The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure is an upcoming dark ride attraction based on the film The Little Mermaid currently under construction at Disney's California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort and to be built in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The WDW version of the ride is scheduled to open in 2012.[1]


A dark ride featuring The Little Mermaid was supposed to open at Disneyland in California in 1993. The ride was scrapped, but a visual idea was included on the Platinum Edition DVD of The Little Mermaid in 2006.

Years later, the ride was planned for Disneyland Paris, but due to budgeting difficulties and more pressing issues, the plans were shelved. A different version is scheduled to open in 2011 at Disney's California Adventure. The ride will take the place in the area of the short-lived theater that played host to the Golden Dreams movie hosted by Whoopi Goldberg. The theater itself has been torn down. The restrooms by Golden Dreams have been relocated across the way in the San Francisco buildings that are being torn out for more room for the attraction.

In September 2009, Disney officials announced that Mickey's Toontown Fair at the Magic Kingdom would be demolished; Mickey and Minnie's houses will be relocated to near Main Street, USA but Goofy's Barnstormer remains and will be rethemed. This will give more room to Fantasyland, which will be filled with this ride and meet-and-greets with the Disney Princesses and Disney Fairies.[2]


Queue areaEdit

The attraction will be set underwater. At Disney's California Adventure, the building is modeled after a 20th-century aquarium. The Palace of Fine Arts replica from Golden Dreams will remain but with an Ariel statue on top. A garden and water play area is planned to accompany the ride; it will be located next to the show building. In the Magic Kingdom, the building will be featured in a recreation of Prince Eric's castle. Guests will walk across a bridge over a pond that resembles a beach with the castle on it. A statue of Ariel will be featured on a rock.

To the left of the attraction is an entrance labeled "Ariel's Grotto", suggesting that the meet-and-greet with Ariel will be moved closer to the attraction.


The attraction will be a dark ride, similar to Peter Pan's Flight and Snow White's Scary Adventures, but it will have an Omnimover ride system like the one currently in use at the Haunted Mansion. The ride will transport guests under the sea and will focus on many of the major scenes and musical numbers from the movie.

Characters will include Ariel, Prince Eric, King Triton, Sebastian, Flounder, and Ursula. The music will be composed by the original film's composer, Alan Menken.


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