops Edit

Adventure Harbour Bazaar - this store will be the largest shop of the park.

Galileo’s - provides an signature table dining experience within Inspiration Observatory’s central dome. Luxurious and ornate furnishings compliment top quality, locally sourced American cuisine developed by chef Andrew Sutton. A dark mahogany lounge serves an ambitious, one-of-a-kind drink menu. Diners enjoy romantic lighting underneath a fully-functioning planetarium dome. Unobtrusive sky map shows redefine what it means to dine under the stars. Private rooms, named after famous aviators and inventors, present Art Deco ambiance and seclusion.

Zara's Mystiques - a small shop selling mysterious artifacts.

Kingdom of Stories Confectionary - a candy and sweets shop.

Mistress Mojo's Laundry - a small shop selling wearable items like t shirts, caps etc.

Chokini Trading Company - a shop selling Adventure Harbour items.

Madame Tluco's Prophecies - a shop selling mysterious magical items. Meet Madame Tluco here too and learn about your future.

Shows Edit

Voices of Adventure -These will sing harmonious tunes which reflect every theme of the park. You have to imagine a mix between Voices of Liberty and the Dapper Dans with new songs and costumes.

PixSEA Dust Nightime Spectacular! - At the end of your day, we invite you to enjoy this amazing spectacular with your favorite hosts! Who? You guessed it! Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell!

World of Color! - This Nighttime show transpires at the whole body of the lagoon of Kingdom of Stories, while the audience watches the performance at the Park viewing area in front of Adventure Harbour. Other nearby attraction such as the mountain of Mount Prometheus. Mount Prometheus become part of the performance as they undergo various forms of lighting, fire and projections throughout the show. The show utilized in World of Color (water fountains, projection mapping, decorated boat floats, pyrotechnics, audio-animatronics, live performers, mist screens, fire effects, lasers, searchlights, lighting, fog, fireworks and other special effects.) are choreographed to work in synchronicity with the featured music and image projections. During the show, the show's imagery is projected onto Mount Prometheus facade and surrounding an 360-degree perimeter fireworks around the park.

Seven Seas LagoonEdit

If you take the path to the right you will enter a new world. This will be Seven Seas Lagoon, where sea legends and stories come to life. The area will be themed to a small seaside port and town. Many mysterious ships are at the port waiting for new adventure. There will be huge cliffs in the back of the town which will hide parts of show buildings of the area. Seven Seas Lagoon is dedicated to stories like Atlantis, The Little Mermaid and Pirates of the Caribbean. There will be enough fun attractions, shops, shows and dining options for everyone and every ride in the area will be completely new to the Disney audience. The area will be build up similarly to Treasure Cove at Shanghai Disneyland but larger and with a different theme. 

Atlantis Edit

Attractions Edit

The Legend of the Seas - an little similar ride to Maelstrom. In this ride we'll encounter another S.E.A member called Dick Odys who traveled over the seas for a long time. He does his journey again and we'll encounter many sea creatures like the Kraken, mermaids(sirens), sea serpents and more.

Sea Serpent Soak Spin - this spinner attraction featuring a splash battle. similar ride to Mad Tea Party.

Journey to the Sunken City - this will be a simulator ride where you board an undersea machine to find the city of Atlantis. Home to an ancient, advanced civilization, Atlantis is said to have sunk to the bottom of the ocean long ago. Some say the people of the continent lived on and adapted to the world beneath the waves. Board one of the powerful submarine boats and search for the undersea treasures of Atlantis. This attraction will be similar to Stormrider at Tokyo DisneySea. The ride will use great visual effects in which guests will meet Neptune and encounter dangers like the gigantous monster, the Leviathan. In the end guests will find Atlantis and save it from evil forces.

The Heart of Atlantis - A Dumbo like spinner themed to the jets from the Lost Empire movie.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Leviathan Bites - quick service

Pirates Cove Edit

Attractions Edit

Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure - Guests will be enlisted to go with Captain Jack Sparrow on an epic journey to find Captain Davy Jones' treasure. The ride will take Guests down to the ocean depths, through the bellies of pirate ships, and straight into the heart of a ferocious naval battle, all the while braving the nautical twists, spins and turns of a pirate adventure.

Sky Pirates of the South Seas - Deep in the jungle limestone caverns, a reckless band of sky pirates makes their secret lair. Seized swag piles high. Guests join the scallywags on an air raid filled with nods to Pirates of the Caribbean. Sky Pirates of the South Seas is a D-ticket dark ride utilizing the same suspended omnimovers as Tokyo DisneySea’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, now repurposed as free-flying gunner cockpits. Glass panels on the vehicles allow for in-ride mist and rain, an airborne variation on DisneySea’s dry-for-wet effect.

Kraken - an Floorless launched roller coaster where guest board on an car & fly around of the lagoon (projected effects, theatrical sets, LED lights, fire, smoke and water effects) will take guests dramatically into this amazing new story. An cloned coaster of The Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Orlando.

Battle for the Blue - a soaker battle ride where guests board rafts and soak each other wet. The ride will be Aquatopia like. The rafts will pass by mythical sea creatures as Sirens, Sea Serpents and many more.

Shipwreck Shore - is an interactive kids water play area built around the wreck of an old pirate galleon.

Siren's Revenge - Step aboard the pirate ship Siren's Revenge for games, activities and hands-on experiences.

The Black Pearl - this ship serves as an interactive exhibit. Guests enter the Black Pearl through its' cargo hold and can scout all of the hidden artifacts, treasure maps, the cursed medallions and even the Dead Man's Chest throughout the hull of the ship, collected by Captain Barbossa, Captain Jack Sparrow and the entire crew of the Black Pearl throughout their excursions. Deep in the hull of the ship, lies a watery, gloomy passage. In the passage, the guests can experience a simulated attack by the formiddable Kraken, who seemingly drags the ship underwater! In one passage of the Black Pearl, a Meet & Greet is hosted with Captain Jack Sparrow himself. On the deck, guests can witness real pirates doing their daily chores of pillaging and plundering, they can use real telescoped the scout out the secrets of Adventureland and use the interactive water features to blast away their onlookers.

Restaurants & RefreshmentsEdit

Tortuga Tavern - a table service based on pirate stories.

The Kraken's Grotto - a quick service serving fish food.

Shipwreck Shore Restaurant, a table service inside a Spanish shipwreck.


Flying Dutchman Gallery - a shop selling Seven Seas Lagoon items.

Jack's Treasure Chest - a shop selling Pirates of the Caribbean items.

Neptune's Artifacts - an shop selling mythical creature items from the sea.


Skippers Revue - This will be a musical revue of different fictional sea captains telling their adventures at sea in a musical and funny way.

El Teatro Fandango

  • Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular - The theatre audience will be enthralled as Captain Jack Sparrow and his band of wily pirates romp through the theatre in search of a misplaced treasure chest. As Captain Jack is confronted first by Red Head, the beautiful star played by Yu Liang, and then the Royal Admiral and his men, the swashbuckling action takes off with sword fights, fantastic stunts and a raging storm.

Mermaid Lagoon Edit

Attractions Edit

The Little Mermaid~ Ariel's Daring Voyage - This ride will be a trackless dark ride following Ariel on a daring adventure between two worlds.

King Triton's Carousel of the Sea - it features sea horses, flying fish, whales, dolphins, sea lions, otters, and garibaldis. Purists will point out that it is misnamed, as any carousel that features animals other than horses is called a merry-go-round.

Scuttle's Scooters - This spinner attraction will be copied from Tokyo DisneySea's ride, but will be better themed and will have an advanced Scuttle audio animatronic in the middle.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Les Poissons - based on the song in the movie.


Scuttle's Shiny Things - a small shop selling Little Mermaid items.


King Triton's Theater - an 2,000 seat theater.

King Triton's Concert - King Triton hosts a musical concert with Ariel, Flounder, Sebastianand other familiar characters from the film creating a mesmerizing world under the sea with music, songs and dynamic performance, just as in the movie. Ariel “swim” above the audience to the beautiful music and will even “swim” down and approach Guests in this lively and sensational musical show.

Adventure Island Edit

Guests will pass by the rocky cliffs of Seven Seas Lagoon into the legendary empire of Adventure Island. Adventure Island is a huge ruined Central American Aztec pyramid, an ancient volcano & jungles of every adventure they made.

Attractions Edit

Treasure Hunters - an Autopia like experience in jeeps where we explore different ruins and jungle corners. The attraction is similar to Treasure Hunters at Universal Studios Singapore.

Mystic Manor - The attraction utilises a trackless ride system similar to that used in Pooh's Hunny Hunt. Mystic Manor tells the story of Lord Henry Mystic and his monkey Albert. Having recently acquired an enchanted music box, Albert opens the box and brings everything inside the house to life.

Journey to El Dorado - In this ride guest visiting the Golden City. This ride is similar to Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland.

The Jungle Book - An 4-D dark ride roller coaster based on the remake version of The Jungle Book. an little similar of Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts at Universal Studios Florida & Manta at SeaWorld San Diego.

Moana's Travels - Like River Battle at Dollywood you board rafts with little water shooters that you can shoot at animatronics on the ride so they can activate. You can also shoot other boats, and gusts who want to battle, but not ride. During cold weather this ride closes the water guns, and turns on all the animatronics without having to be getting shot by water.

The African Queen - A big boat to the size of Mark Twain cruising over the african rivers. Along the way we will say a lot of animals, tribes and legendary creatures.

The Lost Temple - Here, Betty found the cursed ring. The Lost Temple will host an attraction similar to Raging Spirits and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. There will be more advanced scenes however where the Gods send the guests on a thrilling ride where they have to hold their hats. The experience starts already in the queue, which is very interactive. Guests have to pass through several rooms and hallways filled with boobytraps and hidden treasures, for example steps which activate knifes coming from the walls or a diamond calling out lost souls. Fire, projections, mist, audio animatronics, falling rocks and the coaster itself will be an amazing combination for thrillseekers.

Tarzan's Treehouse - a replica of the treehouse Tarzan was found in. Here kids would be able to climb, explore, and swing from vines in the tree. ​

Tarzan's Jungle Vines - Tarzan's Jungle Vines is a very different attraction experience, altogether. Guests make their way upwards a slope jungle hilltop, surrounded by vast, dense jungles. Guests are then given special harness equipment, which Cast Members specifically fasten to the guests' requirements because this attraction is actually a ZIP-LINING experience, where guests fly through the beautiful, majestic African jungles, as though they are actually soaring from vine to vine, along with Tarzan, in a truly remarkable attraction experience. There are five individual zip-lines. For those who might not like the experience after giving it a try, don't worry, there are trails that lead make to the exit of the attraction. Each zip-line hosts a different theme, from traveling through a bamboo thicket, to rough cliff tops, to a waterfall cavern, to the nesting grounds of the gorillas. It is a beautifully breath-taking experience, having the wind brush against your face, as you soar through these beautiful environments.

Adventure lsland Camp - This camp was set up by Betty and her fellow explorers to go on an adventure to a place called the Forgotten Valley. The mission was frozen after Betty's absence, but now explorers are picking up action. At the camp guests can explore interactive activities similar to the ones that can be found in Adventure Isle at Shanghai Disneyland and Jurassic Park at Universal's Islands of Adventure.

Jungle Camp - inspired by the "Trashin' the Camp" scene, as the entire campground is filled with tons of interactive elements, instrumental clotheslines, spouting teapots, spinning globes, books, pots and pans, old record players, maps, projection slides.

Voyage to the Forgotten Valley - This will be a river rapids ride where you will explore the Forgotten Valley and its' curious inhabitants. Guests will begin by boarding rafts and set off upriver to Adventure Island Camp. Guests will pass under the mountains into the Forgotton Valley. Here they find that mysterious creatures and plants live in the valley. Some of these will be similar to the ones in Journey to the Center of the Earth and Adventure Isle at Shanghai Disneyland. After escaping some threats, the rafts will enter a whirlpool, then pass by volcanic vents, steaming geysers and escape tumbling trees. Oh and you will get wet!

Mount Pele - Enter your vehicle and set on an adventure to stop Pele, The God of Fire, to erupt the volcano. & beware of the dragon, this ride is similar to Expedition Everest.

Mickey & Friends' Greeting Trails - Have fun exploring these trails through the Lost River Delta jungle! At the end of each trail, you'll find Mickey and his pals studying the ruins of an ancient civilization or researching the jungle plants and insects. Along the trails are fun activities that all can enjoy.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Yucatán Base Camp Grill -

Lost River Cookhouse -

Miguel's El Dorado Cantina -

Expedition Eats -

Shops Edit

Lost River Outfitters -

Expedition Photo Archives -

Jungle Book Photo Shop -

Shows Edit

Hangar Stage -

  • Mystic Rhythm

The Deep Jungle Theater - An 2000 seating theater featuring Tarzan: Call of the Jungle & The Good Dinosaur: The Musical. Made to look like an old cave, once used by man, but now reclaimed by the jungle. Dense vegetation grows between the path and the theater to reinforce the depth of the jungle. Height will not be that much of an issue either, because the theater depresses down underground.​

  • Tarzan: Call of the Jungle -
  • The Good Dinosaur: The Musical - it will take you through different scenes and sequences throughout "The Good Dinosaur" following Arlo and Spot on their many adventures to find home. The musical is 30 minutes long in a fully enclosed theatre. The theatre is shaped in a square format, much like "Finding Nemo: The Musical". At the top of the stage, the audience will see Clawtooth mountain where Arlo and his family live in the film. The costumes will be puppets, as the Dino's will go over the actors head, much like in Lion King the musical. The only costume who will not be a puppet is Spot, who is played by a "face character". There will be multiple costume changes throughout the show depending on the character. There is a chorus included for background song sequences.

Mythos Edit

Guests will pass by the rocky cliffs of Adventure Island into the legendary empire of Mythos. Mythos will be the land of stories and myths from Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The area will be a bit similar to the Lost Continent at Universal's Islands of Adventure, but the overall look, experience and form will be completely different. In the land guests will follow legendary characters as Odysseus, Hercules, Romulus and Remus and Icarus. There will be a visible transition from Adventure Island to Mythos by a changing architecture. The whole area will be divided into two areas. A lighter Mythos and a darker Mythos which will have a transition with the next area. The lighter area will be based on the Ancient worlds of the Greeks and Romans while the darker side will focus on the Greek monsters and legends like Hydra, Minotaur and Medusa. Also famous ships as the Scorpion and the Argo will serve as explorable features of the area.

Attractions Edit

The Odyssey - which is the same name as the story by classical writer, Homerus from Ancient Greece. The ride will be a boat dark ride with advanced audio animatronics and amazing effects to support the story of Odysseus and his adventures at sea. Guests will encounter sea monsters, cyclops and more. Cloned ride of Jurassic Park: The ride at Universal Studios Japan & Florida.

Troy: Legend of the Wooden Horse - The ride will start as a small dark ride, but when Greek soldiers surround the city of Troy the vehicles speed up and rush over the Greek landscape. The attraction will be both in and outdoor, but the outdoor part won't really bother the guests.

Mythica - This thrilling dark ride will be sort of similar to Amazing Adventures with Spiderman & Transformers the Ride at Universal Studios, but there will be a new ride system and more physical effects. In the attraction guests are made legendary heroes by the Gods. They will then go on an adventure where they encounter titans, mythical creatures( Pegasus etc.) and monsters( Medusa, sirens and more).

Hercules: From Zero to Hero - This will be an immersive dark ride where guests board chariot like vehicles and follow Hercules on a journey for his hero's welcome. The dark ride will have musical scenes and advanced audio animatronics. Guests can sing along with famous songs as One Last Hope, I Won't Say I'm in Love and A Star is Born.

Escape from Pompeii - A high speed water ride escaping the city Pompeii in time of the eruption of Vesuvius. The ride is similar to Timberwolf Falls at Canada's Wonderland & Escape from Pompeii at Busch Gardens.

Caesar's Table - the attraction is inside a large Roman hall. There will be portraits and other links to the stories of Julius Caesar.

Race for Olympus - This will be a dueling coaster attraction where guests get to choose to race for the side of Hades or Zeus. There will be two entrances, one will be Hades' temple and the other will be Zeus' temple. Both temples hold pre-shows in which both Gods will tell you to race to the top of Olympus. The ride will be a fast and immersive ride on and in Mount Olympus. The winner of the ride will be randomized. an similar ride of Cop Car Chase at Movie Park Germany.

Circus Maximus - in this ride guests board vehicles themed to horse chariots to race around the Circus. This ride is Furius Baco at PortAdventura an indoor/outdoor Intamin hydraulic launched accelerator coaster.

Hydra's Wrath - This will be a spinner where the monster with multiple heads gets hold of the guests and spins them around the shadow like area. Beware for the heads who try to get a snack.

Maze of Minotaur - This will be a large labyrinth with interactive features and audio animatronics. A large temple will host the room where the Minotaur can be seen. Also an overview for guests can be found on the temple where guests can see large parts of the park.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Pharos - This Restaurant will serve amazing dishes.

The Macellum Mykonos - a table service serving Greek meals inside a Mykonos Windmill.

Aphrodite's Garden - a quick service in a Mediterranean garden atmosphere.

Olympia Restaurant - which will be a large quick service restaurant where guests will be surrounded by paintings and statues. Also small hints to the Grecian Olympic Games fan be found inside the restaurant.

Styx Tavern - a table service named after the river of the Underworld. Guests can enjoy Greek, Turkish and Italian dishes.

Shops Edit

Odysseus' Treasures, a shop selling Odyssey items.

The Romulus Tabernam - this shop will sell Mythos items.

Cella Cerberus will be a large shop selling Mythos items.Venus' Shell - selling jewelry and beautiful wearable items.

Shows Edit

Fabulis Traditus Mythicus - which will be a live show with two storytellers. These storytellers will share the wondrous tales of stories like Icarus, Romulus and Remus and even some of the fables of Aesops. The storytellers will use puppetry, live acting and they will even ask for guest participation.

Dark Kingdom Edit

If you think the dark side of Mythos was dark, then you haven't seen Dark Kingdom. This area will be filled with scary and evil experiences. The Dark Kingdom were created by the Writer to keep evil forces from ruining stories and for giving them a place to go where they do not disturb peaceful worlds. A large mountain formed itself and inside a demon like creature rests with all the evil there is. After that villains started to live here and start their own lifes. A town called Villain Village emerged where defeated villains came to to think of new evil plans. In the village guests can meet and greet various Disney villains, both often found and almost never found in the parks. Not only villains cam here though, also ghosts and monsters from different ghost stories moved to this darker place. A large mansion became the home of the Lonesome Ghosts

Attractions Edit

Doctor Facilier's Voodoo Emporium - The attraction will be inside Doctor Facilier's Fortune Room. The attraction will be similar to the Enchanted Tiki Room and will have the evil Doctor Facilier calling out for shadows and voodoo Gods. A live cast member dressed as Doctor Facilier will interact with guests while projections of shadows and audio animatronics of voodoo dolls and masks come to life and dance along on Friends on the Other Side.

Lonesome Ghosts - This interactive dark ride would be similar to Monsters. inc Ride and Go Seek. Guests would board vehicles and hold torches with which they pass through various rooms where they have to try and find the Lonesome Ghosts from the Mickey Mouse classic short. They will perform various tricks like throwing plates, disappear and more. The ride will use audio animatronic, physical and projection effects.

The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow - Guests will board carriages and try to escape the Headless Horseman in a thrilling dark ride with new generation effects and very realistic features. Ichabod Crane will also be there while an audio animatronic Headless Horseman chases you through a haunted forest.

Escape from the Forbidden Mountains - This will be a dynamic dark ride and roller coaster based on the evil fairy, Maleficent from Disney's Classic Animated movie, Sleeping Beauty. This time guests will enter Maleficent's Haunted Castle on top of the Forbidden Mountains. She then curses the guests and chases them through the castle while she uses tricks as changing into a terrifying dragon. You will also encounter a few of her henchmen who try to slow you down for the mistress of evil. The ride will use audio animatronics, projections and physical effects like fire. The rollercoaster will have use new thrills like track drops, tilt and drops, cyro tables, switching over from one track to another. The vehicle will be a Sleeping Beauty themed carriage which seats 8 people.

The Elephant Graveyard - an water play area & walkthrough attraction.

Maleficent's Castle - a high capacity D-ticket dark ride with interactive elements.

Captain Hook's Ship - an walkthrough attraction to Captain Hook's Ship from the movie Peter Pan.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Scar's Savannah Bites - a quick service selling American, African and European dishes.

The Poisoned Apple - a candy shop selling evil candy like Poisoned Apples and Tick-Tock Crocodiles.

Yzma's Potion Bar - a bar and small snack service selling Yzma themed drinks with small side dishes, similar to Trader Sam's. Tubes and other laboratory pipes go through the bar and small hints from Yzma and her tricks can be found inside. Yzma and Kronk will meet guests inside the bar from time to time.

Club Chernabog - This will be a table service with a live dinner show similar to the Villains Tonight show from the Disney Cruise Line.

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing will be a quick service selling great food with pork specialities.

The Sleepy Hollow Tavern will be a table service selling British and American dishes, while from time to time Brom Bones will tell you the story of the Headless Horseman.

Shops Edit

The Villain Emporium - It will be the largest shop of the Shadowlands and will sell items like robes, potions and more.

By Hook or Crook - a shop where you can find Captain Hook and Villain items.

Shows Edit

Villains Tonight - The show will be hosted by the Magic Mirror and will celebrate villains like Jafar, Hades, Cruella de Vil, the Evil Queen and Maleficent.

Fairy Tale Forest Edit

The wall between Dark Kingdom and Fairy Tale Forest seperate the bad from the good. Fairy Tale Forest will be a collection of immersive worlds which take place in or near the woods. There will be four worlds based on four Disney animated movies, which are Frozen, Winnie the Pooh, Tangled and Disney's upcoming Gigantic. The area will be themed to the four seasons. Tangled will represent summer, Frozen will represent winter, Winnie the Pooh will represent Autumn and Spring will be represented by Gigantic. In the center of the Forest will be an audio animatronic tree which tells Disney fairy tales. The whole area will look like an enchanted forest going through the four seasons.

Attractions Edit

Pooh's Hunny Pot Spin - This will be a tea cup spinner themed to Winnie the Pooh. The ride will be similar to the upcoming Shanghai Disneyland attraction, but will have new kinetic elements. In the ride guests will board Pooh's hunny pots and spin around while heffabees fly by to steal your hunny.

Flight of the Bees - a fun Chairswing attraction themed to the Honey Tree, and the bees from Winnie the Pooh. similar to Silly Symphony Swings at California Adventure.

The Flying Heffalumps - A Dumbo like spinner with Heffalumps as vehicles.

Journey for the Frozen Heart - In this ride guests will be welcomed by Pabbie. He will send you back in time to experience the story of Frozen all over again. Guests will board sleighs which will be trackless vehicles which look similar to the Gringotts vehicles but of course themed differently. In the ride guests will encounter wolves, snowmen and even the snow queen, Elsa. Follow Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf on a journey to thaw Elsa's frozen heart. The vehicles will create the perfect feeling of gliding over snow and ice.

Frozen Ice Rink - which will give the illussion of being outside. Guests will be able to ice skate along indoor like you are being outside like the movie.

Olaf’s Snowman Spectacular - Ride around with Olaf in his own personal flurry! The ride is similar to Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. with an Olaf audio animatronic at the station next to the exit.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - The ride is the same as in Shanghai & Florida version.

Gigantic - a new type of dark ride which mixes a motion based 4-D ride and a typical Disney dark ride. In this ride guests will follow Jack back in Spain during the Age of Exploration. You will go up the beanstalk where you will discover a world of giants hidden within clouds. You will meet the female giant Inma, who's 10 years olds,60 feet tall, feisty and a lot to control. She will treat us like her living dolls, but will you be able to help her defeat the 120 feet tall Stormgiants, who will try to create chaos. The ride will use projections, screens and audio animatronics but also other physical effects like light, fire and smoke.

Splash Mountain - This will be a 6-seater log flume ride through the stories of Uncle Remus. This will be the resort's Splash Mountain but will be built on a larger scale, more similar to Universal's Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls. The ride will be expanded and will have more and new scenes with your favorite Song of the South characters, Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and more. Guests who are offride will be able to activate certain elements like frogs shooting water at guests onride.

Tangled: A Hairy Tale - The queue will go past Tangled Tower into a cave inside the cliffs behind the tower. The queue will have small interactive games like finding Pascal or making wanted posters. In the ride guests will board floating lanterns which will be able to rise or fall. The ride will be completely the same as described below except for one scene which I would like to add. The vehicles will enter a cave with a loud bang behind them as if rocks block the way. Inside the cave are floating figures of Rapunzel, Flynn and Pascal holding their breath "underwater". Rapunzel's hair will light up from time to time which leads to the romantic campfire scene. The ride will use amazing effects too.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

The Arendelle Akkershus - a large table service restaurant serving Scandinavian dishes.

Arendelle Castle Ball Room - a table service where you will dine among the portraits seen during the For the First Time in Forever scene.

Brer Mole's Hollow - a table service inside a Mole's underground home.

The Snuggly Duckling - This will be a pub serving German, English, Dutch, Scandinavian and French dishes.

Shops Edit

Hundred Acre Goods - selling Pooh items.

Briar Patch - this is where guests can buy souvenirs based on the southern tales of Uncle Remus.

Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna - which will be a large shop selling Frozen items.

Inma's Treasuries - a small shop selling Gigantic items.

Shows Edit

The Storytelling Tree - this audio animatronic tree which tells Disney fairy tales like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Frozen, Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio. 

The Arendelle Theatre - an 2,000 seating theater.

  • Frozen Sing Along Celebration - Here guests can sing along with Frozen hits like Let it Go, For the First Time in Forever and Love is An Open Door. In town guests can meet Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Prince Hans and even an audio animatronic Olaf. 

I've Got A Dream Revue - a live show starring Rapunzel, Flynn and the Pub thugs in a musical revue about their dreams.

Frozen Forever - Watch Elsa’s Ice Palace light up the night to popular music from the movie Frozen. Shows will take place every half hour after dark except at Fireworks time. This show is similar to the same show of Frozen Forever an castle show at Tokyo Disneyland.

Grimm Theater - an 1,500 seating theater.

  • Into the Woods - A 40-minute musical show featuring various characters from tales of the Brothers Grimm brought together in an original and fascinating story of desire, deceit, and perseverance. Based on the more kid-friendly Disney movie, the show will still retain a little edginess for the adult audience.

Medieval Court Edit

Our next land will be Medieval Court, here guests can explore the exciting world of knights, castles and even dragons! Medieval Court will be a magical place with human like inhabitants based on an imaginary medieval kingdom and medieval myths and legends. The world from The Land of OZ will change into a British medieval forest. Large stone walls protect the Dark Kingdom, where guests can meet characters like Merlin, King Arthur, the 3 Witches, Robin Hood and Merida. The land will be build up as a Medieval valley full with castles. The entrance of Medieval Court is Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland & Hong Kong Disneyland.

Attractions Edit

The Sword in the Stone - In this ride guests enter Camelot Castle where they are introduced to the story of Excalibur. Then they will enter their vehicles which will lead them through various scenes representing the story of Wart and Merlin. Advanced audio animatronic figures and fantastic special effects will be used to make this dark ride the perfect recreation of the story of the king of Camelot.

The Wizards' Duel - Guests will enter the cottage and find out that it belongs to the powerful wizard, Merlin. He and Archimedes will perform magical tricks in the pre-show like turning back time or making objects float and move. Then they will be interrupted by the Mad Madam Mim who tries to use Merlin's powers for the dark side. She will dare Merlin to a Wizards' Duel. Merlin will ask you to move to the next room where the Wizards' Duel will take place. Guests will be seated in six rows( 3 opposite to 3) and find themselves in the middle of the battle between Madam Mim and Merlin. They will enchant the room to defy the laws of reality. The room will spin and other tricks will be used to make it an unreal experience. An audio animatronic Archimedes can be seen in the main show scene where he talks about how he's getting dizzy and sick. The ride will use the well known Madhouse system which makes the seats move apart from the room itself moving too.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Mickey Mouse will be the star of a special effects laden 4D show based on his famous scenes in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice". Water & Smoke effects and high-definition projections combined with a real set and "enchanted broom" animatronics will immerse guests into the story of Mickey's magical romp.

The Brave Little Tailor - The Brave Little Taylor" follows Sir Mickey in his quest to defeat the fearsome giant and win the hand of the kingdom's faire maiden, Minnie Mouse. Following Mickey's BIG adventure.

Medieval River - This major attraction will be a river raft ride which takes you through the medieval world of the Dark Kingdom. The rafts will take you through wondrous woods and majestic castles. In the ride you will encounter manipulative witches, mighty heroes and even a terrifying dragon. The ride will use new technology to make the ride as realistic as possible and as fun as possible. Lifts, audio animatronics and soaker tricks like flushes and waterfalls will make sure to make you wet and have a fun time.

The Heroes of Nottingham - a new interactive dark ride based on Robin Hood and his merry men. In the queue guests can find out that Robin Hood is still wanted as Prince John is back on the throne. An audio animatronic Little John will tell guests that Robin Hood is looking for new archery masters to accompany him for his attack on Nottingham castle where they can find the money of the inhabitants of Nottingham. In the ride guests will board Robin Hood themed vehicles which will be similar to the Toy Story Midway Mania vehicles. They will then venture into Sherwood Forest where they meet Robin Hood. He will teach the guests how to work with their bow and arrow to test their skills on target boards. Compared to TSMM however these scenes won't be plain screens, but more like a mix between Buzz Lightyear and TSMM. After this guests will follow Robin Hood to fight Prince John and his soldiers( Elephants, rhinos, wolfs etc.). These animals will have new targets on them which gives them the chance to earn points. The finale will be Prince John in his carriage riding into a pond which shakes them off. Robin Hood and the villagers will thank you for helping them. The ride will use screens and audio animatronics. Robin Hood and his friends will meet you from time to time near the attraction too.

The Legend of Mor'du - a pair of intertwined B&M inverted roller coasters. It features a layout in which the two trains share adjacent lift hills but then traverse two unique courses. The ride was designed by Bolliger & Mabillard.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Camelot Bakery - a small quick service selling bread goods.

The Lancelot Banquet Hall - a great table service in honor of Lord Lancelot.

The Round Table Restaurant - a table service serving British food.

Merlin's Magic Recipe - an small food cart that sells magical tasting snacks.

DunBroch Dining Hall - a table service serving Scottish specialties. Inside the restaurant are also a few references to the story of the Bow and the Bear.

Shops Edit

White Knight Armor Collection - where small knights get to suit up as medieval heroes.

The Market Square - this is where guests can buy different foods, drinks and souvenirs.

Wizardry Treasures - where guests can find magic artifacts.

Witch's Cottage - a small shop themed to the cottage from the Disney Pixar movie Brave. It will sell Brave items and will have a lot of references to the movie.

Shows Edit

Market Square Festival - This is a great show where guests can enjoy various old traditions like knight fighting, joker entertainment and medieval dances. Also storytellers will tell the tales of heroes and tricksters like Reynaert the Fox. In the middle of the square is the Sword in the Stone.

Royal Sword Ceremony - Merlin will let guests try to raise the sword out of the stone to find out who the king of the Dark Kingdom

Merida's Highland Adventure - This will be a large live arena show using live actors, audio animatronic puppets, projections, real horses and more. The show will be a recreation of the story of Brave told by the Witch from the story. The show will include stunts, musical songs and a lot of surprises. The show will be 30 minutes long.

Beastly Kingdom Edit

A crystal-clear stream trickles beneath an arched footbridge, churned by a thundering waterfall pouring from a nearby rock formation in the shape of a fire-breathing dragon and into a world of another time & place in the name of Beastly Kingdom.

Attractions Edit

The Unicorn's Cove - this attraction allow exploration and adventure amid the fantasy setting, with luscious waterfalls, glistening caverns, and an enchanted meadow for rest and relaxation, not to mention an encounter with an actual unicorn whom resides within the cove.

Quest for the Unicorn - A family thrilling coaster flying through an Enchanted Forest. The ride is similar to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train & Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Dragon's Tower. This rollercoaster ride will represent the obvious medieval story of the heroes saving the princess from a guardian dragon in a high tower. Guests will be introduced to the story of the princess and will then venture into the tower where a large audio animatronic green dragon lures for you. Guests will have to try to save the princess and escape the fire chewing dragon. The attraction will use screens, projections, audio animatronics and physical effects like fire and smoke. In the end the princess is found and ironically defeats the dragon by petting it.

Shops Edit

Dragon's Keep Portrait Studio - a medieval-themed photo supplier and Dragon's Keep-themed gift shop nestled in the former dungeon of the once-grand castle

Shows Edit

The Storyteller's Rock - this is where seasoned storytellers gather to tell tales of bold heroes and dastardly villains, often times involving said heroes and villains making in-person appearances.

Arabian Coast Edit

Guests will see the Medieval valley changing into Middle Eastern deserts. Mysterious Arabian buildigs rise from the golden sand while the sounds, the smells and the sights immerse guests into the world of 1001 Arabian Nights. This is the world of characters like Aladdin, Sinbad and Ali Baba. The land recreates an exotic Arabian city in the desert near sea with an enchanted world from 1001 Arabian Nights. It will be similar in a way to Tokyo DisneySea's Arabian Coast, but this land will have more experiences and theming.

Attractions Edit

Jasmine's Magic Carpet Ride - This will be a spinner which is very similar to the one at Tokyo DisneySea. A beautiful fountain based on the one in the movie will be the centerpiece of the spinner while an audio animatronic Rajah will accompany the ride.

The Cave of Wonders - Here, guests enter the giant tiger head shaped cave and find themselves surrounded by treasures. They will then enter a 4D theatre where an interactive 4D show hosted by the Genie himself is played. This show will be a combination of Stitch Live and Mickey's Philharmagic. The Genie will be summoned and appears singing his Friend like Me song. Then he will speak to some of the guests via a special device which sends the questions and comments of guests to another room where a cast member sends back messages to react on the guests. There will be a few other effects like water and moving seats which will make this an experience like no other.

Roc's Flight. This will be an indoor dark coaster in which we travel into the world of Sinbad. Here we find ourselves on an island inhabited by the gigantic bird Roc who is looking for her eggs. Guests will have to help Sinbad escaping the island safely. During this mission Roc will try to attack guests. This attraction will be a new ride system which combines flying coasters with the EMV system which will allow the vehicles to react to certain actions in the attraction. The attraction will use audio animatronics, screens and amazing sound system to support the exhilarating ride.

Caravan Carousel - an double carousel. the ride is similar to the one in Tokyo DisneySea.

Sinbad's Storybook Voyage - Join Sinbad and his tiger cub, Chandu, on an indoor, 10-minute voyage recounting his adventures. Passengers ride boats through elaborate scenes with fluid animatronic displays. See mermaids and pirates, a genie and whales. Some characters speak in Japanese, but if you don’t understand the language, you can still enjoy the uplifting story set to the catchy music, “The Compass of your Heart” written by Alan Menken which will really stick in your mind. You’ve heard his other music in The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Aladdin, Hercules, Tangled and many others.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Sultan - a large table sevice serving dishes from North Africa and the Middle East.

Scheherazade Oasis - where guests can enjoy great dishes from the East.

Desert Kingdom Court of Refreshment - This will be a large food court complex where guests can visit seven different smaller services offering different types of Arabic specialties. There will be the Hungry Camel, The Fisherman's Catch, Mystic Mountain Meze, The Genie's Kitchen, the Royal Desserts and the Noodle Charmer.

Shops Edit

Agrabah Bazaar - where you can buy Arabian items, drinks and snacks.

Ali Baba's Cave - where you can find great souvenirs.

Shows Edit

Prince Ali's Arabian Caravan - a small show/parade based on Aladdin's song Prince Ali. This will be a celebration of the kingdom of Agrabah together with Aladdin, Abu, Jasmine and the Genie.

Marvel Superhero City Edit

Our next land will be a themed area based on our favorite superheroes, from Thor to The Incredibles. The land will be themed after a secret exotic island where a large metropolis-like city serves as a home to superhumans. The backstory of the island gives the land a feeling of a secret superhero settlement. To easily give an image to the way this land looks, just imagine a New York City/ San Fransokyo inspired SuperCity environment on an exotic island.

Attractions Edit

Saving San Fransokyo - This family dark ride will be a Storm Chaser system ride based on a new danger threatening San Fransokyo. This fast action dark ride blurs the boundary between virtual and reality with the use of screens and animatronics. In this attraction San Fransokyo is in danger by The Fujitas, three villainous ladies who aren't easily defeated. Can you help Hiro, Baymax and the other heroes to save San Fransokyo from a terrible fate.

Thor: Brave the Bifrost - Within a boarded-up Norwegian history museum in SoHo, Dr. Eric Selvig perfects an invention to reopen the Bifrost connecting Earth and Thor's Asgard. Guests board his device, a Vekoma Madhouse. This is basically an indoors swinging ship flat ride, centered upon a stupendous optical illusion. Earthly ceilings rotate and transform into an Asgardian Great Hall. Thor begs guests be gone, before Odin emerges and banishes them back to their Midgardian realm.

Yama's Battle Spot - guests can build their own robots and battle each other by new technology.

San Fransokyo's Institute of Technology and Science - This futuristic building will host different experiences for guests to explore.

Big Hero 6 Super Gadgets - a play area similar to Tokyo Disneyland's Goofy's Playhouse where guests get to shoot chem-bals.

Baymax's Robo Whip - The lovable robot Baymax, from the Disney film, Big Hero 6,invites Guests to join their own personal healthcare companion for an exciting musical “whip ride” that swings them unpredictably round and round.

Superhero labs - this is where you can test your super powers. Here you will find the Fly School, a small spinner ride which is a Giant Sky Chaser, Iron Man Gauntlet Testing, a shooting gallery where guests get to shoot with iron man arms and The Hulk Jump, an experience recreating the ability to jump like the Hulk.

S.H.I.E.L.D Base - This will be a meet and greet experience similar to Pete's Silly Sideshow at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. Inside guests can find their favorite Marvel heroes like Hawkeye, Captain America and even the Hulk.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission: BREAKOUT! - The attraction will be based in the Collector's fortress-esque collection, as seen in the film Guardians of the Galaxy. Tivan will be showing off his latest acquisitions, the Guardians of the Galaxy, in customized display cases. However, Rocket has secretly escaped his case and asks the guests for help. Guests will then board a gantry lift, where they help Rocket try to free the other Guardians.

Iron Man Rocks - A Helicarrier wing provides access to the upper levels of Avengers Tower. Here are Tony Stark's fully-interactive workshops. Tony, within an animatronic Iron Man suit, invites guests to board his latest Stark Industries drones, able to duplicate the sensation of flying like Iron Man. Despite Jarvis’ misgivings, Tony pumps in a personalized onboard soundtrack composed of Black Sabbath and AC/DC. "Iron Man Rocks" is a high-intensity indoor roller coaster in the vein of "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster," sending riders hurtling like superheroes over the nighttime rooftops of New York City.

Avengers United - This ride uses a modified "Soarin'" system much like Animal Kingdom's Pandora. In a rousing 3-D E-ticket simulator, pods rotor through an interstellar Kree battle over New York City. The Mad Titan Thanos oversees from his hover-throne. With his Infinity Gauntlet, able to wield absolute power over all aspects of existence, Thanos banishes recruits on a randomized journey: to the original Battle of New York; alongside Captain America in WWII; into the cosmos with the Guardians of the Galaxy; shrunken on a break-in with Ant-Man; defending Wakanda; et cetera! Finally all Avengers unite to thrillingly defeat Thanos! A Fly Higher option provides low-intensity seating within the main IMAX theater, uniting all guests for "Avengers United."

Doctor Strange - The ride is similar to Dr. Doom Fearfall at Universal Orlando.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

The Lucky Cat - This restaurant will be brought to live from the movie and guests will be able to try Aunt Cassie's specialties like hot wings.

Wasabi's Plasma Sliced - a small counter service where you can buy "plasma" sliced snacks.

The Shawarma Palace - a quick service themed to the shawarma restaurant in the Avengers movies and stories.

Shops Edit

Superheadquarterswhere - in this store you can find superhero items.

Super Chic - a shop that sells items and souvenirs for all the strong ladies.

Stark Expo - an new themed shopping area of the Marvel Superhero City. Includes all Marvel themed merchandise and extremely small, but entertaining exhibits.

FACTORY - where you can find Marvel items.

Xandar Trading Post - This shop selling Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise.

Mysterious IslandEdit

Are next land & at the center of the body of water of Disney's Kingdom of Stories and that is Mysterious Island Featuring Mount Prometheus, a huge volcano and being located in the center of the park, it has become its icon. This Island is the one from Jules Verne's novel, The Mysterious Island, which is Captain Nemo's lair, as the reader finally discovers. It is also known as Vulcania Island, as featured in the Disney movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. When guests enter the Island, they discover Nemo's secret base, complete with a harbor for his Nautilus, as well as a lab inside the volcano, known as Mount Prometheus. Nemo is indeed both exploring the depths of the Sea and of the Earth, which allows guests to experience two of Verne's most famous adventures : 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Attractions Edit

Journey to the Center of the Earth - This ride will bring you to the depths of the Earth, where you encounter great things. After some time Mount Prometheus starts shaking as the volcano is about to erupt. The entrance will look like an Icelandic building. Inside guests will find out about Lidenbrock's and Axel's investigation on the mysterious Icelandic saga by Snorri Sturluson. The ride will be similar to the Tokyo DisneySea ride, but it the ride's story will be closer to the original story by Jules Verne, rather than volcano monsters. This means that guests will see giant mushrooms, prehistoric creatures, large insects, mastodons and primeval humans.

Voyage to the Lost World - a trip into a forested realm inhabited by, you guessed it: dinosaurs. Unlike the Jungle River Cruise in Adventureland, we are not given the luxury of a well-hearsed skipper to protect us from the dangers of the jungle. Instead, we are practically on our own as we venture through this fantastic world untouched by mankind where the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex and majestic Brachiosaurus all live in relative peace among their fellow dinosaurians. It isn't until we show up that things go awry, much to our dismay. Much of the attraction is inspired by Fantasia's infamous "Rite of Spring" segment as well as Ford's Magic Skyway of the 1964-1965 World's Fair, while the storyline and concept are loosely inspired by the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. You can bet that a climactic drop involving never-ending combat between a certain T-Rex and Stegosaurus is in order. The ride is similar to 2 rides at Shanghai Disneyland of Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure & Roaring Rapids at Shanghai Disneyland.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - This attraction will be an underwater dark ride where guests follow Captain Nemo and his crew on an adventure where we encounter mermaids, giant squids,sunken cities and other great things. The ride will be similar to the 20,000 leagues under the sea at Tokyo DisneySea and the extinct rides which were found in Orlando and Anaheim. The entrance will be similar to the building for the walkthrough in Paris, but better themed and just a bit bigger.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Captain Nemo's Seaside Dinner - which will sell fish dishes from all the seven seas.

Vulcania Restaurant - a buffeteria-style restaurant in the Jules Verne-inspired Mysterious Island.

Refreshment Station - which will sell drinks & pop form the refreshment shop.

Prometheus Restaurant - This restaurant is made up to look like a geothermal power station. The inside walls appear to be carved from lava rock, and the effects are very convincing.

Shops Edit

Nautilus Gifts - this shop that selling disney items.

Shows Edit

Canadian WaterfrontEdit

Canadian Waterfront is themed to resemble a Canadian enlivened by new immigrants, and the New England fishing village next to Marvel Superhero City. It features two themed areas, an "Old Cape Cod" section, and a "Canadian Pier" section with an elaborate backstory.

Old Cape Cod Edit

Attractions Edit

Big City Vehicles -

Cape Cod Village Greeting Place - meet & greet with some disney characters like Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse.

S.S. Columbia - a representation of a passenger ship. The ship was designed as a recreation of a 20th-century steam-powered ocean liner. The ship houses a restaurant and serves as the backdrop for live stage shows on the Dockside Stage. The ship's visitors can explore the ship. The ship's upper deck provides elevated views of the park. The main dining room is located on Deck B (the ship's third level). Inside, period atmosphere is provided by a music from a grand piano. Crush and two restaurants are located inside the ship.

Eagle's Flight - an Zamperla Giant Skychaser.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

S.S. Columbia Dining Room - this table-service restaurant serves steak and seafood dishes in an elegant atmosphere. A live piano player helps establish the first-class mood.

Sailing Day Buffet - it’s a buffet, and it serves mostly Western options, but it really isn’t all American cuisine as the location would suggest; there’s a broad enough selection of different international items (all of which are completely tame), conventional options, seafood, carved meat, and more. It even it moderately vegetarian-friendly!

Delancey Catering - This stand sells a feature item (in the past it has sold popcorn, hamburgers, fries, and hot dogs) plus a variety of beverages.

Shops Edit

Aunt Peg's Village Store - The store has Disney character items, and there is a nice selection of non-Disney themed merchandise for sale. Aunt Peg's primarily sells packaged candies and cookies, but there are a variety of other items here, including everything from kitchen utensils to sailing ship models.

High Tide Treats - this shop sells ice cream to candy bar & other.

Newsie's Novelties - selling newspaper & disney items.

Shows Edit

Broadway Theater - an 2000 seating theater.

Canadian Pier Edit

Attractions Edit

Canadian Screamin' - Tear through the air aboard this high-speed thrill ride that recalls the great wooden roller coasters of yesteryear!

Dumbo’s Flying Circus - an Chance Rides Aviator in which groups of guests soaring around the pier.

Pier Flyers - an Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster that soar over, under & around the pier.

Mailboomer - an S&S Power "Space Shot" attraction, which meant that it launched guests from the bottom of the tower instead of slowly lifting them to the top and then dropping them back to the bottom. It was pneumatically powered, with all three towers having independent ride systems. It also contained "Scream Shields", used to block the screams from reaching residents near the ride.

Swings of the Pier - a Zierer Wave Swinger.

Canadian Pier Water Flume, - a shoot-the-chutes boat ride in which groups of guests would float along a raised flume then splash into Paradise Bay.

Sun Wheel - an eccentric wheel, differing from conventional Ferris wheels in that 16 of its 24 gondolas ride on interior rails so that they slide inward and outward as the wheel rotates.

Games of the Boardwalk - These are the games guests can play. If they win, guests get a prize.

Golden Zephyr - Themed to the Buck Rogers and the Flash Gordon style rocket ships, it takes park guests on a relaxing trip. Unlike its cousins Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Astro Orbitor in Disneyland, the Golden Zephyr rockets are controlled by centripetal motion over Paradise Bay and cannot be automatically controlled to go up and down.

Mulholland Madness - The attraction's original name came from the famed Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, named after the famed engineer William Mulholland. The ride vehicles were themed to the many cars one can find on the Southern California freeway systems, (such as Highway Patrol cars or Classic Surfer "Woodies"). At the end of the ride, a sign on the wall above read "Rental Car Return".

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta -

Corn Dog Castle -

Paradise Garden Grill -

Paradise Pier Ice Cream Company - ice cream shop

Shops Edit

Boardwalk Bazaar -

California Scream Cam -

Midway Mercantile -

Seaside Souvenirs -

Treasures In Paradise -


And now we will pass through the last themed area of Disney's Kingdom of Stories. This area will be themed to a familiar genre for us all, Science- Fiction and This area will be based on the stories and ideas of brilliant minds like Jules Verne, Leonardo da Vinci and H.G. Wells. Discoveryland is next on the left of Mysterious Island. Discoveryland will be a futuristic port town for airships trading with outerspace bases. They trade knowledge and products between these ports. Additionally, the port will include a collection of some of our favorite stories close to the Science- Fiction genre. Some of the stories guests will be able to explore here are Lilo and Stitch, Star Wars, Treasure Planet & more. The land will be build up as a futuristic town with shops, restaurants and attractions. At night the land will be illuminated by lights everywhere. 

Discovery Bay Edit

Attractions Edit

Discovery Swings - an swing attraction around the lagoon of Discoveryland.

Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne - In the ride you will board an omnimover vehicle similar to the Haunted Mansion vehicles and follow Phileas Fogg and his compagnion, Passepartout on a journey around the world. The ride will use advanced audio animatronics. Guests will pass by scenes in the following countries, England, Egypt, India, Hong Kong, Japan and the United States. Guests will experience all the things that happened in the classic story.

Professor McClean's Flying Machine - A kiddie coaster themed to a crazy inventor's new project.

Airtopia - Like “Autopia” and “Aquatopia,” “Airtopia” places guests aboard an idealized vehicle for a grand sightseeing tour. Elaborate steampunk gliders sail over Discoveryland, affording fabulous views of Mt. Helios and the intricate Victorian friezes. The ride utilizes the higher-capacity, next-gen “Peter Pan’s Flight” ride system developed for Shanghai Disneyland, which allows for a gentle yet thrilling flight.

Journey to the Top of the World - Captain Nemo’s latest adventure sees him seeking an overland passage to the North Pole through the very icy interior of Mt. Helios. The enigmatic genius hopes to discover the secrets at “the top of the world.” Riveted ice drills bore a path through snow and sleet, uncovering a forgotten Arctic wonderland populated by Pleistocene creatures long thought extinct. & Ice drills enter subterranean hot springs, encounter Arctic wildlife, and emerge under the brilliance of the Aurora Borealis. A deadly avalanche reroutes drills upwards past treacherous jagged spikes. Glowing ice blocks merge into a monstrous animatronic Winter Elemental! This Guardian of the North flings riders over a precipice! Drills barely cling to the mountain’s switchbacks as they tumble earthwards back into Nemo’s base.

Flyboats - Guests will be able to board and control the ships to go up, down, left, right, forward. This attraction is an Flying Scooters attraction.

The Voyage of the Yarrow Cheney - This will be a new type of ride where guests board a full scale Yarrow Cheney which will be raised into a dome of screens. On the ship there will be audio animatronics popping up throughout the ride. In the ride you will travel to distant and exotic worlds on the search for a far away spacebase. On the way there guests will encounter mysterious creatures and come face to face with robbers of space, pirates. The vehicle will be a simulator moving along with the actions on the screen. Along with the screens will be effects like smoke, fire and wind to make the experience as realistic as possible. On the ship will be projections and audio animatronics of characters like Jim Hawkings, Morph, B.E.N., Doppler and more. Watch Jim fly by on his Solar board and experience the galaxies like never before.

The Hall of Visionaries - It will be both a museum and an audio animatronic show similar to Hall of Presidents and The American Adventure. In the show guests will be taught about famous visionaries, their ideas, their stories, their inventions and more. Great minds like Jules Verne, Edison, Professor Marvel and Archimedes will appear right in front of your eyes.

Da Vinci's Workshop of Wonders - In this attraction you will enter Leonardo Da Vinci's workshop. Different works and designs of this creative mind can be seen in the queue. In the pre-show guests will meet this great Discoveryland inventor. Then guests will go on an adventure through Leonardo Da Vinci's mysterious workshop aboard handcraft Wonder vehicles. All his inventions will come to life and its your task to explore all of them and in the end stop them.

The Time Machine - With Jules Verne having proved a creative boon to Imagineering, they turn their sights to H.G. Wells. His classic 1895 novella “The Time Machine” forms the basis for a new interactive dark ride D-ticket. Wells himself is the Time Traveler, a grand cupola mansion his home. Guests explore a comfortable Victorian household overflowing with timepieces and history books. They are welcomed aboard canopied steampunk Time Machines, and the trek commences. Traveling backwards through time inside Wells’ kitchen, amazing practical “time lapse” effects depict the building’s deconstruction. “The Time Machine” is unique in that it offers branching paths. At multiple junctures throughout, guests flip a lever on their Time Machine and choose which date they wish to visit. Tracks diverge, then reconvene in a time stasis for the next selection. Time Machines reach 3 epochs per ride, with 6 total available, allowing for greater guest control and multiple rides.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Droid Factory - This will be restaurant filled with amazing Audio animatronics with a lot of abilities.

The Hangar - a quick service restaurant inside an air base hangar. Different fly machines by designs from Leonardo da Vinci to Swedenborg. Guests can enjoy American, Italian and Scandinavian dishes.

Techno Thought Restaurant - which will be a restaurant where guests will be led to their tables. Here they will find screens on which they can order their meals. After some time the food will appear from a box that rises from out the middle of the table. This will be lift connected to the underground kitchen. After guests have finished they put their plates back into the box and it will be send back to the kitchen.

Hyperion Airship Dining Room - this restaurant is housed within the mighty Hyperion Airship, moored in a hangar at the land’s edge. This counter service restaurant is above level, seated over the Crystal Palace Shoppe. Diners enjoy the lush opulence of airship dining, complete with live piano accompaniment. Menu items available for pickup consist of fine French and Italian dishes, provided at the S.K.Y.’s insistence as a reminder of high culture in this chilly wasteland.

Starstruck Diner - a intergalactic spaceship stop restaurant. Here holograms will take Guests' orders and provide delicious food for everyone. Fuel up, pick out souvenirs and grab a grub at this diner while enjoying the rest of the area by the large viewing areas in the restaurant.

Alpha and Omega Rails Restaurant - In this restaurant guests will be led to their tables and find themselves around a pillar surrounded by rails. Guests will find screens installed into the tables where they can order their drinks and meals. After some time either port Alpha or port Omega opens to release your order on a steel rail coaster towards your table. The food or drink will twist,turn, loop and race before it reaches its goal. The restaurant will be a great experience for the whole family. Images of some famous inventors, writers and other visionaries.

Major Moon Bar - A rough and tumble bar with sultey alien chanteuses. Enjoy different unknown drinks with some lighting up, some with smoke coming from the drink and some filled with bubbles.

The Vulcania restaurant - a table service inside a cave like experience.

Shops Edit

Traveller's Collection - a shop where you can buy items from all around the world.

Hyperion - a shop selling Discoveryland items. The shop will be themed to Ian Cameron's The Island at the Top of the World.

Starport Stock Market - Different stalls will sell objects like clothing, jewelry and other souvenirs from all around the galaxy. Around the area guests can see floating ships resting from long voyages through space.

Sci-Fi City Edit

Attractions Edit

Discovery Mountain - This attraction will be very similar to Disneyland Paris' Space Mountain Mission 2. In the ride you will be shot into space by a catapult. The ride will use a similar effect to the catapult in Paris. The ride will use projections, smoke, lights and real sets.

Stitch's Great Escape - In this ride guests will be invited to Jumba's lab, where Jumba and Pleakley are testing the abilities of the experiments. Guests will be seated in an arena like room. In the middle of the room will be the Experiment Pod Container. On the sides guests will find a room with Jumba and Pleakley Audio Animatronics. Then guests will encounter 4 experiments of which the last one will always be Stitch. The attraction will have a randomized system which will give the option to meet different experiments everytime. In the attraction effects such as projections, temperature, wind, water, mist etc. will be used to offer a realistic and fun experience for the guests.

UFO Zone - Guests will explore Area 51. Becareful not to get soaked by an alien! This Layout is similar to Super Silly Funland in Universal Studios Hollywood.

Star Wars Saga Theater - This attraction is an D ticket attraction. “Audience chairs swivel. LED stars embedded in walls of theater. There is a proscenium in front and back of theater.  Star Destroyer enters over audience creates opening scene to Ep 4. Memorable fights acted out on stage, possibly far back enough to use the Mylar film tech, live actors or both. Scaled down replicas of Xwing (front stage) and TIE fighter (back stage) enter and laser fight ensues. Ceiling is giant LCD screen. Ships "fly" using crane and Kuka and projections are on screen on back of stage for speed effects, spx and backgrounds. Rockettes Dancing.  A cylinder drops from ceiling into middle of auditorium (thus the swivel chairs) and inside is a "hologram" of the Emperor.” similar to attraction & theater to T2:3D at Universal Studios Florida.

TRON Lightcycle Power Run - Riding atop individual, two-wheeled Light Cycles, guests will be launched across a canopied section of track – the Upload Conduit – before diving high-speed into a mysterious game world of lights, projection and sound effects. The ride is similar to the one in Shanghai Disneyland.

Space Probe - an 200 ft gyro drop tower attraction based on Sci-Fi/Horror space movies.

Shops Edit

Stitch Shop - Stitch items

TRON Stuff - Tron Stuff.

Star Wars Shop - Star Wars Items

Mountain Store - Discoveryland Items

Disney's Aquatica Kingdom Edit

Disney's Aquatica Kingdom is an 50 acre water park right next to Disney's Kingdom of Stories Theme Park. Which includes 30 attractions and slides, It is themed to the Caribbean, with beaches, palm trees, and Latin and reggae music, and it also includes shops and restaurants.

Mount Mayday Edit

Mount Mayday, located behind the surf pool, features “Miss Tilly” as well as many of the park's waterfalls and slides. It is a man-made mountain which not only provides launching areas for the waterslides, but also conceals the park's pipework.

Attractions Edit
  • Humunga Kowabunga: Three enclosed "speed slide" flumes that send riders downward five stories in seconds reaching speeds of 39 mph (Height Restriction: 48” or taller).
  • Mount Mayday's Breakaway Falls - is a drop pod style body slide.
  • Storm Slides: Three body slides (Jib Jammer, Stern Burner and Rudder Buster) that send riders from a height of three stories down twisting, winding channels to a splash pool at the bottom.
  • Gang Plank Falls: Family raft ride featuring large four-person inner tubes.
  • Mayday Falls: Tube slide flume with winding "rough rapids" feel.
  • Forgotten Grotto: A cave walkway through Mt. Mayday
  • Overlook Pass: A walkway across the slope of Mt. Mayday, with small waterfalls.
  • Ketchakiddee Creek: a play area for young children featuring small slides and fountains. There are water features that spray everywhere including a tugboat and a mixture of whales and seals throughout the play area. A small sandy beach is also provided.

Hideaway Bay Edit

Hideaway Bay, formerly “Out of the Way Cay”, is a sandy beach area.

Attractions Edit

Crush 'n' Gusher

  • Crush 'n' Gusher: Water coaster where one to two person rafts are propelled by water jets through hairpin turns and drop-offs. This attraction includes a choice of the water coaster slide "Banana Blaster", "Coconut Crusher", or "Pineapple Plunger" (Height Restriction: 48” or taller).
  • Mount Plunge - the park's signature attraction, these two enclosed tube slides pass through a pool containing a pod of Commerson's dolphins.
  • Miss Fortune Falls: a family raft ride.
  • Sandy White Beach: Beach area with lounge chairs as well as a wading pool area adjacent to Crush 'n' Gusher.
  • Mickey's Walkabout Waters: a play fortress with slides, ladders and dumping water buckets.

Typhoon Lagoon Edit

The largest section of the water park houses the feature attraction as well as many shaded, white sandy beaches to relax and recuperate.

Attractions Edit

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool

  • Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool - Wave pool, which has 7 foot high waves every 90 seconds.
  • Bay Slides - Beginner slide designed to send toddlers down gentle slopes that end in a secluded corner for the “Surf Pool”.
  • Blustery Bay - Zero depth entry tidal pool near the clock tower, adjacent to the “Surf Pool” and is surrounded by sandy beaches.
  • Whitecap Cove - Zero depth entry tidal pool near “Surf Doggies”, adjacent to the “Surf Pool” and is surrounded by sandy beaches.
  • Learn to Surf - Hosted by “Craig Carroll’s Cocoa Beach Surf School” a two and a half hour surf lesson before the park opens (additional cost).
Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Let’s Go Slurpin’: Bar located on the beach by the wave pool.

Surf Doggies: A surfers car set up on the beach, adorned by surf boards!

Shark Reef Edit

Two saltwater reefs separated by a sunken tanker provide guests with an "experience" with Caribbean sea creatures.

Attractions Edit
  • Shark Reef: Hosted by NAUI, snorkel through an unheated, saltwater reef populated with stingrays, bonnethead sharks, leopard sharks and colorful tropical fish.
  • Shark Reef Adventure - A family raft ride that takes you through twist and turns, and then goes through an underground grotto with sharksvand tropical fish.
  • Sunken Tanker: Underwater viewing area of the reefs. Viewing provided through tankers portholes.
  • S.A.S Adventure: A 30-minute “Surface Air Snorkeling” experience. Using a “pony” tank, a small regulator, and a buoyancy vest experience the “Shark Reef” in a different way (additional cost). All participants must be at least 5 years of age.
Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Typhoon Tilly’s: Located near the “Shark Reef”.

Shops Edit

Hammer Head Fred’s Dive Shop: Snorkels, masks, lifejackets and unheated showers provided.

Castaway Creek Edit

Continuous flowing, "lazy river" that slowly circles the entire park, passing through gentle waterfalls, lush rainforests, inside caves, mist screens, and Mount Mayday itself. Riders can float on their own or in inner tubes provided.

Disney's Canadian Adventure Edit

Our next theme park will be similar to Disney's California Adventure. This park will be a sister park of Disney's California Adventure. Disney's Canadian Adventure The 320-acre park is themed after the history and culture & the Provinces and Territories of Canada. The park had 5 themed lands. Main Street Canada, Central Canada, Western Canada, Atlantic Canada, and Northern Canada. Each area will have attractions, restaurants, shops, detailed décor and entertainment. The park will be located near the farmlands of Tornoto. Near the entrance are a port for bus stations, an underground metro station and a monorail station. A large square with flower beds can be found in front of the ticket kiosks and entrances of the park. Also four fountains will be around this square. Past the ticket kiosks you will be in front of the Canadian Train Station. When you pass under the gates of the Princes' Gates from CNE in Toronto you will reach a new world. The port of entry to this world is.

Main Street Canada Edit

Central Canada Edit

Western Canada Edit

Atlantic Canada Edit

Northern Canada Edit

Disney's Wild Kingdom Edit

Our next theme park will be similar to Disney's Animal Kingdom, Busch Gardens and zoos like San Diego Zoo, Singapore zoo and Wellington zoo. This park will be closer to Walt Disney World Canada and some of the resort's most popular stay over destinations. Encounter exotic animals and exciting adventures at Disney's Wild Kingdom, one of the largest beastly themed theme parks in the world. Home to thousands of animals across hundreds of animal species, the park breathes through the heart of the world's wildlife and is dedicated to animal and environmental conservation, care, education, research and exploration. Venture through the park's 10 themed areas: Explorers' Town, Discovery Island, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, North America, Oceania, South America, Asia & Rafiki's Planet Watch. The whole park will represent the zoology from the past, the present, the future and fiction. Again, there is a square in front of the entrance of the park where Guests can find bus stations, a monorail station and stairs and elevators leading to the underground metro station. Guests will be able to enter the park by passing through rocky caves covered with tree roots, which mysteriously glow. The roots will be very thick and sometimes even move, just to create that magical feeling for the Guests. In the caves guests pass by cave drawings of animals which randomly move. They will then reach ticket booths and reach the gates, where they will be immersed into the unknown jungle depths of:

Explorers' Town Edit

Past the gates, guests will find themselves in a jungle like environment, but with an unknown location. Guests can see vines, waterfalls, small streams, mysterious stone ruins and different wooden buildings. Guests will be able to smell exotic scents and hear sounds of birds, insects and other unknown animals. Around the area will be a lot of shrubs, bushes and trees. The biodiversity will be very wide and there will even be imaginary plants and flowers around the area. The area will be home to various species of birds of different bright colours. Explorers' Town is a small port of entry based on a colonial town found by the CZE (Committee for Zoology and Exploration). This organization was found by Chester Wilde, an Englishman destined to find new animal species around the globe to investigate their ways of life and surroundings. Around the town guests will find different crates, shaking and making weird sounds. After the organization stranded here, they decided to build up this town as it had a great central location and of course a decent temperature to work and investigate in. 

Attractions Edit

CZE Investigation Centre - This will be Chester Wilde and his team's working place. Here they come together, investigate animals with care, investigate flora and add everything to their information vault. Inside, it will be similar to the Jurassic Park Center at Universal's Islands of Adventure and Rafiki's Planet Watch at Disney's Animal Kingdom, but with updated and more activities. There will even be holograms of different types of animals, both real and imaginary. Also inside will be the laboratory where guests can learn about animal conservation, adaptation, environmental protection and more. The inside will be like an interactive museum and game center combining entertainment with education.

Rivers of Earth - This ride will be similar to the extinct boatride that was once found at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Along the voyage guests can see real animals and audio animatronics of dinosaurs and fictional creatures. The ride will have a few other stops in Africa and Beastly Kingdom. Near the port guests can find the wide wooden bridge to Discovery Island, where new adventures can be experienced. At night the boats would go around the park, because of the exciting nighttime show.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

CZE Food Court - where guest can order dishes from different kitchens from all around the world.

Garden of Chomlungma ( Goddess of Earth) - This will be a large in- and outdoor restaurant where guests can enjoy fresh meals from Australian, American and European kitchen. The surroundings will be very green and full with flowers. Inside guests can see a large mural of the Mother Goddess, Chomlungma.

Creature Cookout - a colourful wooden cabin based on an ancient story where animals around the world sit around a campfire in harmony. Here Guests can find food from the barbecue.

Sapphire Falls - This restaurant will be similar to the upcoming Tiffins restaurant in Orlando. Inside will be streams, waterfalls and fountains all around the restaurant, with the most sapphire like water. Hanging from the ceiling are glowing objects shaped like different animals. The restaurant will serve dishes from Asian, African, Asian and American origins.

The Worldtrekker Table - this will be a restaurant inside a smaller building and serves dishes from all around the world. Guests will be surrounded by pictures, artifacts and will be immersed into the world of exploration of this Worldtrekker.

The Lava Lounge - this will be a bar similar to Trader Sam's Grog Grotto. Inside guests can try out different drinks and small appetizers and plates like the ones at Trader Sam's and Rainforest Cafe's Lava Lounge. Inside the shack you will find one of the walls is made of volcano rock with glowing and smoking lava coming from out. There will be different cups guests can buy with their special drinks.

The Oasis Outpost - this food stand serving things as dole whips, hotdogs, chicken and fresh sandwiches.

Shops Edit

CZE Trading Post - a colorful shop selling different clothes and wearables for the guests.

Creature Carnivali - Colourful costumes, energetic dances, tasty snacks and music that will make you want to swing along with the town's inhabitants.

The Island Closet - These shops will sell anything you need for an amazing time at the resort.

Fauna Shrine - selling Wild Kingdom souvenirs and memoribilia.

Discovery IslandEdit

Guests will be able to pass over a large wooden bridge, themed to be held by ropes and logs. Past the bridge Guests will find themselves on a mysterious island, known as Discovery Island, named after it's position and the majestic Earth Tree. This large and colorful icon will represent the roots of all life around the world. All living things are connected through this tree and island. Although the area is quite small, guests can explore enough things on the island, shops, restaurants, walking trails, attractions etc. Around the tree will be various gardens and paths where guests can see flora and fauna's beauties combined. Water streams coming from the Earth tree, rush over the island through waterfalls, ponds and more. The whole island will be a true sight for Wild Kingdom visitors. Also the whole island is covered with the roots of the tree, some of them glowing, some of them moving, others connecting the tree with the world. At night, Discovery Island will be one of the most impressive locations at the resort. All the roots, vines and leaves will illuminate the park, while magical projections will play on the tree, similar to Disney's Animal Kingdom's Tree Awakens. The magical lights will even be seen in the water streams and plantlife on the island.

Attractions Edit

The Carousel of Life - an double decker carousel with animals instead of horses.

Mother Nature's Oasis Gardens - The gardens are named after this, because of the ancient legends believing that Mother Nature lives on the island and watches over Earth from here. Flowers,both existing and imaginary, trees and different locations to explore. One of them is the butterfly garden. Here guests can get close to various kinds of butterflies originating from every corner of the Earth. Another locations is lily pad springs. This will be an area with ponds filled with lilies. From time to time small geysers raise the lilies into the air. Also water coming from the ground will provide fun and a refreshing splash for kids. A few other locations Guests can find by following the paths are Aurora Hollow, which is a collection of caves in which guests can see magical things such as moving cave paintings or projections in water of animals around the world.

Earth - this will be a 4D movie experience similar to It's Tough to be a Bug, Shrek 4-D.

Tree of Life Garden - a small garden area, surrounded by tall trees and plants. The garden leads into a small enclosed section of Discovery Island, where guests can get a closer look at the front side of the Tree of Life. The garden also offer glimpses of some of the animal inhabitants, such as flamingos, lemurs and kangaroos.

The New Generation - an impressive and innovative dark ride about future zoology. This will be a dark ride combining physical effects with simulated effects. Guests will board vehicles themed to be made of wood or tree roots. They will have to wear glasses which will serve for the simulated effects of the attraction. Guests will pass through a time portal, travelling to the future, where we can discover all the future species of zoology. They will travel to different natural environments such as the woods, undersea and savannah. Both physical sets and audio animatronics will be there, while another trick will be used in the ride. The glasses will be able to let guests interact with some of the animals by virtual reality. You will be able to pet them, feed them and see them walking toward you. It will be a stunning combination, never seen before in theme parks. After visiting several natural environments, guests will travel back to the present time.

Discovery Island Trails - a trail which snakes it's way throughout the base of the Tree of Life. The area is actually very well-hidden and is missed by many people completely, it almost seems as a bit of a "restricted" area, but that is a part of the adventure, right? As guests make their way through the ascending paths leading up the slopes of the island, the lush foliage falls away to reveal breath-taking vistas of the Tree of Life. Ornate animal carvings are featured in the branches entangling throughout the path.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Rose Rocks Restaurant - a restaurant on top of rocks on which roses grow for some reason, and the Golden Falls, a collection of waterfalls coming together in one large pond. The rocks at Golden Falls will be gold/yellowish by which the waterfalls will reflect a magical colour.

The Animal Kingdom Restaurant - This restaurant will be very similar to the Rainforest Cafe, but will have several rooms. Each room will be themed to another continent. The rooms will be Antarctica, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and the Oceans. All of them will have advanced audio animatronics in it, which move from time to time, especially during the storm.

Shops Edit

Terra Mater - this will be a large shop selling all kinds of Wild Kingdom souvenirs.

Shows Edit

Guardians of the Sky - Relax under the canvas canopy in this shady sanctuary. Behold the magical stage: the Feathered Flats, that are now the refuge for a dazzling array of birds. An entertaining and informative bird trainer welcomes you to this mystical place. The trainer introduces you to the fascinating natural behaviors and often humorous talents of at least 20 species of exotic birds. Observe species as the African Grey Parrot, Great Horned Owl and the Harris Hawk. Some birds perform their antics onstage while others swoop over the audience to show off their dramatic wingspan. Raise your hand and join in when the bird trainer asks for audience participation. You might get a chance to snap the photo of a lifetime! Furthermore there are enough overview points to observe the different themed areas from World Center and of course the nighttime spectacular.


Walking through the deep jungles of Discovery Island, we continue north until we arrive at a wooden bridge, embedded with stone features. The sounds of distant drumming could be heard just over the bridge. Guests enter into the village of Harambe. Harambe depicts a real place, facing real environmental challenges. The Africa that Disney's Animal Kingdom depicts does not focus on one sort of area, but many different areas that could be found in Africa. Harambe is a Swahili word, meaning "working together". When guests enter into the village of Harambe, they have become a part of the story. When the guests walk the streets of this village, they are greeted by the residents, as though they are tourists exploring the city.

Attractions Edit

Kilimanjaro Safari - the staple attraction of Africa and one of the most popular in the entire park. It is one of the central elements to Africa, both story-wise and theme park-wise. In the attraction, the Harambe Wildlife Reserve welcomes the tourists of Africa to explore their preservation zones, where animals live their lives as they ordinarily would. The intent of Kilimanjaro Safaris is for guests to enter into a natural environment with animals living in their own world, not on display. The entire attraction is about 120 acres, about the same size of the Magic Kingdom.

Pangani Forest Exploration Trail - Right at the exit of Kilimanjaro Safaris. The attraction is a walking trail, taking guests through a research training facility, where researchers and scientists are taught conservation techniques. It is a learning experience for the guests, learning more about the animals, the world and the way that they can make a difference. The trail features a gorilla exhibit, located throughout a series of cliffs. The exhibit can be seen from many different vantage points throughout the trail.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Tamu Tamu Refreshments - a quick-service location, offering drinks and a few dessert options. The location also features an outdoor seating area.

Tusker House - a sit-down restaurant located alongside Discovery Lake. The exterior of the building is made up of stone and brick accents, inspired by the architectural styles of Kenya. It is a top-notch dining experience featuring a greatly inspired African menu. The restaurant also features carved wooden features on the interior and an outdoor seating area under a thatched roof. The outdoor seating area is also a common location for a local live drum and performance troupe to perform.

Kusafiri Coffee and Bake Shoppe - a perfect location to grab a pastry and a cup of coffee in the morning, in this quiet, tucked away corner of Harambe.

Chef Mwanga’s Ribs - this place serves up a huge chunk of spice-rubbed rib with a chickpea salad.

Boerewors Famous Sausages - features the interesting curry corn dog. The corn dog also comes with the broccoli, tomato and red onion salad.

Kitamu Grill - this restaurant offers ground beef flatbread and grilled chicken skewers. Both entrees come with a tomato, broccoli and red onion salad in a spicy vinaigrette.

Shops Edit

Mombasa Marketplace - an African marketplace and trading company, featuring many safaris merchandise, clothes, African wood carvings, a selection of fine wines, pottery, masks and musical instruments.

Duka La Filimu - a location for guests to film equipment.

Zuri's Sweets Shop - which features 80 new items, including decorative candy apples, uniquely flavored chocolate bars, African-spiced popcorn, animal-shaped lollipops, animal crackers, chocolate mini crocodiles and other treats. Zuri’s Sweets Shop also offer African spice rubs, a gourmet cocoa set and Flame Tree Barbeque sauce.

Shows Edit

The Lion King Theatre - an 360 theater featuring The Festival of The Lion King.

Festival of the Lion King - The show features the animals and creatures of the kingdom, led by a troupe of four singers--Kiume, Nakawa, Kibibi and Zawadi--welcoming the audience to this celebration of song and dance, hosted by Simba. Performers and puppetry are integrated in the show, as the cast performs the film's classic songs: "Circle of Life", "I Just Can't Wait to Be King", "Hakuna Matata", "Be Prepared" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" The show also features a tumbling act by Timon and his tumbling monkeys, fire-dancers, aerialists and audience participation.

Asia Edit

Continuing on, we will arrive in Asia, one of the largest sections of the park. From Africa, a pathway leads through the jungles at the northern section of Discovery Lake, leading into Asia. From here, guests will trek through the jungles and villages of Asia, to explore and discover the wonder and mystery that are yet to be seen. Guests enter into the village of Anandapur, located at the base and foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The entire land is heavily inspired from Nepal, India and Thailand, using their influences to inspire a real-life experience of Asia.

Attractions Edit

Maharajah Jungle Trek - a walking tour, taking guests far outside of the village of Anandapur and to the ruins of a former sultan's palace. The walls have crumbled and broken, due to years and years of exposure to the weather. There are small towers and structures that have been clotted out by trees growing from within the the former palace. This attraction is very similar to that of the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, where guests experience real life animal exhibits, just feet away. Tigers make up a large part of the Maharajah Jungle Trek, being seen from three different locations, while traveling through the ruined palace chambers. Guests continue walking through the trek, discovering different types of reptiles, gazelles and coloful birds.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Yak and Yeti - a restaurant that operates as a table service restaurant, while also having a separate quick-service location, as well. Yak and Yeti specializes in Asian Fusion cuisine.

Shops Edit

Serka Zong Bazaar - a merchandise location specializing in Expedition Everest merchandise.

Shows Edit

Flights of Wonder - a live show which features Cast Members showcasing a display of different types of live birds. The caravan has stopped in the middle of the jungles of Asia. This small get away is a welcoming diversion from out trek in-between Africa and Asia. The travelers along the caravan have laid out some carpets and rugs, to add some much needed color amidst the earth-toned architecture. The style for the Flights of Wonder stage's architecture was inspired from real life photos taken from the Tibetan border and northern India.

South America Edit

Throughout the course of our journey through Disney's Wild Kingdom, we've visited Africa and Asia, and we will soon visit Australia's Great Barrier Reef, but there's one more area of the world that I'd like to take you too: South America. Guests enter South America from one of two points: from Rafiki's Planet Watch and from Asia. The lush tropical rainforests of South America lend themselves perfectly to creating a highly immersive land. Guests walk through a dense jungle environment, filled with exotic flowers and plant life, past waterfalls and rivers. They also encounter a wide variety of animals, such as two-toed sloths, giant anteaters, spider monkeys, golden lion tamarins, toucans, macaws, and jaguars.

Attractions Edit

Journey to the Amazon - This attraction will be based on a project set up by CZE. This river raft expedition through the rainforest would serve for a fast and efficient way to investigate the wildlife and its environment. This time the CZE invites you along to look for creatures, however this does not happen without any problems. This attraction will be similar on for example the theming aspects of Kali River Rapids and the thrill aspects of Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges, though it will be unique as this time there will actually be live animals along the way, which was once planned for a ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The ride will be build up into two parts, one slower and showcasing wildlife and one faster and rougher where guests are confronted by lodging companies, are taken away by strong currents and whirlpools, soaked by waterfalls and even attacked by piranhas. Animals such as Amazon dolphins, giant anteaters, golden lion tamarins and macaws will be able to be seen along the ride.

Bat Gliders - an suspended dark ride/powered rollercoaster similar along of Arthur in the Kingdom of the Invisibles at Europe Park.

The Rainforest Race, an Dueling B&M Inverted roller coaster that makes you feel as though you were flying through the canopy of the rainforest. The coaster would be heavy on thrills in terms of loops & drops, and riders would whip narrowly around trees, through caves, and past water falls. The experience would be more of a family coaster, along the lines of a Big Thunder Mountain in terms of thrills.

The Amazon Rainforest Trail - This trail features the exhibits of some of the aforementioned animals, as well as howler monkeys, capybaras, owls, llamas, sloths and tree frogs.

CZE Zipline Race - This will not be an attraction as we know it, no track system, no dark ride scenes, no loops or anything like that. Just a simple zipline through caves, past waterfalls, avoiding the dense trees and over animal habitats. As this is an easy queue creator there will be 6 different lines which go past different paths and thus giving guests a reason to come back and try out another zipline.

The Temple of the Serpentine King - This ancient temple was a place of worship dedicated to the reptilious Serpentine King of the rainforest. Legends speak of a gigantic Anaconda snake living inside the temple and deciding on the people's fortune or misfortune. After many years, the CZE finally found the temple, which was the first time to see the temple through human eyes after thousands of years. After the CZE started their investigation however, mysterious things started to happen around the site and thats where the Guests come in useful. They will be asked to enter the temple and discover its secrets and find out the truth behind the many legends. The temple will be themed similarly to the Indiana Jones attractions found at Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. This thrilling attraction will be a combination of Universal's Revenge of the Mummy and Phantasialand's(found in Germany) Black Mamba attraction, but offering a completely new experience with audio animatronic, physical and projected effects. 

Rainforest Tram Tours - in the back of the land near a mountain range. Here a cabin on the rocks offers hanging tram tours through the canopy of the rainforest of the area. This ride will be similar to Kilimanjaro Safaris in purpose, but in a totally different shape. Guests will move past animal habitats home to monkeys, birds and other animals like sloths, jaguars, Iguanas, lizards and more. The ride will be similar to the once planned attraction for Epcot's Venezuala pavilion and even a bit like Kongfrontation. Just like in Kilimanjaro Safaris, this attraction won't have a real thrill but will be yet another addition to the list in how to encounter the inhabitants of Disney's Wild Kingdom.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

The Tree Frog Fruit Market - this will be a small quick service offering guests fruit salads and smoothies and will be themed to a native who's nickname is tree frog named after the south american creature. He got this name for his great skill in climbing trees to get the fruit supplies for the village.

Lookout Cookout - this restaurant serving both American as South American dishes inside a basecamp like building.

Shops Edit

Yarima's Foundings - this will be a shop based on a girl who often collects various artifacts she finds from walking around the camp and rainforests.

Expedition Outfits -  you can find some great items like t shirts, caps, sun protectors or souvenirs.

Shows Edit

Meeting of the Spirits - a show based on Amazon tribal culture. Here traditional dances and songs are performed in a respective and realistic way. The show will be hosted by a Shaman inviting people to join in.

S.E.A. Freight Depot - Some of Lord Henry's friends from his travels around the world have come back with him, and have to decided to put on a show for the tourists at the S.E.A. Base!

North AmericaEdit

As the oversized environments fades away, Guests will be able to visit the next area, North America. This beautifully themed area will immerse guests into the world of nature of The United States and Canada. This is the land of elks, beavers, grizzly bears and eagles. The land will be inspired by national parks and Native American civilizations. The land will be themed to a spectacular natural wonderland with streams, mountains, pine trees, rivers, waterfalls and of course a wide variety of animals. The land will feature multiple attractions for guests of all ages. Furthermore, the area will be build up around a mini lake, where small streams and rivers come together to finally meet at the Rivers of Earth around Discovery Island. However, the land will be build up in two parts, one covering the North and the other covering the Southern swamps, everglades and mangroves.

Attractions Edit

Yellowstone Carousel - basically a covered carousel with North American animals.

Tribal Canoes - This attraction will be similar to the Brother Beaver and the Davy Crockett canoes. Paddle along the lake and rivers of North America for a grand sightseeing adventure. Guests will see beautiful landscaping and wildlife, both real as audio animatronic. There will even be a part where whales(AAs) rise from the water. Furthermore guests will pass by animal areas similar to the ones in Kilimanjaro Safaris and the ones planned for the original Kali river boat tour ride. Here elks, deer and other wildlife move in their recreated natural habitat.

The Redwood Creek Animal Trail - this attraction will let guests follow the streams of the area past animal areas, in which you can't even see that the animals aren't in the wild. Also guests will be put in positions that bring them so close to the animals and the animals will have enough space so that they feel comfortable(instead of being locked up in small spaces). Guests can expect to pass by animals like mountain lions, peccaries, moose, gray wolfs, raccoons, otters, buffaloes and grizzly bears. Along the trail guests will be able to find information about the North American wildlife by cast members and small info points. The habitats will be impressive and on the level of Disney's Wild Kingdom.

A Bigfoot Adventure - This indoor adventure will be a new type of attraction which I would like to call the EMV coaster. This will give the vehicle an ability to put guests into a different place in the scene, sometimes closer to the action, sometimes further away. Enter an old wooden building. In the queue guests can see different news articles, pictures and artifacts which bring the legend of the Sasquatch to life. Guests will then board their vehicles and go on a hair-rising search for the beast. In the dark night, it might seem quiet and peaceful for a while, but then what happens when you hear inhuman footsteps...coming nearer....and nearer. It will be a fast paced chase through the woods to escape the large creature. 3 advanced audio animatronics and multiple projections will give you the encounters with the creature.

Pocahontas' Colors of the Wind - The details will already be found in the interactive queue, where you can play with Pocahontas and her friends. After that they will board canoes similar to the ones Pocahontas is seen paddling in during Just Around the Riverbend. The vehicles will seat 4 rows of two. They will then proceed through the story of Pocahontas. The ride will feature detailed show scenes, advanced audio animatronics and innovative special effects. There will be two drops, of which one will be backwards. Follow captain John Smith to the New World and meet princess Pocahontas. Watch the conflict between the English explorers and the natives while a forbidden love starts to flourish between the captain and princess. the ride & flume is similar to Splash Mountain at Disneyland in California.

Spirit of the Wild - This building will be build up similarly to Islands of Adventure's Poseidon's Fury and will host a similar attraction inside. The facade will be a large mount rushmore like mountain with a moose, grizzly, beaver and bald eagle carved into the rocks. Inside guests will pass through different caves to solve the mystery behind the Northern Lights. Follow magical cave paintings until you reach the spectacular main show which shows something similar to the Northern lights in Disney's Brother Bear.

Journey Through Nature's Wonderland - The train used to serve as a mine train, but ever since the mining company went bankrupt the trains were used to give tours around the natural habitats of the northern Americas. Guests will pass by both audio animatronic scenes as animal areas. Most scenes will be used from the original Disneyland ride, such as the bear country one and Rainbow Caverns.

The Mangrove Waters Trail - this will be another animal trail where guests can pass by alligators, manatees, otters and more. Also, the trail will teach guests about the smart ecosystem of the mangroves, mainly found in Florida.

Bog Easy Airboat Tours - This attraction will again feature a combination of audio animatronics and real animals, and will even have a thrilling part where the airboat cruises over the waters, sometimes partly soaking guests. The difference with real airboats will be the fact that these ones will produce way less sound and won't release waste in the natural environments.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Chief's Table, guests can enjoy various Native American specialties while being immersed into a world of balance between humans and nature.

The Golden Acorn Lodge - this restaurant will serve as a welcoming building for the guests. This heavy timber lodge building will be home to a restaurant overlooking the waters. Inside will be a typical lodge setting with paintings, statues, fireplaces and more. Combining them all will create a realistic and warm feel of home and gives an extra sense of storytelling.The Smiling Alligator - this will be a counter service restaurant offering Southern dishes.

Shops Edit

Sequoia Tree Trading Post - where you can buy different items themed to this themed area of Disney's Wild Kingdom.

The Tired Pack Mule - this will be a small shop offering different items and will be a tribute to an extinct Disneyland attraction in Frontierland.

Souls of Nature - this shop will offer guests different souvenirs. Some of the money made by selling these items will be donated to present Native American civilizations. Furthermore, guests can gather around the fire and listen to legendary stories of the tribe, do arts and crafts and visit an exhibit teaching guests about things such as history and traditions of the Native Americans.

Australia Edit

Australia is the smallest. Despite the size, the land still highlights some of the continent’s more unique animals as well as its Aboriginal culture and traditions. This land is themed around the majestic Australian Outback.

Attractions Edit

Outback Balloon Tours - It is somewhat like Soarin' but based around hot air balloon travel and with a completely unique ride and projection systems.

Aussie Adventure Trails - is relatively small since there are only a few animals to feature. The animals located here include emus, platypus, dingoes, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, Tasmanian devils, and koalas.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Woolloomooloo Fines - Food stand, selling various Australian delicacies.

Shops Edit

Australian Gift Shop - australia items

Antarctica Edit

Polar animals are always some of the most popular animals at many zoos and aquariums. Penguins, otters, and polar bears are animals I always wanted to see in the park, so this would serve as an amazing way to include polar animals into the Wild Kingdom experience.

Attractions Edit

Polar Caves Path - this attraction is accessed through another ice cave off of the main clearing. The animal path passes an arctic fox habitat, a seal habitat, a large penguin habitat, and then the main room, the polar bear habitat which includes windows that look underwater.

Polar Journey - an indoor roller coaster attraction. The vehicle is a sled with 4 seats in one row, very similar to the vehicles from Primeval Whirl, except quite a bit less uncomfortable and more padded. The two loading tracks merge and enter the darkride portion of the ride. We are introduced to a polar bear family before seeing the baby polar bear wander away. These scenes would be primarily animatronic based, with a little projection. After a few more scenes, the track splits again to enter the coaster section. The coaster is very low thrill, with the main point just to simulate the sled slipping and sliding on the ice. The track takes the sled through small hills and turns as we follow the polar bear sliding through the ice caves, seen in projections that we quickly pass. Eventually they are reunited and we pull back into the unloading area.

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Ice Cave Cafe - counter service location, which serves fish and chicken.

Oceania Edit

This land is a very small land, the smallest in the park, it would probably even be smaller than Camp Minnie-Mickey if it were to still exist in the park. The land will also serve well to introduce animals from the ocean into the park, as the current version of the park does not. This way, the park will fully feature animals from the ocean, sea and sky. 

Attractions Edit

Undersea Life Exhibits - a great aquarium featuring numerous animals, schools of numerous different types of fish, sharks and stingrays, all of them finding a home here. Cast Members located throughout the great exhibit grounds offer more information on the animals found within.

Nemo's Playground - this area offering kids a chance to blow off some steam & water.

Rafiki's Planet Watch  Edit

Attractions Edit

Habitat Habit - a series of small exhibits filled with small environmental settings, such as how to make your yard environmentally welcoming for animals or how to remain eco-friendly in your daily life. Bird houses and fountains align the walkway towards the pavilion.

Conservation Station - The exterior of the Conservation Station features several animals in a marquee above the entrance. The pavilion features bright and bold colors and shapes, the patterns are playful and colorful. Images of animals appear everywhere, in a very realistic fashion. We enter into the Conservation Station, where the wise and knowing Rafiki acts somewhat as a host, speaking of humans' actions upon the environment and how all of our choices have consequences. Along the walls of the pavilion, video screen exhibits play of the animals' lives in their natural habitat, as Rafiki narrates the films.

Affection Section - an area for guests to have the closest encounters with animals. The Affection Section operates as a petting zoo, where guests can have physical contact with the animals, bringing that value closer to the guests. Although, the Affection Section might only seem as a petting zoo for sheep, llamas, horses and rams, but it also brings a sense of connection to the animals throughout Disney's Animal Kingdom.

The Dino Institute Edit

The Dino Institute, they are still in the current day real-world, they are not entering into the world of the Dinosaurs, as that simply interferes with the storyline of the Dinosaur attraction, where guests have to go back in time. The entire land has to take place in the real world in order for it to consistently make sense. With that said, the entire land will heavily use the theme of time travel, to go back to a time when the Dinosaurs did exist.

Attractions Edit

The Boneyard - The Boneyard is a dinosaur dig site and playground, welcoming guests to enter into the perimeters of the boneyard. The area would become far more detailed and immersive than its current state with a tremendous amount of rockwork meant to resemble the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Prehistoric Plunge - a log flume attraction that sends guess back to the Ice Age. No, the mammoths don’t speak in the voice of Ray Romano.

The Excavator - This wild and crazy ride is similar to the experience of Grizzly Mountain Mine Cars from Hong Kong Disneyland & Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Florida. One day, as workers were digging up sand to load into a waiting dump truck, they uncovered a massive dinosaur bone. Scientists were then called to the scene and discovered that, just below the surface, was the paleontological find of the century. A wealthy benefactor for a local college immediately swooped in and bought up the sand and gravel pit.

Countdown to Extinction - guests board time rover, EMV vehicles to simulate rapid jeep trekking movements, to travel back in time to rescue an iguanodon. Here, guests are sent back in time, to the end of the Cretaceous Period, to the end of the dinosaurs, right before the meteor thst struck the Earth impacts. The trip takes guests on a frantic chase through prehistoric forests, as they catch glimpses of broad displays of different dinosaur species, crashing meteors and several encounters with a Carnotaurus, whom spots the guests as his prey. The ride is similar to the one in Florida.

Cretaceous Creatures - this attraction which offers the skeletal bone remains of several dinosaurs, similar to the one of the Carnotaurus constructed in the queue of the Dinosaur attraction. The exibits offer a wealth of information about each of the dinosaurs, while also continuing to carry out the Dino Institute theme throughout the entire land

Restaurants & Refreshments Edit

Restaurantosaurus - a pretty large quick-service location, offering chicken and burger entrees.

Shops Edit

Dino Institute Treasures - dinosaur items

Disney Springs Edit

The whole area will be themed to an Old Street & Beach area nest to the Magic Kingdom. This CityWalk area will be like Disney Springs in Florida & CityWalk in Universal Studios in Hollywood & Florida.

Meadow Plaza Edit

Attractions Edit
  • The Plaza Carousel (Will be able to hold 35 people and will cost $1.00 to ride per person)
Restaurants Edit
  • Starbuck's Coffee (Counter Service)
  • Subways (Quick Service)
  • Tim Hortons (Counter Service)
Stores Edit
  • Goofy's Candy Company (Candy & Treats)
  • Disney's Pin Traders (Pins)
  • The Plaza Florist (Flowers and other Gardening Things)
  • The Plaza Toy Store (Toys, Video Games, Board Games)

Bayside Edit

Attractions Edit
  • Cineplex Theaters & IMAX (12 Theaters)
  • Characters in Flight (Aerophile Balloon Ride)
  • World of Coke (Smaller Version) (The Vault Exhibit, Coke-Cola of the World,Coke-Cola Freestyle, and The Loft)
Restaurants Edit
  • McDonalds (Quick Service)
  • East Side Mario's (Table Service)
  • T-Rex (Table Service)
Stores Edit
  • The Bayside Boutique (Clothes)

Coastal Bay Edit

Restaurants Edit
  • Swenswen's (Table Service)
  • Cinnabon's (Counter Service)
  • Pizza Hut (Counter Service)
  • Beachside Lounge (Lounge/ Table Service)
Stores Edit
  • The World of Disney (Like the other existing locations)

The Boardwalk Edit

The Boardwalk (formerly as Port Disney) is an 110 acre outdoor midway, shopping, dining, and entertainment complex next to Disney Springs, hotels & resorts & the theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort in Canada. This fair is a mix of shopping areas, live entertainment, agricultural displays, and a large carnival midway with rides, games and food. The complex includes three distinct areas: World's Fair, Downtown & Walt Disney's Country Fair. The Boardwalk is in the WDW Lagoon.

World's Fair Edit

Downtown Edit

Walt Disney's Country Fair Edit

Resorts Edit

Of the 18 resorts and hotels on the Walt Disney World property, 18 hotels & resorts are owned and operated by Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. These are classified into three categories — Deluxe, Moderate & Value, and are located in one of six resort areas: Magic Kingdom, Disney's Project Living Universe, Disney's Hollywood Adventure, Disney's Kingdoms of Stories, Disney's Canadian Adventure, or Disney's Wild Kingdom resort areas.

On-site Disney Resorts Edit

Name Opening Date Theme Number of Rooms Area Resort Lake Resort Area
Magic Kingdom Hotel Disneyland 700 Disney's Magic Kingdom Deluxe WDW Lagoon
Disney's Americana Resot America 700 Disney's Magic Kingdom Deluxe Mickey Mouse Lake
Walt Disney's Grand Palace Walt Disney 600 Disney's Magic Kingdom Deluxe WDW Lagoon
Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground Rustic Woods Camping 800 campsites

409 cabins

Disney's Magic Kingdom Deluxe Mickey Mouse Lake
Disney's Fantasia Resort Symphony Music 800 Disney's Magic Kingdom Moderate Mickey Mouse Lake
Mickey Mouse Resort Mickey Mouse 800 Disney's Magic Kingdom Moderate WDW Lagoon
Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow Hotel The Original Epcot Project 1,000 Disney's Project Living Universe Deluxe Mickey Mouse Lake
Disney's Kingdom of Stories Resort Kingdom of Stories 700 Disney's Kingdoms of Stories Deluxe WDW Lagoon
Disney's Polynesian Village Resort Polynesian 800 Disney's Kingdoms of Stories Deluxe WDW Lagoon
Disney’s Beachside Resort Beach & Boardwalk 360 Suites and 40 Rooms Disney's Kingdoms of Stories Deluxe WDW Lagoon
Disney's Hollywood Hotel Hollywood 1,000 Disney's Hollywood Adventure Deluxe Mickey Mouse Lake
Disney Junior Resort Disney Junior 3,000 Disney's Hollywood Adventure Value Mickey Mouse Lake
Disney's Art of Animation Resort Disney animated films 1,100 Disney's Hollywood Adventure Value Mickey Mouse Lake
Disney's Grand Canadian Hotel & Spa Canada 3,500 Disney's Canadian Adventure Deluxe Mickey Mouse Lake
Disney's Canadian Cottage Resort Cottages near an lake 30 campsites

50 cabins or cottages

Disney's Canadian Adventure Moderate Mickey Mouse Lake
Disney's Wild Kingdom Lodge African Wildlife preserve 1,307 Disney's Wild Kingdom Deluxe WDW Lagoon
Disney's Nature's Wonderland Resort the natural beauties of the world 600 Disney's Wild Kingdom Monderate WDW Lagoon

On-site non-Disney hotelsEdit

Name Opening Date Theme Number of Rooms Owner Area
Holiday Inn in the Walt Disney World Resort None 500 Hotel Plaza Boulevard, close to Disney Springs
Buena Vista Palace Resort & Spa None 1,014 Disney's Magic Kingdom
Shades of Green Upscale Country Club 600 Disney's Magic Kingdom
Golden Oak at Walt Disney World Resort Varies 700 homes Disney's Magic Kingdom

Disney's Magical Express Edit

Guests with a Disney Resort reservation (excluding the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin) that arrive at an International Airport can be transported to their resort from the airport using the complimentary Disney Magical Express service, as Disney Transport is not allowed to transport guests off resort property. Guests can also have their bags picked up and transported to their resort for them through a contract with BAGS Incorporated on participating airlines.

Operations Edit

Employment Edit

When the Magic Kingdom in Toronto, Ontario, Canada opened in 2023, Walt Disney World employs more than 70,000 cast members, spending more than $1.2 billion on payroll and $474 million on benefits each year. The greatest single-site employer in the Canada, Walt Disney World has more than 3,700 job classifications. The resort also sponsors and operates the Walt Disney World College Program, an internship program that offers American college students (CP's) the opportunity to live about 15 miles (24 km) off-site in four Disney-owned apartment complexes and work at the resort, and thereby provides much of the theme park and resort "front line" cast members. There is also the Walt Disney World International College Program, an internship program that offers international college students (ICP's) from all over the world the same opportunity.

Corporate culture Edit

Walt Disney World's corporate culture is based in some respects on that of its older sibling Disneyland, of which the most interesting is the use of a unique jargon based ontheatrical terminology. This phenomenon is so well known that travel guidebooks have to include lists of common terms and abbreviations. For example, park visitors are always "guests", employees are "cast members," rides are "attractions" or "adventures", cast members costumed as famous Disney characters in a way that does not cover their faces are known as "face characters", jobs are "roles", and public and nonpublic areas are respectively labeled "onstage" and "backstage".

Maintenance Edit

  • More than 5,000 cast members are dedicated to maintenance and engineering, including 750 horticulturists and 600 painters.
  • Disney spends more than $100 million every year on maintenance at the Magic Kingdom. 90 percent of guests say that the upkeep and cleanliness of the Magic Kingdom are excellent or very good.
  • The streets in the parks are steam cleaned every night.
  • There are cast members permanently assigned to painting the antique carousel horses; they use genuine gold leaf.
  • There is a tree farm on site so that when a mature tree needs to be replaced, a thirty-year-old tree will be available to replace it.

Transportation Edit

Disney Transport started a guest services upgrade to the buses. SatellGPS systems controlling new public address systems on the buses give safety information, park tips and other general announcements, with music. They are not to be confused with the Disney Cruise Line and Disney's Magical Express buses, which are operated by Mears Transportation. The Walt Disney World Monorail System, also provides transportation at Walt Disney World. They operate on three routes that interconnect at the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC), adjacent to the Magic Kingdom's parking lot. One line provides an express non-stop link from the TTC to the Magic Kingdom, while a second line provides a link from the TTC to Epcot. The third line links the TTC and the Magic Kingdom to the resorts. Disney Transport also operates a fleet of watercraft, ranging in size from water taxis, up to the ferries that connect the Magic Kingdom to the Transportation and Ticket Center. Additionally, Disney Transport is also responsible for maintaining the fleet of parking lot trams that are used for shuttling visitors between the various theme park parking lots and their respective main entrances. The major roads within the resort have segments that are built as freeways with full grade-separated interchanges.

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