Disney's Toon Circus was a show/parade filled with clowns, jugglers, acrobats and circus them banners at Disneyland Montréal Park.

This was all led by the ringmaster himself, Mickey Mouse. This event lasted from March 30, 2028. The parade contained 6 floats:

  • Casey Jr. Train
  • Pinocchio Magic acts
  • Bongo Unicycle
  • Bumble Boogie High Wire Act
  • Goofy's boxing ring
  • Ballerina's trapeze

Summary Edit

The parade started at Storbookland, and made its way to Downtown Village, and then would stop. Classic Disney Characters came out to be a part of the show, and the show begins. Mickey introduced each act, starting with Goofy's boxing ring. Goofy lifted dumbells and performed tricks with the kids, and even lifted up his assistant.

The next act was Pinocchio Magic; in which a Magic acts.

The next act was Ballerina's trapeze; in which a trapeze artist  flew through the air, but it comes to Ballerina stealing the show.

The next act was Bongo Unicycle; in which a bear jugglers acts.

The next act was Bumble Boogie High Wire; in which a High Wire acts.

The final act was the Casey Jr. train, where Minnie Mouse and Roger Rabbit would clown around, and Roger, while climbing a mast, lit his tail on fire, so Mickey calls all of the clowns to help put it out.

The show ends with Roger sliding down a pole, into a bucket of water. Lastly, the parade floats leave, but the Disney characters stayed on Main Street for a 10 minute Meet N' Greet. Unfortunately, it had to stop in the middle of the run, due to a mob that surrounded them.