Disney Montréal Resort, commonly known as Disneyland and informally as Disneyland, is the world's most-visited entertainment resort, located in Montréal-Nord of Montréal. Covering 30,080 acres (12,173 ha; 47 sq mi), it is owned and operated by Walt Disney Company through its Parks and Resorts division and is home to one theme parks, two themed resorts.

The resort opened on June 16, 2025 with the Disneyland Montréal Park


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Of the two resorts and hotels on the Disney Montréal property, two are owned and operated by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. These are classified into four categories and are located in one of five resort areas: the Disneyland Montréal Park resort areas.

On-site Disney resortsEdit

Name Opening Date Theme Number of Rooms Area
Disneyland Montréal HotelJune 16, 2025Disney1,307Disneyland Montréal Park
Fantasia HotelJune 16, 2025Symphony Music576


which features the "Disney" portion of the logo in the typical Disney corporate signature font and "Montreal" in Times New Roman font.

Management structureEdit

The resort's management structure consists of three companies:

  • Montréal International Theme Park Company Limited – 43% owned by The Walt Disney Company, 57% owned by Shanghai Shendi Group – ownership company for theme parks within the resort
  • Montréal International Theme Park and Resort Management Company Limited – 70% owned by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, 30% owned by Montréal Group – manages and operates the resort as a whole as well as the project to develop it, on behalf of the ownership companies
  • Montréal Group itself comprises three companies:
  • Montréal (Group) Company Limited
  • Montréal Radio, Film and Television Development Company Limited
  • Groupe TVA Holding Company

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