"Disney's Summer Carnival Parade" is a happy, whimsical parade celebrating the fun of Carnival, summertime's big event. Set in the secret at Disneyland Montréal Park Summer that Mickey Mouse has discovered, this new parade features the Disney friends and lots of Carnival. The music used in the parade is derived from Disneyland at Party Gras Parade.


Music on Carnival Edit

  • Unit 1: Mickey & Friends
  • Unit 2: Melody Time
  • Unit 3: Fantasia 2000
  • Unit 4: Make Mine Music

Sea on Carnival Edit

  • Unit 5: Peter Pan
  • Unit 6: The Little Mermaids

Fun on Carnival Edit

  • Unit 7: Pinocchio
  • Unit 8: Alice In Wonderland

Samba on Carnival Edit

  • Unit 9: The Three Caballeros
  • Unit 10: Minnie & Friends

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