Disneyland Montréal held its fifth anniversary celebration, dubbed "Magical of Dreams", from June 21, 2030 to June 2, 2031.

Although the official day of the park's 5th anniversary was 12 May 2030, the event officially begins on 21 June 2030, which was also a day for press events and premieres.

Theme SongEdit

The theme song for the event is called "Dreams of Wish in Imagination". The lyrics of French Canadien version is written by Albert Leung. The song's premiere was performed in live by Lea Michele during the launch ceremony on 21 June 2030. Part of the song is composed in the show music of Disney's Dreams Big and Dreams of Wish in Imagination. The song's instrumental version is then played after the show as the exit music.

Event entertainmentEdit


  • Pixie Hollow



  • Center Street Boutique

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