Voyage to the Crystal Grotto (Disneyland Montréal version)


Disneyland Montréal Park



Attraction type

Boat voyage


June 16, 2025

Voyage to the Crystal Grotto is a boat ride attraction in Storybookland at Disneyland Montréal.

The ride is described officially as "an enchanting excursion that travels the waters of Storybookland. Fanciful fountains and sculptures line the water’s edge, celebrating classic tales of magic and imagination. At journey’s end, guests will glide beneath Ballerina Castle, into a secret, underground chamber in which fountains of light will leap and dance in shimmering pools, surrounding guests with magic, music and color. The experience is sure to inspire the dreams and imaginations of all who make this wondrous voyage."

Using creative landscaping, these whimsical passages will feature miniature scenes from “Beauty and the Beast,” “Pinocchio,” "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," “Alice in Wonderland,” “Frozen” and “The Steadfast Tin Soldier.”


Beauty and the BeastEdit

Based on the 1991 animated film, this blockbuster Disney animated feature—and worldwide theatrical hit—showed us how love and kindness can overcome hatred, and that what we feel in our hearts is more important than what we see with our eyes.

Feature song: Be Our Guest


Based on the 1940 animated film,

Feature song: I've Got No Strings

The Sorcerer's ApprenticeEdit

This enchanting vignette from the Disney classic Fantasia is a vivid reminder of the power of imagination. When Sorcerer Mickey dons his master’s magical cap, he has the power to bring Magic Brooms to life to do his chores. But when he can't control his creation, the results are alarming and hilarious!

Feature song: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Alice in WonderlandEdit

Based on the 1951 animated film,

Feature song: All in the Golden Afternoon and Alice in Wonderland


Based on the 2013 animated film,

Feature song: Let It Go

The Steadfast Tin SoldierEdit

This enchanting vignette from the Disney classic Fantasia 2000

Feature song: Piano Concerto No. 2

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