This is the Montréal Version of Disneyland Railroad Which is Part of Disneyland Montréal Park. It Will Be 20 Minute Grand Circle Tour of Disneyland Montréal Park. It Feature Alot of Trains and Passenger Cars, Including Two Dioramas (The Grand Canyon and Primeval World).

Trains Edit

  1. C.K. Holiday
  2. E.P. Ripley
  3. Fred Gurley
  4. George Washington
  5. W.F. Cody
  6. Eureka
  7. Walter E. Disney
  8. Lilly Belle
  9. Roy O. Disney
  10. Frank G. Wells

Locomotive Whistles Edit

The E.P. Ripley and C.K. Holiday Train Will Have the Same Whistle Tones from Disneyland Park in Calfiornia. The Rest of the Trains Will Have the Same Whistles from The Walt Disney World Railroad.

Train Stations Edit

  1. Downtown Village Depot (It Will Be Molded Right after the Disneyland Paris Railroad Version of the Station)
  2. Storybookland Depot (It Will Be the Storybook Train Station, Based from Disneyland Railroad Station in California)

Other Information/Trivia/Fun Facts Edit