Disney's Fantillusion! was a regularly scheduled night-time parade, created by Ron Logan, that performed nightly at Disney's Cartoon Studios Park of Disneyland Montréal

Introductions Edit

The introduction to the parade at Disney's Cartoon Studios was notable for saying the line: "From out of the night, comes the Magic of light... As Disney's Cartoon Studios proudly presents: Disney's Fantillusion!"

Parade Units Edit

Act 1 - The Enchanted Fairy Garden "We wish upon a star tonight, to bring the gift of Disney light!"

  1. "Disney's Fantillusion!"
  2. Mickey's Fantillusion
  3. McDonald float
  4. Enchanted Flower Wheel
  5. Flora's Gazebo
  6. Enchanted Flower Swing
  7. Enchanted Dragonfly
  8. Fauna's Carousel
  9. Dragonfly Tower
  10. Enchanted Web Garden
  11. Merryweather's Gazebo
  12. Enchanted Butterfly Parachute Drop
  13. Enchanted Butterfly Flower

Act 2: The Evil Villains "We take this light and make it night!"

  1. Jafar
  2. Nasty Grotto
  3. Ursula
  4. Bat Forest
  5. Maleficent
  6. Murky Dungeon
  7. Evil Queen
  8. Dr. Facilier
  9. Vulture Rock
  10. Chernabog

Act 3 - The Happy Ending "We Wish and Dream with all our might, and turn the dark back into light!"

  1. Princess Ariel and Prince Eric
  2. Fountain of Light #1
  3. Snow White
  4. Snow White's Castle
  5. Belle and the Beast
  6. Anna and Elsa
  7. Fountain of Light #2
  8. Aladdin and Princess Jasmine
  9. Fountain of Light #3
  10. Cinderella and Princess Aurora
  11. Princess Minnie's Castle/Finale

"From the dark of night, comes the magic light. With its colours bright, and its brilliant light.
Breaks an evil spell, with these sparkling lights... from the Earth to the Sky! A fantastic Fantillusion! (Fantillusion!...)"