"Disney's Christmas Magical Parade" is a happy, whimsical parade celebrating the fun of Christmas, christmastime's big event. Set in the secret at Disneyland Montréal Park Christmas that Mickey Mouse has discovered, this new parade features the Disney friends and lots of Christmas.

The Parade UnitsEdit

It would go from the Opening, Santa's Mail Room, Santa's Toy Factory, A Recipe for Gingerbread Treats, Greetings from a Winter Wonderland, The Candlelight Christmas Ball, and Christmas Homecoming. Many of the floats in the original version were reused from the Very Merry Christmas Parade and the characters on the floats.

  • Opening Unit:
    • Elsa and Anna stand atop an ice-themed float with an Olaf figure.
  • Santa's Mail Room Unit:
    • Mailroom float, Mickey, Minnie. greeting park guests. (This float used to have Mrs. Claus, but she no longer appears in the parade.)
    • Donald sits atop the roof of the mailroom, trying to place the star on the top of the Christmas tree.
    • 4 Female Mailroom Elves and 2 Male Mailroom Elves perform with mail bags along and atop the float.
  • Santa's Toyland Unit:
    • Music box float, with a dancing ballerina from Fantasia 2000 atop a revolving platform, and tin soldier from Fantasia 2000 sitting beside her.
    • Toy soldiers from Babes in Toyland marching that play trumpets and snare drums (in early years, there was also a bass drum and cymbals)
    • Chip and Dale is atop a Toy Block float.
    • The Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket and Geppetto ride on top the giant Toy Factory float making toys.
    • 6 Toy Factory Elves dance alongside the float.
    • Alice from Alice in Wonderland is atop a Toy Block float.
  • A Recipe for Gingerbread Treats Unit:
    • Clarabelle Cow and 6 Gingerbread Cookies dance down the street.
    • 6 Candy Bakers (3 Male, 3 Female) help Goofy and Pluto, who are atop the Gingerbread float, wreak some havoc.
  • Welcome to A Winter Wonderland Unit:
    • Tigger and Winnie the Pooh ride on sleighs, while Eeyore pulls a sleigh. Four skiers swing around them.
    • 8 snowpeople scurry along, 4 male, 4 female.
    • A snowy Christmas Tree rolls down the parade route.
    • 6 skaters skate down the parade route on roller skates.
  • Santa's Finale Unit:
    • 8 Finale Dancers (4 male, 4 female) dance and sing to Christmas carols in front of a moving Christmas Tree adorned with jewels.
    • Santa Claus sits atop his sleigh on the Finale float led by the 8 Reindeer.
    • Two Finale Elves dance on the back of the Finale float.
    • Two or Three Rope Carriers end the parade.

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The parade theme is a remix version of "Chante, C'est Noel!".