Dreaming Up!, at Disneyland Montreal. is the current daytime parade at Disneyland Montreal which premiered on June 18, 2060 as part of the Happiest Celebration!, celebrating the 35th anniversary of Disneyland Montreal. which ran until early 2018, at which point it was replaced by Dreamin Up!.

Parade Unit Edit

Dream Up! – Dreams can take us anywhereEdit

Leading the “Dreaming Up!” parade is Mickey Mouse and Pluto on a float pulled by Humpback Whales. As the host of the parade, Mickey Mouse guides Guests into the world of dreams.

Playful Dreams – Dreams that make us smileEdit

Goofy brings a world of playful dreams. Scenes include a tea party with characters from Alice in Wonderland and fairground fun with characters from Pinocchio.

Music Dreams – Dreams that make us melodyEdit

Tin Soldier and Ballerina brings a world of music dreams. Scenes include a jazz with characters from The Princess and the Frog and paris with characters from The Aristocats.

Dreams from the Heart – Romantic DreamsEdit

Minnie Mouse takes Guests to a world of romantic dreams with floats that include Fairy Godmother, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Rapunzel.

Dreams from the Jungle – Adventure DreamsEdit

Bumble Boogie takes Guests to a world of adventure dreams. Scenes include a jungle with characters from The Jungle Book and pride rock with characters from The Lion King.

Dreams of EnchantmentEdit

Chip ’n Dale are next with a world of magic where Sebastian and Flounder host Ariel at an Under the Sea, and Woody and Buzz Lightyear dreams of lots of toy.

Dreams Take FlightEdit

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck lead the final floats which invite Guests to imagine the never-ending possibility of the Disney dream. Gazelle makes his first appearance at the Park, eponymous city with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde on his back, followed by a gracefully floating Dumbo, and Anna and Elsa snow with the help of elsa castle and happy thoughts.